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Author Topic: [DD][Forum] Dhammawheel.com - Discussions on Theravada  (Read 15844 times)

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[DD][Forum] Dhammawheel.com - Discussions on Theravada
« on: April 24, 2015, 06:56:31 PM »
Dhamma Wheel

A Buddhist discussion forum on the Dhamma of the Theravada


Dhamma Wheel

A Buddhist discussion forum on the Dhamma of the Theravada

Dhamma Wheel is a Buddhist online forum, specializing in the early teachings of Buddhism, i.e., Theravada.

It was created on December 30, 2008 by Dr. David Snyder and Paul Davy. It is the main discussion area for the articles in this Dhamma Encyclopedia (Dhamma Wiki). It also is a place to discuss any other aspect of the Dhamma or for Buddhism in general. It is currently the largest, most visited Buddhist discussion forum on the internet.

The Team

The administrators and moderators for Dhamma Wheel:

    Owner: David N. Snyder, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. [email: david@thedhamma.com] [website: DhammaWheel.com is associated with www.DharmaWheel.net , www.DhammaWiki.com , www.TheDhamma.com ]
    Admin: Paul Davy "retrofuturist", Melbourne, Australia [website: www.openfloweropenbook.wordpress.com/ ]
    Ben O'Loughlin, Tasmania, Australia [email: ben.dhammawheel@gmail.com]
    Tiltbillings, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
    Mike, New Zealand
    Nevin Anthony "Bodom", San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.
    Chris "cooran", Queensland, Australia
    Khalil Bodhi (Mike), New York, U.S.A.
    daverupa, U.S.A.
    RobertK [website: www.abhidhamma.org/forums ]

Founding Members / former moderators:

    Bhante Dhammanando , Wat Pa Sahadhammikaram, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    James Brand, Eagle River, Alaska, U.S.A.

[original Post]

Actually it is like you take birth and suddenly their citizenship [Staatenlosigkeit - Ordination unmöglich für Westler (Nichtbuddhistische Kultur).] and you have no idea that now is the last change to give it back.

You could be easy killed but not easy escape or get offical freedom form your state government. So you are bound with your desire, that you are caught with normal way out. So what? You have to understand the system well, before!! And here we go in a sample

After a long Time, Attma (in this time an Anagarika, about 3 Years ago, Hanzze) was banned finally (IP) in 2012-13 on DW, Attma (there was a taumatic with someone, I dont remeber the name as well, so maybe they have been feared out of this), always looking inside (well have no own access and always other IP, they only way they could do is hinder all Khmer or SOasians to access) what they do and if it grows better.

(Is actually a group of sport weapon player the whole group, frm Snyder till Ben and they believe in what Mr. Bodhi says, there are times to kill, one should know. You may find some old topics if not.

http://sangham.net/index.php/topic,908.msg3104.html#msg3104 for example, just search after snyder or Bodhi or DW here, you would get many informations, till even communications.

Today, thinking, very silent, Attma thought it would be good to tell the Venerable there, that they are naked running around and behave like idiots...
dont try to find my posts, it was the first deleted... Pesala... or a devoted layman on "reporting a message", dont think that the mods are by them selves very attendive, they just react. Quick if the right man says.

Ven. Pesala, was short online, maybe he got the message and forward it.

How ever, I tought it is silent there, maybe they have changed or they are even worse. So I registered an account as "Provider" with no info except may sangham.net email (which might be known by all mods, and started to enter.
Provider selcted the usual "active" topic link and started to give diurect and straight hints for all who could understand and all others would not even be touched.

Retro was in, and I wrote, that he could delete the poster as well. So all post had been one direction, Nibbana of cause some a little hard (to understand) and indirect or even direct rebukes to the Cybermonks.

Reto the admin went out, he was tierd, I guess. 10 Min. later Ben was in... what a supprise. I really hoped that he would upstain from that stuff, but he increased even after a long retreat.

I wrote him later a letter, after the first banner issue "by Name"

Later, what suprise, I was banned per IP, because he kowed then surely that I was the man. I sometimes write him, he is actually as all a good men and I have his contact. But Like the mostm there not so smart.

Quote from: Johann to Ben
-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:    So you ...
Date:    Fri, 24 Apr 2015 18:40:14 +0700
From:    Johann Brucker <johann.brucker@sangham.net>
To:    ben.dhammawheel@gmail.com

Still not keeping  silas, Upasaka Ben? All this retreats make really no sense? Governing Principles

Try it, right speech (ask for post 23462, i guess, they did not get maybe that elefans are nagas at well... aside of the rebuke) (not lying, not being silent to cover what should be open, no wrong loyality...Understanding the traditionless tradition , right action not killing, not stealing..., right livelihood... a job or team that does not require to break precepts as a general law to work at first place.

Otherwise no success in this nor in the next world.

Be careful Upasaka Ben, even if Devas watch you, they could not help if you are not on the line. Dont step on fox Tills shoes of killer, easy one does not come out again and the make not free from shoes at all.

I turst you have the possibility to be well.

your provider
with metta & mudita
Samana Johann

Whe had not talked which each other, so lets say I had never a reply, after this and this invitations via email, he kindly shared and got beaten...from his growed.

Ok, how ever. Then I came across http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=23443 dominated by the bavarian, acinteyyo, and I thought, he is well informed and afraid, if I post, he will inform Ben, if not they will run here in cicles with him further. So what, I posted a hint to maha stipathana and other stuff as the buddha talked not this or that teacher.

Well, after that, I thought to pay a little with the avatar. I was long in already 30min or so. and maybe the banner is issues came along with a view and an crazy seeming avatar.

 9-)   :)

How ever, this 30 min nobody realy nobody posted and those who have been adressed have been just new an Ben was online. Ven. Pesala leaved immediately.

Actually they all know, the wrong word and you go with him and they wouldnd risk neither the shooters would care as they would be friend of the enemy.

But just that you know, simply every forum, especially buddist (as they do actually the most falts online and have to fear most, they should know better) forums, so its at least not just a sample here.

 Dein Tempel, dein Palast und deine Grenzen - Your Temple, palace and borders

Well that s the sorry which will maybe never end, good to have as less lock as possible but they would even not post if they find out, that they could post as guests, they fear the thinking of their own mind.

How ever, everybody is welcome in every cloth here and yes, for the smart guys Attma knows... right speech, well but also mind, that's the big different maybe, especially his own  ;-)

(Some will say, hey great, this silly guy gives all informations and is touchable, could be could be not, dont worry if not provided, just ask. Nothing to hide  :) what would not come again it self sometime)

How ever, at least it should be a topic how to get some dictators there schooled a little and how to tell them there are ways out without stealing them.

Be heedfull and mindfull! Ben, Mr. Snyder and all others there. You could never know know what is saved al of you, even if you have a real good tracking and find out persons sustem within your php-software and modifications as well.

It goes different as well, just look around. Silent and everybody who likes reads and writes and socialicing, you are no match for facebook and g++ the monks there have been first  :)

metta & mudita
Samanera Johann

If questions or links are needed, or documents, just let me know, nothing to hide for good disciples even not for bad.

Quote from: Right speech on accesstoinsight.eu

"And what is right speech? Abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech, & from idle chatter: This is called right speech."

— SN 45.8

The danger in lying

"For the person who transgresses in one thing, I tell you, there is no evil deed that is not to be done. Which one thing? This: telling a deliberate lie."

The person who lies,
who transgress in this one thing,
transcending concern for the world beyond:
   there's no evil
   he might not do.

— Iti 25

The criteria for deciding what is worth saying

[1] "In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be unfactual, untrue, unbeneficial (or: not connected with the goal), unendearing & disagreeable to others, he does not say them.

[2] "In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be factual, true, unbeneficial, unendearing & disagreeable to others, he does not say them.

[3] "In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be factual, true, beneficial, but unendearing & disagreeable to others, he has a sense of the proper time for saying them.

[4] "In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be unfactual, untrue, unbeneficial, but endearing & agreeable to others, he does not say them.

[5] "In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be factual, true, unbeneficial, but endearing & agreeable to others, he does not say them.

[6] "In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be factual, true, beneficial, and endearing & agreeable to others, he has a sense of the proper time for saying them. Why is that? Because the Tathagata has sympathy for living beings."

— MN 58

Speak only the speech
that neither torments self
nor does harm to others.
      That speech is truly well spoken.

Speak only endearing speech,
speech that is welcomed.
Speech when it brings no evil
      to others
      is pleasant.
— Sn 3.3

and so on...

Its just importand that you learn and this is just you show case here. Dont forget that, one you could train with personaly, Mods and Consumer .

And yes, a good starter for all:  A way to use the forum - Eine Art das Forum zu nutzen Welcome [Forum Guide] some have even provide it bilingual!!


and anumadana!

dont forget the Fakir! maybe he is silly at least it could be....
« Last Edit: May 18, 2015, 01:56:19 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Re: The System of Dhammawheel.com
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 06:59:27 PM »
Now when a man is truly wise,
His constant task will surely be
This recollection of his prior giving
Blessed with such mighty potency!
Vism I 224

Nun wenn ein Mann wirklich weise ist,
Wäre seine stete Aufgabe sicherlich
Das Rückerinnern an seine frühere Großzügigkeit
Gesegnet mit solch einer gewaltigen Willenskraft!
Vism I 224

Hey, there are even some alive, just be fast, or no... they are just the "a spamer was here one" so, just a fake name without live left  ;-) death another one as if they would not always come back as long as they have desire for such bhava-tanha or vibhava-tanha. If not, look at the pic.  :) Yeah, I was there about 15min.  *thumb*

Jüdische Wurzeln, buddhistische Flügel

Noble consumer protection program - Nobel-Konsumentenschutzprogramm

Buddhist Extremist Cell Vows To Unleash Tranquility On West (social & national)

Für den Frieden in den Krieg schicken - For Peace send into War

"Modern" angloamerican Buddhism / Re: Peace Through Wealth - The corrupted Dhamma Wheel - Friede durch Wohlstand

In memoral of Satya Narayan Goenka

And at least a song ! Just to relax...

...a little

and of course you can take that list and all of that for your advocate, police... you can just catch rupa and there is no need to worry, just ask for it.  *sgift* So dont wast additional investments. I have told in one deledted post, that you have a security poblem 6 8 1001 remember!


Holly, some could think my world is just turning around me! http://www.accesstoinsight.orgeu/tipitaka/sn/sn35/sn35.023.than_en.html actual stuff, you need to knwo there on DW , fear but all of you do not have thought on ASIAN soouth asian ASEAN aliance which runs...  well its a wheel ^-^ holly molly its just if you fight your wife who should approach the tank on the door first... [eu please look here accesstoinsight.eu ]

   Faith In Awakening

well there is no enough reason, that they will destroy and delete all so you need to be fast and Attma could be banned here as well if they forget their precepts!!  :) which is normal til arahant hood

Maybe a random sutta helps "Random Artikel - Random Sutta "

Oh yes, befor I forget: Dont try to waste time to post a link on DW, you even could be killed imidiadly. You can even post here as guest, dont worry that anyone gets hurt by others! So why play hero?

Relax! and NO, we are not promoting anachy here, not at all its a work and concentration camp for the noble ones, or shoud be  ^-^! work makes you feel good , "Labour makes (you) free!?", is a sentence that one does not like. Attma has objectives , join!!
« Last Edit: April 24, 2015, 08:22:30 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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 :o looks like I banned again in a humble... , I could even not provide them "Quick translate, so that they have not to much work in there hurry...  :)

I was nasty, really nasty! Look your self, like ever!

So, just do what they like if you like to live an easy live and feed with them! Otherwise you will become homeless you could even not nourish a family ...

Yep guys, it look s like you have to do it your self, actually its no more possible in that stage in the old ways, do you understand?   *sgift*

Dont worry, they will never read in details, sanna kandha is dominate when vedana after phasa arises, couple with not knowing.

Well, I wanted to change my post as banner came up, so just here in the case there are some smart who take you time Brain, take care, your you really think that I do not know what you are doing, even the thought, to order or what ever, tolerate such is a fault, when it is about punish an killing!

Just look you self, but you have really much to learn if you like long lasting happiness.

Picking Mangoes

If a mango is five meters off the ground and we want it, we can't use a ten-meter picking pole to pick it, because it's too long. We can't use a two-meter picking pole either, because it's too short.

Don't go thinking that a person with a PhD. has an easy time practicing the Dhamma because he knows so much. Don't go thinking that way. Sometimes people with a PhD. are too long.

The Way to the Monastery

Virtue, concentration, and discernment: These three things the Buddha called a path. The path isn't the religion, and it's not what the Buddha really wanted, but they're the way we get there.

It's the same as your coming from Bangkok to Wat Nong Pah Pong. You didn't want the road coming here. You wanted to reach the monastery instead. But the road was needed for you to get here. The road coming here isn't the monastery. It's just the road to the monastery. You have to follow the road to get to the monastery.

Virtue, concentration, and discernment are the road to peace, which is what we really want.

Now they gave me free, really no interest to play that today again...

Do what ever you like

It takes minimum 30 days intensive smell till i could say...

and even then it is not sure, dont believe?

Paṭisalla Sutta: Zurückgezogenheit  
« Last Edit: April 24, 2015, 10:05:31 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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I knew that they would read that first, but what will you do. You have no change to tell them otherwise...  :) just let it flow and do your work first, anything else comes later by it self, that it was its called samma sati and samma samadhi !

Still you know that, you have to start here better here to understand the first, no other change, and where ever you like, of course not here since you had read that already!!

See if you start with that, there is really no problem with the last anchor till you finally leave, but till there or wrong, you are caught a s before. So be heedful !


WORK! ohh wrong, those who are capable will find...
« Last Edit: April 24, 2015, 10:31:00 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Like with an eraser at the end.. as tool, but...

But, we have won about 15% more visitors form 23-24.4.2205 for example, "

Code: [Select]
Day	Number of visits	Pages	Hits	Bandwidth

23 Apr 2015 97 209 769 11.88 MB
24 Apr 2015 103 353 1389 14.21 MB

 on ATI.eu

more later and... *( i have to find the password).. of sangham... never used, no one time after having more than 40 Visitor, after 60 the other week, maybe some of 1,5 year ago.. here* ... ok *mmhh*

Wait you...
A man may plunder
as long as it serves his ends,
but when others are plundered,
   he who has plundered
   gets plundered in turn. ...

( would like to see the total and overview of both pages, listed for some month and some special events, just be patient)
.. and I have 2 or three, Dhammaquotes in Bain already again, so no need to worry we will TURN ON!! for a ggod while in this way, I guess higher, higher step by step

So some like that

- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa -

If there's no wound on the hand,
that hand can hold poison.
Poison won't penetrate
   where there's no wound.
There's no evil
   for those who don't do it.

— Dhp 124
but some could say, that both could say...

so there are some special secrete, some will find it entering this secrete and maybe already have become ink. "just by..." and now? "Just!... (can you feel that?... fear, anger, love, hope.. gratidute, feelings of mercy... metta, at least the whole punch of feelings and thoughts turn to (house..) equanimity... and, and? Wait! yet.

[Johann would comment that later if there is any question, why he never gives up in such a case and with not changing to any other ways, just if You feel there is a hole, something missing, or you are generally not informed with it till yet  (some quick older but also displaying links or soemthing... lets see) and Attma, feels no in this moment, or let me say in 1000M, better, so you have plenty time when he finally takes a little rest, he, everything is fine so far, just waiting an waking up another time, then a sure/relative secure comment... Thanks for all you patient and trust, you and the others here, and somewhere there!]

** spez., here just for one time: Disc laimer, all links and winks here are somehow realated, so just, follow them to find out who actual brought his wheel in turn first! So don;t worry, we will provide everything, it could  just need a nother while. **

ohh well.. and the Monnastry intern counting, for most and for sure for members avaliable shows this for the last days, so really nothing to worry with such!!

Code: [Select]
early Summary 	New Topics 	New Posts 	New Members 	Most Online 	Page views

2015-04-22 4 15 0 21 3042
2015-04-23 3 13 0 22 5322

2015-04-24 8 39 1 32 4591
2015-04-25 3 14 0 19 3742

"Forum History (using forum time offset)"  ::) ...

Monthly if you might look also yourself

Code: [Select]
+ April 2015 	57 	303 	5 	34 	109769
+ March 2015 7 51 1 36 111421
+ February 2015 8 30 4 43 155835
+ January 2015 10 70 3 43 206382

Stats from the bottom of the Index page here, presentet later, at about /PM in PP, Cambdodia by Johann again

« Last Edit: April 25, 2015, 02:01:02 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Attma ist seit längerer Zeit endlich wieder an seinen Arbeitsplatz, zurück und ist dabei ZzE News zu aktualisieren.

Da hat er gerade diesen Talk von Ehrenw. Bhante Thanissaro wiederentdeckt, und dachte, dass wäre doch ein guter "Abschluß" hier in dieser Sache die sicher noch lange brauchen wird wenn man sie lösen will:

Fear of Others

April 12, 2011

Years back, a woman brought a friend of hers to meditate here. The friend had never meditated before. And at the end of the hour, she turned to the woman who brought her here and said, »I've never suffered so much in my life.«  Which just goes to show that the mind can create a lot of suffering for itself. In fact, as the Buddha pointed out, it's the suffering we create for ourselves that really weighs down the mind, much more than the suffering that comes from outside, the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations from other people. And the fears we have are often misdirected. The Buddha never says that fear is in and of itself unskillful. Many times, I've had some psychotherapists ask me about this, »Why doesn't the Buddha list fear as one of the roots for unskillful behavior?« And it's because  there are some things that are actually worthy of fear. The fear becomes unskillful when it's tied up in greed, aversion, delusion. And that's the kind of fear you want to get past. The fear that comes from knowing that your mind has unskillful habits, and that conditions could come about where those unskillful habits take over: that's something to be feared.

You want to train your mind so that it is not influenced into doing unskillful things by any kind of conditions. And until the mind has reached that point, you've got something to fear. So the important thing as we practice is learning which fears are useless, and which fears are useful.

Particularly fears of other people's opinions. Other people can hurt you, yes. And we see so much of it in the world, people are harming one another all the time. But you can't let that potential dissuade you from doing what you know is right. That kind of fear, the Buddha says, is a cause of what they call »agati,« something that takes you off course. There are four kinds of agati altogether. You go off course because of things you desire, you want a reward of some kind from somebody, or you want a certain kind of pleasure that you think is going to come from doing something unskillful, so that desire pulls you off. Then there's agati that comes from aversion. When you're not willing to do something simply because you just don't like it, even though it may be the right thing to do, you don't like it, and that gets in the way. There's agati that comes from delusion, when you simply don't know what's the right and the wrong thing to do. And finally, there's agati that comes from fear.

These are all biases, and the word agati basically means »that takes you to a bad destination, takes you off course.« So you have to look at the fears that take you off course. The fears that someone will not like you or someone will punish you for doing something that you know is right, or that someone will create difficulties for you. You have to learn to be impervious to that. The fact that some people may not like you – well, as Ajahn Fuang once said, it's the people who like you that you are most beholden to. As he once said, if people hate you, then you can come and go as you like, you don't have to ask their permission, you don't have to be worried about what they're going to do while you're away. So there are times when you know the right thing to do is going to displease other people and there's no way around it. You have to be willing to put up with that, put up with their displeasure. If there are ways that you can smoothe things over, so much the better. But there come times when you can't. We have to stand up for what's right. And in that case, you can't let conflict or the fear of conflict dissuade you. I think I told you about the time when I gave my first Dharma talk. Ajahn Fuang said, »Imagine that you have a sword in your hand. Anybody out there in the audience who doesn't like what you have to say, you just cut off their head.« It's a shocking image, but it was effective. It made me reflect back on how much my own fears were actually the problem. Who knows what those other people were thinking? But it was my anticipation that they might not like it, or that they might disapprove, or that they may look down on me, or whatever, that was getting in the way. And that kind of fear is an agati: something that pulls you off course. If people are kind enough to tell you that you've done something wrong, or even if they let you know in not such a kind way that you've done something wrong, at least then you can look at it and see: well, was that wrong or was that not.

But these floating nameless fears that they just may not like you, or they may do something that is confrontational: you have to realize you're hobbling yourself with those fears. And those are the kind of fears you want to get over. You have to learn how to look past them. Well, what exactly would be so horrible about their disliking you, or their looking down on you? Which part of the mind is injured? Well, learn how not to identify with that part of the mind. Which part of the mind feels threatened? Again, learn how not to identify with it. That's the Buddha's prime tactic in learning how not to suffer: anything that is subject to harm leaves you open to danger, leaves you open to suffering. Why identify with it? And if you can think in this way, you'll find yourself shedding all kinds of unskillful forms of pride, and the pride that masks as an extreme shame. A lot of unskillful things hide around these things that we're afraid of. These things where we feel threatened. And so it's good to look into those.

This is why we meditate: to give ourselves a good, solid position inside so we can look at these other things that we've identified with for so long, habits, fears, the things that can pull us off course. All four of these things are desires that are unskillful, our aversions, our delusions, our unskillful fears. So this is where the real dangers lie: these habits we have. These are the real things that you should fear, and fortunately, there's something you can do about them, you're not stuck with them. You've been carrying them around, but you don't have to keep carrying them around.

 Sometimes it takes time to learn how to let go and to live with the fact that there are people out there who will never like you no matter what, no matter how well you behave, no matter how intelligent you are, no matter how much you do for the world, there are going to be people who dislike you for some reason, some old karmic thing, or they themselves don't like living in the world where they feel threatened by someone else doing better than they did. So there are all kinds of reasons that people would decide that they would dislike you or wish you harm. You can't let that stop you. The Buddha himself was cursed by people. As Ajahn Lee once said, people can curse you and their mouths can open a whole yard, but they never actually reach you. You're the one who is pulling in their criticism. And that refers to the words they actually say to you. And here we are afraid of what other people will think! We are the ones who are stabbing ourselves with this. So that's the habit you want to fear, and that's the habit you can learn to let go of. And fortunately, because it is something you are doing yourself, you also have the power not to do it. So try to sort through your fears and see which ones are actually useful and which ones are hobbling you from doing the skillful thing. And to realize that you're hobbling yourself. You can take off those shackles and walk with a lighter step.


Angst vor anderen

Vor Jahren brachte eine Frau eine ihrer Freundinnen mit, um hier zu meditieren. Die Freudin hatte niemals zuvor meditiert. Am Ende der Stunde drehte sie sich zu der Frau um, die sie her gebracht hatte und sagte: "Ich habe niemals zuvor in meinem Leben so viel gelitten." Was bloß verdeutlicht, dass der Geist viel Leid für sich selbst erzeugen kann. In der Tat ist es, wie der Buddha aufzeigte, das Leiden, das wir für uns selbst schaffen, das wirklich unseren Geist nach unten drückt, viel mehr als das Leiden, das von Außen kommt, die Anblicke, Klänge, Gerüche, Geschmäcker, taktilen Empfindungen von anderen Leuten. Und die Ängste, die wir haben, sind häufig fehlgesteuert. Der Buddha sagte niemals, dass Angst an und für sich selbst ungeschickt ist. Viele Male bin ich von einigen Psychotherapeuten hierüber gefragt worden: "Warum listet der Buddha nicht Angst als eine der Wurzeln für ungeschicktes Verhalten?" Und es ist, weil es einige Dinge gibt, die tatsächlich angemessen zu fürchten sind. Die Angst wird ungeschickt, wenn sie in Gier, Abneigung, Verblendung eingebunden ist. Und das ist die Art von Angst, die du überwinden willst. Die Angst, die daher kommt, dass du weißt, dass dein Geist ungeschickte Gewohnheiten hat, und dass Bedingungen aufkommen könnten, wo jene ungeschickten Gewohnheiten die Führung übernehmen: Das ist etwas, was zu fürchten ist.

Du willst deinen Geist so trainieren, dass er nicht durch irgendwelche Dinge dazu beeinflusst ist, ungeschickte Dinge zu tun. Und bis der Geist diesen Punkt erreicht hat, hast du etwas zu fürchten. Also ist das Wichtige, während wir praktizieren, zu lernen, welche Ängste nutzlos sind und welche Ängste nützlich sind.

Insbesondere Angst vor anderer Leute Meinungen. Andere Leute können dich verletzen, ja. Und wir sehen so viel davon in der Welt, Leute die einander verletzen, die ganze Zeit. Aber du hast dieses Potential dich nicht davon abbringen lassen, zu tun, wovon du weißt, dass es richtig ist. Diese Art von Angst, sagt der Buddha, ist eine Ursache dafür, was sie "agati" nennen, etwas, das dich vom Kurs abbringt. Es gibt im Ganzen vier Arten von agati. Du kommst vom Kurs ab wegen Dingen, die du begehrst, du möchtest eine Belohnung irgendwelcher Art von jemandem, oder du willst eine gewisse Art von Wohlgefühl haben, von dem du glaubst, dass es daher kommt, etwas Ungeschicktes zu tun, also reißt dich dieses Begehren weg. Dann ist da Begehren, das von Abneigung kommt. Wenn du nicht willens bist, etwas zu tun, einfach, weil du es nicht magst, selbst wenn es das Richtige sein mag, was zu tun ist, magst du es nicht. Und das kommt in den Weg. Dann ist da agati, das von Verblendung kommt, wenn du einfach nicht weißt, was das Richtige oder das Falsche zu tun wäre. Und schließlich ist da agati, das von Angst kommt.

Dies sind alle Voreingenommenheiten, und das Wort agati bedeutet im Grunde "das dich zu einem schlechten Bestimmungsort führt, dich vom Kurs abbringt." Also musst du dir die Ängste ansehen, die dich vom Kurs abbringen. Die Ängste, dass jemand dich nicht mögen wird oder jemand dich bestrafen wird, dafür, dass du etwas tust, von dem du weißt, dass es richtig ist, oder dass jemand Schwierigkeiten für dich schaffen wird. Du musst lernen, demgegenüber kugelsicher zu sein. Die Tatsache, dass manche Leute dich nicht mögen könnten – nun, wie Ajahn Fuang einmal sagte, du musst sie nicht nach Erlaubnis fragen, du brauchst dir keine Sorgen darüber zu machen, was sie tun werden, während du weg bist. Also sind da Zeiten, wenn du weißt, das Richtige, was zu tun ist, wird andere Leute unzufrieden machen, und es gibt keinen Weg drum herum. Du musst willens sein, damit zurecht zu kommen, ihre Unzufriedenheit in Kauf zu nehmen. Wenn da Wege sind, dass du die Dinge glätten kannst, um so besser. Aber es kommen Zeiten, wo du es nicht kannst. Wir müssen uns erheben für das, was richtig ist. Und in dem Fall kannst du Konflikt oder die Angst vor Konflikt dich nicht davon abbringen lassen. Ich denke, ich habe euch von der Zeit erzählt, wo ich meinen ersten Dhamma-Vortrag gab. Ajahn Fuang sagte: "Stelle dir vor, dass du ein Schwert in deiner Hand hältst. Jeder da draußen in der Zuhörerschaft, der nicht mag, was du zu sagen hast, hack ihnen einfach den Kopf ab." Es ist ein schockierendes Bild, aber es war effektiv. Es brachte mich zurück, darüber zu reflektieren, wie sehr meine eigenen Ängste eigentlich das Problem waren. Wer weiß, was diese anderen Leute dachten? Aber es war meine Erwartung, dass sie es nicht mögen könnten, oder dass sie es ablehnen könnten, oder dass sie auf mich herabsehen könnten, oder was auch immer, das in den Weg kam. Und diese Art von Angst ist ein agati: etwas, das einen vom Weg abbringt. Wenn Leute freundlich genug sind, dir zu sagen, dass du etwas falsch gemacht hast, oder selbst, wenn sie in einer nicht so freundlichen Weise sagen, dass du etwas Falsches getan hast, kannst du es dir zumindest anschauen und sehen: Gut, war das falsch oder war es das nicht?

Aber diese namenlosen Ängste, dass sie dich einfach nicht mögen könnten, oder dass sie etwas Konfrontierendes tun könnten: Du musst dir klar werden, dass du dich mit diesen Ängsten selbst hemmst. And das sind die Art von Ängsten, über die du hinaus kommen willst. Du musst lernen, wie du über sie hinweg kommst. Gut, was genau wäre so schrecklich daran, dass sie dich nicht mögen, oder dass sie auf dich herab blicken? Welcher Teil des Geistes ist verletzt? Gut, versuch dich nicht mit diesem Teil des Geistes zu identifizieren. Welcher Teil des Geistes fühlt sich bedroht? Wieder, lerne, dich nicht damit zu identifizieren. Das ist die vorrangige Taktik des Buddha im Lernen, nicht zu leiden: Alles, was verletzbar ist, lässt dich offen für Gefahr sein, lässt dich offen für Leid sein. Warum damit identifizieren? Und wenn du in dieser Weise denken kannst, wirst du dich alle ungeschickten Arten von Stolz ablegen finden, und den Stolz, der sich als eine extreme Scham maskiert. Viele ungeschickte Dinge verstecken sich um diese Dinge, vor denen wir Angst haben. Die Dinge, wo wir uns bedroht fühlen. Und so ist es gut, in diese hinein zu blicken.

Das ist, warum wir meditieren: um uns selbst eine gute, solide Position nach innen zu geben, so dass wir uns diese anderen Dinge ansehen können, mit denen wir uns so lange identifiziert haben, Gewohnheiten, Ängste, die Dinge, die dich vom Kurs abbringen können. Diese vier Dinge sind Begierden, die ungeschickt sind, unsere Abneigungen, unsere Verblendungen, unsere ungeschickten Ängste. Dies ist also, wo die realen Gefahren liegen: diese Gewohnheiten, die wir haben. Diese sind die realen Dinge, vor denen du dich fürchten solltest, und glücklicherweise gibt es etwas, was du gegen sie tun kannst, du sitzt nicht auf ihnen fest. Du trägst sie mit dir herum, aber du musst sie nicht mit dir herum tragen.

Manchmal braucht es Zeit, zu lernen, loszulassen und mit der Tatsache zu leben, dass es Leute da draußen geben wird, die dich niemals mögen werden, ganz gleich, was auch ist, egal, wie gut du dich verhältst, egal, wie intelligent du bist, egal wieviel du für die Welt tust, es werden Leute da sein, die dich aus irgendeinem Grund nicht mögen, irgendeine alte karmische Sache, oder sie selbst mögen es nicht, in einer Welt zu leben, wo sie sich bedroht fühlen von jemand anderem, der es besser tut als sie es getan haben. Also sind da alle Arten von Gründen, dass Leute entscheiden würden, dass sie dich nicht mögen oder dir Schaden wünschen. Du kannst dich davon nicht aufhalten lassen. Der Buddha selbst wurde von Leuten verflucht. Wie Ajahn Lee einmal sagte, Leute können dich verfluchen und ihre Münder können sich ein ganzes Zoll weit öffnen, aber sie erreichen dich niemals tatsächlich. Du bist derjenige, der ihre Kritik einsaugt. Und das bezieht sich auf die Worte, die sie tatsächlich zu dir sagen. Und hier sind wir, ängstlich, was andere Leute denken werden! Wir sind diejenigen, die uns damit erdolchen. Das also ist die Gewohnheit, vor der du Angst haben möchtest, und das ist die Gewohnheit, die du lernen kannst, loszulassen. Und glücklicherweise, weil es etwas ist, das du nicht selbst tust, hast du auch die Macht, es nicht zu tun. Also versuche, dich durch deine Ängste zu sortieren und zu sehen, welche tatsächlich nützlich sind und welche dich darin hemmen, das Geschickte zu tun. Und dir bewusst zu werden, dass du dich selbst hemmst. Du kannst diese Fesseln ablegen und leichteren Schrittes gehen.

"Ironischer Weise, und wieder zurück zum Thema bringend, wurde dieser Talk von jemanden gemacht, der vor einiger Zeit von DW gebannt wurde.

Mögen Wesen Vertrauen in das Dhamma gewinnen und sich Silas zu ihrem Leiter für ihre Wege machen um den Weg zu höchsten Glück, dem Ende von Leiden zu sehen. Möge der Wesen sinnloser Kampf, der stets ins Leid führt, noch in dieser Existenz abfallen als was es einmal war erkannt werden.

Anumodana! Alle Wesen der zehn Richtungen möchte Attma zum Erfreuen all dieser Verdiensten einladen, möge diese Mitfreude, ihre, sie sich ins unüberschaubare muliplizieren.
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Dhammawheel rebukes and critic
« Reply #6 on: May 02, 2015, 06:26:32 PM »
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[Original post:]

Dhamma Dana

Wissen Sie, wenn Sie mit einem Kambodschaner über Dhamma diskutieren endet das meist oder beginnt mit:

wir gehen den mittel weg, einmal bon einmal bab

ales leicht zu finden, wenn man das alles zumindest intellektuell kennt. Und weisheit?
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Re: Dhammawheel
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Da ware eine wichtige Geschichte, denk Attma, die Attma zu noch einem Post, am sicher passend motivierten Aufflug auf DhammaWhell dan wichtig war/ist:

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Ditching lay life, wanting to ordain , der neben Ben, dem Langzeitigen Guten Geist auf Dw und jetzt mit Mühen des Admins, anderen Bekannten.

Attma denkt, dass, dass Thema wo er "vielleicht rechtzeitig einen klaren wink gab: hier war (würde ja gelöscht):
oder noch im uneinsichtigen "Lounge forum",

jedenfalls, sollte solches von dem Bhikkhus sicher etwas im Überblick gehalten werde, wenn es in den Entsprechenden Bereichen und deutlich hochkommt, hatte Buddha im Mahavagga doch "zugelassen", aus Gründen der Effektivität, und Zeit für die Praxis, keine Mühsamen Wege zu mehren und überall dort und da zu ordinieren, sondern wenn gut, im "10(?) Pack, wenn Attma sich da recht erinnert, und deshalb wäre es gut, solche Dinge stets auch hier, und die Leute die ähnliche Wege gehen als man so in anderen Gegenden annehmen kann, verknüpft, imm Samagii-Form, oder vielleicht weiter im Open Vihara, Teil des Inneren Klosters, dann.

und früher als zu spät,

Ben, der einzige noch übrige wacklige Kontakt vielleicht noch, hatte er eine eindringliche Mail noch gesedet:

eine vielleicht kurz gehaltene email dazu von Attma, an Ihn:

Quote from: Via email on Admin, DW
-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:    pulling back
Date:    Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:15:04 +0700
From:    Johann Brucker <johann.brucker...
To:    Ben dhammawheel <ben.dhammawheel..


Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

*Paṇḍita Sutta: The Wise*

   "These three things have been promulgated by wise people, by people
   of integrity. Which three? Generosity... going-forth [from the home
   life]... & service to one's mother & father. These three things have
   been promulgated by wise people, by people of integrity."
Quote from: additional here, the link recited on sangham DW:

* Samana Johann offtpoic zum Sutta: man wüßte auch Links selbst in Eile versendet und die noch  nicht übersetzten verschiedenen Strukturen der Sutta aufstellungen für nicht googler und Suchende, zu schätzen, bewußt gesetzte. Kann gerade den Link zum Sutta nicht finden, an der Stelle wo entnommen ZzE... wieder Arbeit, und ein vielleicht verschloßen gelassenes Tor

See, even if you deleted a message to him he has got it, pixels are just


Please feel always welcome on sangham.net <http://sangham.net/> and to
discover the pages of Zugang zur Einsicht <http://zugangzureinsicht.org/>

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Re: Dhammawheel
« Reply #8 on: May 06, 2015, 05:39:17 PM »
News in the last Thanissaro section: DW has set the blood dog, Tilt, on this topic to get it fall down. Will Dhammapal resist with ease? Lets see...

So fare how moderator act there...  ;-)

http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=13339&p=337370#p337210 watch out, it could diapear soon.
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Re: Dhammawheel
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Suggestion Box , da stand es in der Früh noch, was der arme Kerl, der vielleicht nur mit einem weitern Traume verwechselt wurde, sagen wollte. klick, klack zack. So steigert man vertrauen... auf der Welt der Buddhisten und traumatisch dann nur mehr mit den Restultaten beschäftigt... wer das bloß angezettelt hat? Buddhisten? Naja, leiden hat so seinen Grund. Auch wenn man im Wohnzimmer sitzt.

und nachrichten sieht, ist man dann auf einmal ohne grund involviert...

The Healing Power of the Precepts , by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (1997; 4pp./11KB)
    Many people today have come to the Buddha's teachings in search of emotional and spiritual healing. In this short essay the author reminds us that the single most effective tool for healing a wounded heart may be found in the cultivation of sila, or virtuous conduct.

    [book icon] A printed copy is included in the book Noble Strategy.

Wenn Sie Atma nicht glauben, versuchen Sie es selbst. Das oder das.

Warum? Und um was es gegingen gang.

- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa -

"Even Vassa & Bhañña — those teachers from Okkala who were proponents of no-causality, no-action, & no-existence — would not think that this Dhamma discourse on the Great Forty should be censured & rejected. Why is that? For fear of criticism, opposition, & reproach."

Vorsicht bei allem, nicht lügen und zensieren! Sonst können Sie nicht schlafen, im übrigen schläft man immer gut.

Das ist so wie mit dem Spamschutz hier. Da gibt es sieben Bilder die man Themen zuordnen muß. So, da kommt jetzt nach dem Teller ein Hund. Wohin jetzt? Angenonnen, Sie leben in einem Land, in dem man Hunde ist? Oder keine Spagetti kennt, geschweige den die Unterwasserwelt.
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Re: Dhammawheel
« Reply #10 on: May 16, 2015, 05:51:48 PM »
was noch ganz ganz wichtig ist, weil wir heute beim Kreisel Achtsamkeit (merken, erinnern, das was kusala ist und nicht, trennen) rechter Sichtweise, Anstrengung und Entschluß, ist, vielleicht übersehen:

Quote from:
Samañña. Throughout ancient cultures, the terminology of music was used to describe the moral quality of people and actions. Discordant intervals or poorly-tuned musical instruments were metaphors for evil; harmonious intervals and well-tuned instruments, metaphors for good. In Pali, the term sama — "even" — described an instrument tuned on-pitch. There is a famous passage (in AN 6.55) where the Buddha reminds Sona Kolivisa — who had been over-exerting himself in the practice — that a lute sounds appealing only if the strings are neither too taut or too lax, but "evenly" tuned. This image would have special resonances with the Buddha's teaching on the middle way. It also adds meaning to the term samana — monk or contemplative — which the texts frequently mention as being derived from sama. The word samañña — "evenness," the quality of being in tune — also means the quality of being a contemplative: The true contemplative is always in tune with what is proper and good.

- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa -

"All those brahmans & contemplatives in the course of the future who will purify their bodily actions, verbal actions, & mental actions, will do it through repeated reflection on their bodily actions, verbal actions, & mental actions in just this way.

in short and in looooooooooooong terms! Where ever one is capable to look and remember the wheel. Of both, in, out and in-and-out, an und für sich.

Man kann es aber auch mit seitenscheitel langfristig probieren und versuchen sich vorteile zu verschaffen, dort und da. Wenn man etwas wirklich will hat man geduld. Denken Sie an ihr Geheimnis, oder an Nibbana, wenn Sie wollen.

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Re: Dhammawheel
« Reply #11 on: May 16, 2015, 06:02:36 PM »
Quote from: SDC on DW
Not trying to be dramatic, but it would seem both sides are lost at sea and starving. And you are quite correct, Chris, the Dhamma is nowhere to be found in the actions of these certain Burmese. Just awful.


- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa -

"...The Dhamma is just like this, talking in similes, because the Dhamma doesn't have anything. It isn't round, doesn't have any corners. There's no way to get acquainted with it except through comparisons like this. If you understand this, you understand the Dhamma.

"Don't think that the Dhamma lies far away from you. It lies right with you; it's about you. Take a look. One minute happy, the next minute sad, satisfied, then angry at this person, hating that person: It's all Dhamma..."

btw. could be also *advertising*: Zufluchtnahme und Silas online nehmen - Refuge and requesting Silas online , who knows... Atma?

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Re: Dhammawheel
« Reply #12 on: May 16, 2015, 06:23:38 PM »
Übrigens auch interessant, das und das , zum reflektieren. In, off and in-and-off' .

Vielleicht werden wir uns ja dabei klarer, warum wir da sind und warum wir etwas nicht machen sollten wenn wir da sind. Hier oder in einem Kloster.

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Re: [DD][Forum] Dharmawheel.net
« Reply #14 on: May 19, 2015, 06:00:16 AM »
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[Original post:]

Was dann heute auf dieses Mail folge war das:

And that is what was following the email:


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...als Atma die Seite aufrief, nicht glauben, daß eine Antwort per mail kam. Na, dann wird Atma hat wieder zur anderen IP wechseln müssen, die er gegeben bekommen hat... Dummköpfe, einfach nur Dummköpfe... und trotzdem hat man sie "lieb" und kümmert sich um die Kinder. Vielleicht verstehen Sie ja eines Tages, was geben, nehmen, Dankbarkeit und andere Wurzeln wie Silas sind um mit dem feinen zu Beginnen und nicht nur mit (sehen Sie die Anlage ein). Dank geht hier auch an werten Upasaka Mirco.

...as Atma recall the page DW in this moment. Don't think that those wrote an email. Seems that Atma needs to change to the other IP, which he has gut...
Dullards, simply dullards... and even so one keeps them "dear" and cares for the children.
Maybe one day they understand what is giving, take, Gratitude and the other roots like Silas to start with the fine and not just (see attached). Thanks goes also to our valued Upasaka Mirco here.

Dein Tempel, dein Palast und deine Grenzen - Your Temple, palace and borders

Der benachbarte König kam um den so viel erzählten Palast zu sehen. Er war fürchterlich beeindruckt und entschied einen ähnlichen Palast für seine Sicherheit zu errichten. Während des Abschiedes, huldigte er die Weisheit und Weitsicht des Königs und wiederholte sein Verlangen seinem Beispiel zu folgen. Ein alter Bettler, der am Straßenrand saß, hörte das Gespräch. Er lachte laut. Der Besitzer des Palastes rügte ihn indem er sagte: „Was macht dich lachen, du Narr?“

“Weil du fragtest, Herr, werde ich die Möglichkeit wahrnehmen und es dir sagen“, sagte der Bettler. „Das ist ein Schwachpunkt in dieser fabelhaften Konstruktion. Sie ist unangreifbar bis auf das Tor. Der Feind kann durch das Tor kommen. Wenn du hinein gehst und das Tor mit Ziegeln und Mörtel verschießen läßt, wäre es völlig sicher. Dann könnte kein Feind mehr eindringen.“

„Würde ich das tun, du Narr, würde dieser Palast mein Grab werden“, sagte der König.

„Das ist er bereits“, sagte der Fakir, „bis auf das Tor. Durch dieses Tor kann der Feind kommen und wenn nicht der Feind, ist der Tod gezwungen zu kommen.“

„Dann verstehe diese nun gut“, sagte der Fakir.

The neighbouring kind came to see this much-talked-of palace. He was terribly impressed and determined to make a similar palace for his own safety. While taking leave, he praised the king for his foresight and wisdom and reiterated his desire to follow his example. An old beggar sitting by the roadside heard this talk. He laughed aloud. The owner of the palace chided him saying: "What makes you laugh, fool?"

"Since you ask, Sire, I shall take the opportunity of telling you," said the beggar. "There is only one flaw in this marvellous structure. It is impregnable except for the door. The enemy can come through the door. If you step in and have the door covered with brick and mortar, it will be completely secure.

Then no enemy can ever enter it."

"If I do as you say, you fool, this palace will become my grave," said the king.

"It already is," said the fakir, "except for the door. Through this door the enemy can come, and if not the enemy, death is bound to come."

"But I will be dead before that!" raved the king.

"Then understand this well." said the fakir.

Schade, das jetzt wieder 1000 Menschen nicht die Seite öffenen können, weil Sie verbannt sind...

Sad that again 1000 people are not able to open die Pages, because they have been baned.
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April 22, 2018, 09:11:17 AM


April 22, 2018, 08:40:14 AM
 :-* :-* :-*
May every being be happy and free from dukkha.
May many renew their vows in silas today.   :-* :-* :-*


April 15, 2018, 12:43:25 AM
Bhante _/\_


April 15, 2018, 12:38:56 AM
Nyom Danilo.


April 12, 2018, 10:05:15 AM


April 12, 2018, 08:34:11 AM
Namasakara, Bhante. _/\_


April 10, 2018, 07:19:18 PM


April 10, 2018, 01:09:20 PM
Nyom. (Sideboad ist stets zugeklappt... tech. Probl.) 3:00 ist auch schon guten Tag.


April 10, 2018, 03:06:49 AM
Good day (night here)


April 10, 2018, 02:54:42 AM
Namasakara, Bhante. _/\_


April 09, 2018, 09:43:17 AM
Take your time Nyom Danilo and watch the breath to stay best calm for best benefit. A lot of chances to get ride of many ols burdens.


April 08, 2018, 06:24:57 PM


April 08, 2018, 05:54:03 PM
Nyom Danilo.


April 08, 2018, 09:58:59 AM


April 08, 2018, 07:35:17 AM


April 08, 2018, 06:13:54 AM
Good Uposatha to all. _/\_


April 01, 2018, 06:17:08 AM
 :-* :-* :-*


March 31, 2018, 07:13:47 PM
Nyom Jens.


March 31, 2018, 10:11:20 AM


March 31, 2018, 09:52:03 AM
 :-* ich wünsche allen ein verdienstvollen uposatha  :-*


March 27, 2018, 06:44:11 PM
Atma zieht sich hier nun zurück. Möge sich Vollkommenheit einstellen.


March 27, 2018, 05:26:44 PM
Nyom Binocular.


March 27, 2018, 04:10:58 PM
Nyom Jens.


March 27, 2018, 01:47:58 PM
Brahmane Hanspeter.


March 27, 2018, 01:41:50 PM
Moritz, mag sich Vollendung ergeben. (Chamreun bo)


March 27, 2018, 12:20:53 PM
Chom reap sour. _/\_


March 27, 2018, 12:11:33 PM
Vandami, Bhante _/\_


March 26, 2018, 01:42:45 PM
Nyom Binocular.

my person will leave for today and rests. There have been left some hard challenges (sure for many). May they be releasing taken and increase conviction.


March 25, 2018, 01:40:14 PM
Gute Antwort. Sadhu!


March 25, 2018, 12:46:12 PM
 :-* :-* :-*

beste wünsche zurück an erhwürdigen bhante! es ist unsicher wann ich wieder komme! upanissayapaccayena!  :-* :-* :-*


March 25, 2018, 12:28:38 PM
(Heute im Nordkloster, best wünsche vom Abt dort, er fragt stets "Wann kommt er? Ich muß immer an ihn denken."


March 24, 2018, 10:44:34 AM


March 24, 2018, 09:52:48 AM
 :-* heute ist uposatha!! ich wünsche allen ein verdienstvollen tag! mögen die devas jene bescheid geben, die kein zugang haben! :-*


March 23, 2018, 11:37:46 AM
Sadhu! Zu was immer einer Zuflucht nimmt, sich hingibt, daran erfreut, das wird/ist sein Schutz, für Bindung oder Ungebundenheit.


March 23, 2018, 01:43:01 AM
 :-* möge die drei juwelen den ehrwürdigen bhante beschützen und ihn auf seinem weg unterstützen :-*


March 23, 2018, 01:28:02 AM
Kampf der Devas mit den Asuras um den Berg. :)


March 23, 2018, 01:26:30 AM
Regenzeit... außen trüb und unangenehm, nagend, faulend, doch dahinter ist alles fein.


March 23, 2018, 01:10:47 AM
 :-* ehrwürdiger bhante johann, ja soweit alles gut! und wie geht es ihnen?  :-*


March 23, 2018, 12:58:05 AM
verlesen... Marcel :) alles gut im (ver)laufen?


March 23, 2018, 12:26:23 AM


March 21, 2018, 03:42:55 PM


March 21, 2018, 03:32:47 PM
 :-* mögen sie alle noch in diesem leben das herz von avijja befreien!!! :-*


March 19, 2018, 05:20:12 AM
This "wiki"-like backup tool is meant as a outwardy insurance that one does not be afraid that anything possible good can be desroyed or made bad while looking for cleaning it. So worry at all, kamma does not dissapear. No need to fear to make good deeds, knowing that.


March 19, 2018, 04:03:35 AM
And there is no intention to just make a museum out of a working and concentration camp, since the Dhamma can not be understood by just looking on forms but by learning and experiance skillful deeds.


March 19, 2018, 04:00:47 AM
Post-history: http://sangham.net/index.php/topic,1164.0.html (but there is no notification system). My person uses to make a @mention , off topic "/me" in the OP.


March 19, 2018, 03:49:28 AM
Or to simply make a new post. No need to be shy in doing good things. It's not a museum, it's a working and concentration place. Mudita.


March 19, 2018, 03:47:57 AM
There is such as a "wiki" backup function in all posts, Nyom Danilo. Good is to use the mention option, at the places where making changes @Johann , that it gets not "lost".


March 19, 2018, 03:02:46 AM
I have a backup of the original post in any case. I might review the second post next time. Very insightful teaching. _/\_


March 19, 2018, 03:01:35 AM
I've recently fixed many words and sentences of the first post of the thread "Debts, but to whom?". It take me some time trying to figure out the meaning of some sentences. So it would be good if Bhante could check if the original intended meaning of the post still intact. I have a backup of the ori


March 19, 2018, 01:57:28 AM
_/\_ _/\_ _/\_

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