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Autor Thema: [Wat] Ayum (Bodhisattārama), Takeo, Cambodia វត្តពោធិសត្ថារាម  (Gelesen 574 mal)

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Wat Bodhisattārama, វត្តពោធិសត្ថារាម (known as Wat Ayum), Prey Kabach village, Prey Krabach district, Takeo province, Kingodm of Cambodia.

View form above (googlemap)

Ātman was able to stay here for more that a half year and was kindly provided with the possibilities to work and share Dhamma in and around the online monastery, supported by shelter of the community and laity, medicine and daily alms food by the surrounded devoted villagers and Laifollower of the near neighborhood.

This not so old Monastery, founded by a Forest Monk of the Dhammayutika Nikaya of Cambodia, have been in the middle of Forest, before the days of Cambodias wars, and is today located in the middle of villages, houses and highway.

As a part of the Order of this Nikaya, does Monks here have been not reodinated under the new Patriarch in the early 90ies, but are still in connection of the old Tradition, re-derived from Thailand "1855, King Norodom of Cambodia invited Preah Saukonn Pan, also referred to as Maha Pan, a Khmer bhikkhu educated in the Dhammayuttika Nikaya, to establish a branch of the Dhammayuttika order in Cambodia".

The Land and Monasteries of this tradition, others then "normal" Monasteries, are given directly by the King, as the holder of authority of Cambodias Land without strings to the Sangha. That is something not so normal and the reason why there are less monasteries of this order, since it is seen something not "national" and always field of politics.

Direct in the neighborhood of the Monastery are two other Village Monasteries of the Mahanikaya Branch, all together live very harmonious together and there are many laypeople who always try to invite both orders if they make offerings to the Sangha. Of course such as conceit and issues are not excluded, but in general there is an outstanding coexistence and less politics.
Even the Mahanikaya Monks, here in this area, are very disciplined and make their alms rounds merely correct and suitable, things that are not so standard here in Cambodia. So both profit form the good reputations and critics, given by the lay people. The most reason why the Dhammayut Order is not so beloved is, because they use to cite the Pali as good as possible in the original and international usual pronunciation which is different to the unique Khmer-style, unknown and not understandable for Pali-scholars everywhere. But its a matter of identity and national tradition.

There are of cause less monks of the old left, and a whole generation is actually missing. Sure there are young novices, but they are not easy lead-able and miss teacher everywhere. So there are like mostly everywhere just monks who serve the rituals of the laity and give them as much as possible a good ground for doing merits, while young monks usually use the monkhood as a place to increase knowledge and education, while doing service for the Sasana.

How ever, a direct disciple of the founding Abbott here is the young Ven. Thera Indannano, who is nearly permanently on giving Vipassana courses and teachings where ever he is invited everywhere. Aside of many others, who like to recover the parts of sila-Samadhi-panna, he does not seek for build and create Centers and infrastructure "Then I thought, if I would start to build a meditation center, all the old people would have died before we even start to teach. We have actually so many buildings and Wats. It does not make sense to invest time in such."

So out of this reason the development and conditions for meditations are merely poor, even such as secluded Kutis are far to less, of cause there is no lack of buildings like Food-hall and Vihara, for ceremonies for lay people. Trees are less as place of renunciation and cool shadows.

Ātman likes to give here some impressions and also attaches some pictures of this monastery their Ven. Monks and the devoted lay people Aramikas, seldom nearly exclusively male. All in all there are nearly conflicts and nearly no politics involved like normal in village monasteries, so it is aside of the near to the village, a very silent place. Only one hour in the late afternoon, children form school would come and use the surrounding of the Vihara as safe play ground for an hour. 

Excessive Dana fundraising, blessings and all other in village monasteries usual services are not usual here and aside of general less devotion to samadhi and panna, its one of the serious monasteries here in Cambodia.

If possible Ātma will try to share some additional stories of daily life.

You may find also some hints and stories and pictures here:
Einweihung eines Samanera - Ordination of a Samanera (Ayung 01/2016)
Anumodana - Uposatha Tag aus Wat Ajum (2015)
Einweihung von zwei jungen Novizen - Ordination of two young novices DEVATUTAS

Some pictures of the monastery as well as some pictures of the Ven. Abbott and Bhante Indannano as well as the team of Aramikas and lay priests, visiting Siam Reap attached.

Although Ven. Bhante Indannano Thera is not always available and it would need mostly to communicate in Khmer language, you may try to organize approaches via his contacts:
Tel +855 10 49 89 73
email: indannano@sangham.net
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Contact monastery and monks incl. Ven. Indannano via Aramika (Acariya) of the monastery: +855 (0)92 68 03 88
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

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Atma wird nun ausnahmsweise vor dem Ende der Batterie Ruhe antreten und wird damit morgen etwas erreichbar sein (auch wenn er kein Ahnung hat was seine Nr angeht)


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Nacht wirds über Aural.Erfolgreichen Tag im Sinne des Dhammas, Gast und alle anderen. Ab ins Tal und zurüük bbvor es finster wird.
Morgen Ned un Chinesisch Neujahr.


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Nacht wirds über Aural.Erfolgreichen Tag im Sinne des Dhammas, Gast und alle anderen. Ab ins Tal und zurüük bbvor es finster wird.


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Alles erdenklich gute, und keine Sorge bis dahin. "Ich bin schon tot" wenn Sie sich an den Talk erinnern, Moritz. Mudita.


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Chom reap lea.
Möge Bhantes Zeh gut verheilen.
Bin wohl für die nächsten Tage (bis Montag) mehr oder weniger "weg". _/\_


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Mudita, mit all Euren Arbeiten und Erfolgen hier, Gast und alle. (Kaum Verbindung wieder mal)


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Ihnen auch einen guten Abend, Bhante. _/\_


Januar 22, 2017, 11:45:50 Vormittag
Abend ist's und gerade ein Funken verbindung. Angenehmen Tag und Abend, und viel erfolg im Sinne des Dhammes, Gast und alle anderen.


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Danke Moritz :)


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mal sehe ich Bhante online  :) :-*


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Sophorn, Norum.


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Sophorn, Norum.

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