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Author Topic: "Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness  (Read 12970 times)

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Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #30 on: February 22, 2017, 06:57:07 PM »
Okay, so here is an attempt at creating a Index of subjects for SC. We start with the General Index from Access to Insight. This is published under a CC licence that permits adaptation, so let’s adapt it. And since I am lazy, let’s crowdsource!...

Just to see the state of mind:

2. Should any bhikkhu, in what is reckoned a theft, take what is not given from an inhabited area or from the wilderness — just as when, in the taking of what is not given, kings arresting the criminal would flog, imprison, or banish him, saying, "You are a robber, you are a fool, you are benighted, you are a thief" — a bhikkhu in the same way taking what is not given also is defeated and no longer in affiliation.

1) Object: anything belonging to another human being or a group of human beings.
2) Perception: One perceives the object as belonging to another human being or a group of human beings.
3) Intention: One decides to steal it.
4) Effort: One takes it.

 "not given, not forfeited, not abandoned/discarded; guarded, protected, claimed (§ — literally, 'viewed as "mine"'), possessed by someone else... Only if the owner abandons all sense of ownership would it genuinely count as abandoned."

To rightly take an object on trust, Mv.VIII.19.1 states that five conditions must be met:

a. The owner is an acquaintance.
b. He/she is an intimate.
c. He/she has spoken of the matter. (According to the Commentary, this means that he/she has said, "You may take any of my property you want.")
d. He/she is still alive.
e. One knows that he/she will be pleased at one's taking it.

And: Accomplices. A bhikkhu can commit an offense not only if he himself steals an object, but also if he incites another to steal.

In general in regard of moving the boundery marks of the heritage so that it becomes no more the possession of the Sangha, making Dhamma to Public Domain, encourage and suppot such undertakings, the Buddha had clear words for lost monks making lay people a favor:

Quote from: BMC1
The Buddha was highly critical of any bhikkhu who gives away heavy property of the Saṅgha. In the origin story to Pr 4, he cites the case of a bhikkhu who, hoping to find favor with a lay person, gives that person some of the Saṅgha's heavy property. Such a bhikkhu, he says, is one of the five great thieves of the world.

Atma "fears" that it is today more desired to make such as a Bhikkhu in all regards equal a villager or a common tolerated run-a-mill-thief.
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #31 on: February 23, 2017, 03:45:12 AM »
Ok Atma sees... he is actually straight on the Mohayana, a Bala, has no idea of what he does and never developed only a little mindfulness, not to speak about train the oath as a whole and develope insight, since he does not even understand kamma, intention and that makes it also understandable why people, and not only he, around him justify misconduct in the way like above. The sad thing is that he might be able to trace such in others yet its clear that he fights his reflections.

Unintentional killing creates no kamma.

I think what that Mahayana monk was getting at is that the problem of wrong view. if your view is wrong, you will not just do one or two harmful acts, but many, and you will justify them according to your view. This is why this is worse than, say, a simple act of carelessness or acting out of rage, etc.

There is a bigger problem in the case of things that we do knowing they have a bad effect, but not intending that bad effect. In fact, maybe your intention is the exact opposite. We don't want animals to suffer, in fact we want them to be happy. Still, we buy meat, or eat meat, knowing that this is participating in a chain of causality that creates immense suffering for animals.

Climate change is perhaps the biggest example of this. None of us wants the environment to collapse: yet we continue to do those things (including eating meat) that are causing that very thing.

These kinds of issues are among the most pressing moral issues we face, yet the teaching of kamma does not cope with them very well. I am not sure what the solution is here.

Since people with undeveloped mind are not able to trace intention, it would be good to stick simply strong to virtue, but if the needed faith is absent, there is nearly no chance to solve that. Like a foolish child, stealing,lying and killing, even if in front of many, or a fool person, a notoric criminal, would deny his deeds, the only way to correct that would be a hard and "mercyless" crossquestioning while he has not chance to escape but facing a sword above his had.

Since his action is actually unknowenly, the suffering will be strong as soon as he realices his deeds. But of course better as if he would not, since now this son of wealth would have a chance.

Since in his reunion, aside of a lot of hungry ghosts are also Devas delighted in creation and Devas enjoying the creation of others, althought the whole group is misguided by Baka, Brahma, it would be possible for some to get aware of the Dhamma again, seeing whats going on and out of gratitude they would maybe able to bend his strong wrong view since it is hard even if somebody would have strong faith and deeply loves one to get him out ofthe highway to hell. What should someone not the slightest Nissaya for such a person be able to help him.

As for his reunion, thats the same, equal meet each other, again and again and is rare that somebody would find a way to break out if his depths.

Much metta an Zuversicht out of mudita, since anyway, they had a lot of goodness developed in the past so that they no be able to enjoy temorary some amount of welbeing.
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #32 on: March 05, 2017, 03:14:20 PM »
The more worse things a "social national" appearence or group does, the more they reduce shame, step more forward.
Sometimes my person thinks, actually wise if there is still a funcioning Sangha who would take care and maybe has eyes for themselves, simply to collect more and more, so that a runaway crossquestioned would be impossible. And then one has to think, wouldnt that not be the same kind at least and where would be the compassion for the less with eyes, able to escape before having so much depts accumulated that one has to go for war as to weak already to carry all faults done till now and still there is hope "it will not fall to me...

Now Recording of the Theragatha
2 / 3
Dharma Audiobooks has released a new recording of the complete Theragatha, including Dhammapala's background biography for each verse. The verse translations that were used are those of Ajahn Sujato. I have been listening to it on my walks he text is read beautifully!


THERAGĀTHĀ - Dharma Audiobooks

THERAGĀTHĀ Poems of Early Buddhist Monks Translated by Mrs Caroline Rhys Davids and Ajahn Sujato • Read by Ratnadhya and Tejasvini The Theragāthā is one of the most striking texts in the Pāli Canon. It is a collection of 264 poems or verses – some...


last reply

That's great that they made an audio recording for that, but it's really disappointing that they charge money for it.

You don't need to be an acclaimed voice actor to make a usable and highly enjoyable recording of dhamma teachings. Just read it with care and sincerity, use a good quality microphone (80$ to 150$ USD will suffice), and share it with audtip.org , a collection of free sutta readings.

1 Like

You may be interested to know that I have been in contact with this group. They are interested to record the entire new nikaya translation, to be released free here on SC. This is just a proposal currently, but we will keep you updated.

Of course, I would prefer if all the sutta recordings were free, but as you said, you are most welcome to make your own recording if you wish. But they do take the time and care to do a good job: it is not a simple task.

Also, just to let you know, they did make a sizable donat
ion to SC.

"Real...? When running for higher aims, one needs to look on the big and reduce some of the normal things... thats the way the world run."

One of Atmas current favorits... next to the political speeches and enemy search outwardly. Selling stolen from the death to produce more victims and in that case, how heavy would be just a sg13? Is like killing some agents or others in war times on TV and monks as lay people more "liberal" in regard of precepts when it is about territory have assambled already a lot in "killing in the name of" for a poor livelihood, what ever entertains it further.

Really not small that produce of so much demerits and suffering in the world.

But how could you help? Its ones own choice and their long time history.

There is also this normal "Troll-debatt", and one said: "Sad that there is no more Buddha to get them fixed..."

Not nearly that one likes to suggest being even a little near of a Buddha. First even he could not stop what is not to stop or change and another thought, just if one feels burdened by such as "Trolls", send them over here anyway. Planty of space.

Its like things happen again and again for those kings an monarchs on web. One existence after another. Its traumatic, this wandering on.

So let Atma stop here again this kind of "provocal Sarcasm", "bad speech", totally ill-willed so that Nons even become cats in this very existence caused from others...

Not time, but sticking really to Silas would heal all wounds. No need to think "they must be bad, otherwise, why would I experiance such Dukkha?"

Thinking on "look the cracy thinks on internet, actually its all dukkha" in one polit speech like the English King before leading to war to his sons and daughters... *vedana* , maybe the Buddha or his disciples had actually so much Dukkha, that they tried here and there again and again?

Whouldn't that be a possible thought strategy, now in times when there is no more blood seen to justify the new means of the todays heros?

It's "power" stealing to make on and on the Tschepawoki and there are people who actually get scared because old own things come up with it.

So it would be really time, that all this "liberals", "communis", "free speech claimer", "our holly place prayers", "free for all reciter" would soon start tocome to sence and do not use slaves to win the battle with the growdwork.

Possible? Willing?

« Last Edit: March 05, 2017, 03:46:39 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #33 on: March 13, 2017, 06:07:51 AM »
Having just comed across that the thieves have also integrated th Jatakas, althought they have reject them as a gift of Dana for no commercial use in 2013 since it does not fit to their objectives making stealing global legal, Atma had to approach and inform PTS.

Atma hardly doupts that anything on SC is gained rightous in accordiance to the Vinaya and there are enoght reasons to count those thieves in robes not afflicted with the Noble ones. As for the project and possession they have amassed, yhe only thing they could maybe do to possible return into the Sangha is to forfeite what has been gained without being personal given.

Quote from: Johann via email
Valued Upasaka, Upasika
team of PTS,
Valued Upasaka Eivind Kahrs,

not only as a matter of gratitude but also feeling obligated to inform you of maybe for you harmfull behaviour of people miss-using the livelyhood of the Noble ones for gain and destruction if basic values, intoducing a noble behaviour as it would be Robin Hood moral or the ideals of Communists, as those of not taking what is not given, Atma (my person), having comed accross a lot of annoying samples of Brahma, Sojato and their team of co-thieves, taking "in trust" while it's far away to be in the frame of Vinaya, its also that they have no shame to re-use thieves in cases they would not been given by the owner, like
with the Jatakas which are still in you possession.

Atma has much reason that all the use, even modifications and shamesless taking of this group of thieves is approach and welcome by you and since there is less change to bring those worthless people under controll within the tools of the Sangha it will be needed that you would take action in very worldly manner and their means. Its not the way of the Noble Ones to support or to tolerate the lose of people, not even for the sake of the Buddha, the Sangha or the Dhamma.

Who ever puts a strong sign of disapprove and rebuke in regard of the behaviour and destruction of faith for many in trying making taken what is not given to a "Buddhist" usuall, learning people how to amass and steal without being guilty in regard of incomplete laws, does that for the benefit of him/her self and for the benefit of many beings as well as the long life of the Buddhas heritage.

Of course it might be that we are not free of failures, but its good to nevertheless be straight forward and let others know of what is noble and of what is not noble. No need to claim to be already perfect for one self.

Atma likes to ask for pardon if this uninvited approach has no visible benefit for you and its not intended to cause you any trouble but maybe you can see a change to helping to bend some things straight again which have been running for a longer time and many having wordily benefit out if it, did not say anything coming across many not so goid things.

Samana Johann
doing Forest monk in Cambodia
(You are welcome to visit sangham.net)

-------- Originalnachricht --------

Betreff:   PTS Jātaka copyright
Datum:   2013-12-13 11:23
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #34 on: May 08, 2017, 02:30:22 AM »
My person had approached one of the still visible reflectional outcomings of the community delighted in gain, "disturbing" the topic Censorship on D&D which his approach out of possible means of karuna, so that those who understand and are delight, find reason and able to see it in every situatation would be able to take on good ways:

Following some expressions by governors in this thread, my person had taken an account on trust, following just words with of course much doubt that they would hold and be conform with minds tendency.
Valued D&D citizens,

As properbly most banned and censured person in Buddhist communities and for sure the most banned monk, my person thought another time, that it might be useful to give some shares.

Before putting much effort for less results into it, it's maybe useful to ask the governer first, if they would be tended to be a little challenged (believing or not, of course always with good will)

So let my person give the first challenge with this approach, and let him know in advance.

There are this five deeds, by body, speech and mind which lead to much harm for one self and for others:

Taking existence of beings,
Taking of what others hold as own and have not given,
Transgression of aggregation for sensuals sake,
Taking and harming the truth,
Consuming means that cause lack of conscience.

One transgressing this harmfull deeds by body, speech not to speak of "just tought", not only receives harming again and again, but by break up of the body, at the existence end, finds himself in lower realms, in the worlds of animals, ghosts and hell.

Knowing this, having experianced this or, and wise to that extent, just out of conviction into the Wellgone words abstains from this self and others harming deeds. By himself abstaing, he encourage whom ever he is possible to take upone this and if he's a governor, he makes those kind of abstaings to his protectats means, deeds that first over should never be transgressed by those whom are seen as the ones who protect.

Where ever such rules are keep by those who lead, having basically maybe even unshakeable faith, not only just the virtuose and those pleased by such will assemble but such and protectorate will never be obssessed by being in a harming and violating mood and even angry demons either disappear or grow calm.

So you should take on this, train this, make it to your fundamental rules, never be transgressed for what ever shake:

"I will train my self in not taking existence of beings, in this or that world, not express to others to take, and I will be ashamed having only such a thought.

I will train my self in not taking of what somebody else holds on and has not given to me, not expressing to other to take, and I will be ashamed having only such a thought.

I will train my self not transgressing aggregation for sensuals sake, not expressing others to transgress, and I will be ashamed having only such a thought.

I will train my selft not to take and destroy of what is and has been done, of facts, not express others to take and destroy, and I will be ashamed having only such a thought.

I will train my self not to nurish on means causing lake of restrain, not express and encourage others to nurish by themself, and I kill be ashamed having only such a thought."

Those should you train your self and lead others to simply hold on this, for the judge of deeds one has not to worry and communities and people assamble in accordiance to their tendencies and virtues naturally.

Fearing that taking on trust an account and fearing that ways of aggregation could be missunderstood, having told what would be a proctection for you and many for a long therm, my person takes a leave and askes to have the not given account be1 closed again.


May the feedback nurishes and be pleasant in its taste so that those able seek for such nurishment again and again, starting to feed back for the ending and stilling of hunger and thirst, taking just what is given for only this sake.
« Last Edit: May 08, 2017, 02:38:41 AM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #35 on: May 08, 2017, 08:07:18 PM »
...Reply by SamanaJohann

Venerabels comming across here

Upasaka, Upasika,

speaking short and straight forward: there is nothing more destructive for ones Noble development as to ignore. As for a practicing community following the Buddha, such ways and desires are merely a "joke" as this is the opposite of the training. Even the slightest tendency of censure or to set such as "community grow and welfare" higher as precepts and training should be always seen as sign being easily derived from the fundamental source to be willing to put more effort into practice and good reason for it: suffering.

Having read a little here, not much, dmx (hopefully growing to use just his name soon) often presents wise views althought they might not be easy to take.

If how ever the place is meant for serving consumer best and maintain simply ones livelihood, go on, give people the possibility to maintain there desired illusions.

As told in the censure thread already, sticking strikt to the basic precepts, it's impossible that ill-will and willingly harm enters such a place. Not even spam is to be aspected. That is not spoken out of simple faith but out of knowing and experiances in far harder circumstances.

To know for your self, one needs to put it into action, give it a try, aside of normal wordily ways.

Reply by SamanaJohann

Offtopic with ontopic advice:

just Via PM: Hey. How are you doing, Element ?...
Atma has nothing to do with Element, althought those phobias around this name have caused him a lot of troubles. Or let him say the underground talks. Atma has as good as no internet history before Element was "killed", others as the most all over here and there (especially the "leaders", runners and mods) with their creative comic avatars and names, having big wounds caused by their actions.

To the advice: its not good, not constructive and dangerous for a good community to have and maintain such as PMs since exactly this is where things get destroyed. Turn that off and open all other things. If people seek simply socialising and amassing followers, there are plenty of social networks and tools for fools.

Reply by SamanaJohann

One more off/on-topic:

just via PM: Sorry but the speaking at 3rd person kind of gives you up. And you also have the same nickname as on the german buddhist forum.

Are you aware of the revolution that happened on DW ? The intolerant mods, Ben & Tilbilings have been removed and Daverupa also left. Kali Bhodi was also kicked out. Only intolerant mod left is SDC. Criticism of Nanananda/Nanavira/Nanamoli and Thanissaro is a little forbidden, but they are very liberal in the politics section and with all other things.

DW has been completely revolutionized in 2016.
Atma does not use nick-Names or other disguise. If there was Hanzze than because his Friends used to call the short version of Johann Hansi.

Yes, Atma is aware that things have grown a little different and was wondering not seeing so much kills like before, but censure goes on and Atma would not say it has grow better. "Communism" grows stronger anyway and nearly everywhere.
Revolution is not a Dhammic way and one should not be happy if people are removed.

Close PM and "forbid" mods and admins to bann, delete or censure, better let them train serious and make such vowes. Split topic, move things, ... all other ways lead always to the same. Be creative around sticking to precepts and keep topics on topic.

Stick to precepts and encourage such!

Torward those believing in the refuge of underground an such as PM: dont be so naive to believe that people with desire to controll are not aware of what you write behind.

Atma does not even like to know a little what's going on behind the screen in forums runned by wordlings.

So do not blacklist, you are seeing already to less to understand what the Buddha taught.

Reply by dxm_dxm

Posting PM-s in public is not allowed.

Reply by SamanaJohann

And what do you think has karmic bad effects?

The "liberal" grow fast to what they oppose.

Reply by Aminah
Could the original poster please be shown proper and due respect by not having their post derailed with offtopic comments.

Reply by SamanaJohann

Dopple-post, sorry.

Reply by SamanaJohann

No mr. Mod. That is not the way. Doers know for themselves, no need to judge and kill enemies.

Such is not posted to harm or win or give the growd an enemy or slayer him public for the joy of a foolish community, but to give doers ways to change their ways.

General to all: You would be wise to play not with monks, some know clearly your thought and intentions. Not to speak of certain karmic effects.

The doer would do good to remove his pm is such if possible (all importand for him and for others is already public posted), you are not under the leading of noble ones here who would not have any intentions to harm or kill and convidence in precepts generally in regard of those in charge is not really seen till now.
The followin post was then alread censured in a Topic of Aminah:
Again an encouragement to simply stick to precepts (Atma made no copy)

Also the others now censured...
Quote from: PM sujato

This is an automated message from Discuss & Discover to let you know that your post was hidden.

Your post was flagged as off-topic: the community feels it is not a good fit for the topic, as currently defined by the title and the first post.

Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden, so please consider how you might revise your post to reflect their feedback. You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.

However, if the post is hidden by the community a second time, it will remain hidden until handled by staff – and there may be further action, including the possible suspension of your account.

For additional guidance, please refer to our community guidelines.

Accont already on hold.

Still believing it's possible to help fools so that they bend their ways?
« Last Edit: May 08, 2017, 08:15:01 PM by Johann »
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Offline Johann

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Antw:"Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #36 on: June 30, 2017, 02:18:22 AM »
While the other three nikāyas have been graced with excellent translations by Ven Bodhi, when it comes to the Digha, we are not so lucky. The two main complete translations are the PTS translation by TW Rhys Davids, and the Wisdom edition by Maurice Walshe. (Note that on SC we use use more reliable translations where available, and the Rhys Davids translation as a backup. The Walshe translation is restricted by copyright; I use my own digital copy, with gratitude to those who ignored copyright and made it available.)

He himself steals and encourages others to steal... shameless, disrespectful without any notion of virtue... beloved by the thieves and unvirtuose.
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Offline Johann

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Re: "Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
« Reply #37 on: March 13, 2018, 05:35:13 AM »
My person wonders how long the Robin Hoods and Pipilangstumpfs will enjoy their ways of being slaves for the common people, how long will the disseized heritage, shared toward the demanding, after rights claiming peoples thirst satisfy... at which point will the possibility to seek refuge upwardly, sacrificing toward the lower be of joy?

Maybe when all Nissaya to the costums of the Noble Ones is cut of and destroyed, when all families have been corrupted and the low rewards in trade will no more satisfy at all, people might start again to seek for objects worthy to sacrify.

It's just that in "our" marxistic and post modern time they will have been gone.

The so called places of liberation, the centralized symbols for the power of the mass in Samsara will last a long, long time and Brahma Baka will, leaded by Mara, and accompanied by the followers of Devadatta, celebrated parades to impress the crowd.

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

Asevanā ca bālānaṃ paṇḍitānañca sevanā,
Pūjā ca pūjanīyānaṃ etaṃ maṅgalamuttamaṃ.

Giving, taking and the "new" world "Labour makes (you) free!?"

Less are those who recognize the open-source and free lie. Less are those who increase the bounds toward that and those pulling one out of slave-hood. Uncountable are those increasing debts to Mara, debts and boundage to the world and the work on killing fields, increasing the hills and metropolis made out of bones.

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

Aṭṭhīnaṃ nagaraṃ kataṃ,
Yattha jarā ca maccu ca,
māno makkho ca ohito.

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Re: "Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness
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Mara, Baka, Boowa, Dhammakaya, Brahm, Sujato... the giving of the illusion of sensuality and conceit.

There is a famous story of the "father" of modern Dhammakaya, Bakas assembling.

Once devoted lay people constructed a luxury huge eating-hall. As they invited Ajahn Boowa, he simply said: (sorry for the most dirty words) "I could shit that much, I would shit till this hall is full."
Later he joyfull collected and inspired to Dana, gave this toward to jati (nationality, birth, stand) and it's of no wonder that his disciples didn't had the same idea about this gift as he had.

Mara, for the sake of illusion and death leads people to make sacrifices downward, toward sensual pleasure an conceit.

What "disciples" are you praising if you paise those (sorry) shiting the Buddha, the Sangha, the Theras on the head, disseize the Sangha of it's heritage and encourage to follow that. If one calls giving upward a lose and delights in sacrifices into the world?
What sample is it, if a father cleans the rare part of spoilt children "Come to rejoice in food (death)", either out of fear, greed, aversion or delusion?
What a sample in this world would it be, if the Buddha and the Sangha lead toward the increasing of death by rejoicing in making merits for the sake of becoming, sacrificing their remainder for serving the death, taking form as real?

If one sees what is of cource hard to see, would confess his missdeeds, would seek out the meet an upright Sangha, and would hand over that of what possible to give without giving strings to the world, if there is a possibility to change the sacrifices toward the tripple Gems, then in this case all the sacrifices, pain and death of this undertaking, the parts which had Nibbana as object, would not be lost in this world.

This path, the one to the unbound, is gained by giving (up) at first place, this path is ended by giving (up) of what ever can be misstaken to be yours. It's the path of children with gratitude, the path leaded by rightly liberal giver, Baghava, and not in relations of pig raisers and pigs.

This is why the Buddha and the wise do not (pardon the word) shit on joyfull handicrafts of unskilled childs but of professional gifts to rejoice in form and conceit by those who actually have a higher task and should develop skills beyound the world.

This gift is not at least toward my persons mother, who one day saw my person kneeing before a merely fat and lazy maiden, when he was young, helping her to put on her shoes of conceit: my person never saw her in such way disgusted by any deed my person ever had done.

And it was a "blessing" to understand this manifold looped gift and sacrifice, my persons mother intentional or unintentional gave, to be remind on the way to release in using gifts toward what is headed to/or release and not to try to become the ozean without salty so that there will be no lake of trinking water, by a hardly gained cup of water (remembering the pain it's archivement had required/caused)...

To Vaccha (on Giving)

So how would one approach if monks present the gift of a luxory feeding hall for those delight in sensuality?
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This "wiki"-like backup tool is meant as a outwardy insurance that one does not be afraid that anything possible good can be desroyed or made bad while looking for cleaning it. So worry at all, kamma does not dissapear. No need to fear to make good deeds, knowing that.


March 19, 2018, 04:03:35 AM
And there is no intention to just make a museum out of a working and concentration camp, since the Dhamma can not be understood by just looking on forms but by learning and experiance skillful deeds.


March 19, 2018, 04:00:47 AM
Post-history: http://sangham.net/index.php/topic,1164.0.html (but there is no notification system). My person uses to make a @mention , off topic "/me" in the OP.


March 19, 2018, 03:49:28 AM
Or to simply make a new post. No need to be shy in doing good things. It's not a museum, it's a working and concentration place. Mudita.


March 19, 2018, 03:47:57 AM
There is such as a "wiki" backup function in all posts, Nyom Danilo. Good is to use the mention option, at the places where making changes @Johann , that it gets not "lost".


March 19, 2018, 03:02:46 AM
I have a backup of the original post in any case. I might review the second post next time. Very insightful teaching. _/\_


March 19, 2018, 03:01:35 AM
I've recently fixed many words and sentences of the first post of the thread "Debts, but to whom?". It take me some time trying to figure out the meaning of some sentences. So it would be good if Bhante could check if the original intended meaning of the post still intact. I have a backup of the ori


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March 19, 2018, 12:01:09 AM
One leading to peaks pointing downward so that aging, sickness and death can be seen, know him/her as a sage, a giver of release.

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