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Author Topic: Message "Child Abuse by a Senior Buddhist Monk" ලංකා ස්ෙ කාෙ මහනායක ඉ ව ෙ යන ද  (Read 611 times)

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Online Johann

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Please be aware and consider, that such could be also fake, could have bad own interests by the "informer" as back ground, or what ever but could also be fact and reasonable with maybe urgend need of possible help for all involved.

So please, if knowing more, or having contact to people who are possible informed, prove carefully and share proper to people who could give proper help and advice.

Note that my person got an error message by sending a request to the sender that the email could not be delievered to the adress (what ever reason) and certain "documents linked incl. pictures and videos fakes. Just to keep a clear and helpful mind if feeling you could/should contribute in this situation.

Quote from: email by Johann to the sender
Valued Mr/Mrs,

just got aware about this email. May my person ask if it is still an unsolved issue or is it already solved?

Samana Johann
doing Forest monk in Cambodia
(You are welcome to visit sangham.net)

Betreff: Evidence - Child Abuse by a Senior Buddhist Monk
Datum: 29.03.2017 12:45
Von: "Na Saparamadu"
An: na.saparamadu@gmx.com


Evidence (victim was an upasaka who's waiting to be a monk) to support
the claims made in https://archive.org/details/kanduboda

https://archive.org/details/kanduboda හි මතුකර ඇති
චෝදනාවන්ට සාක්ෂි (මේ
අවස්ථාවේදී අපහරණයට
ලක්වන්නේ පැවිදිවීමට සිටි

Quote from: Part of the letter
Hon. Minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe , Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Colombo.
Regarding the Child Abuse by the Chief Prelate Rev. Inguruwaththe Piyananda
of Sri Lanka Swejin Sect

Hon. Minister,

I’m a Buddhist monk of Sri Lanka Swejin Sect. I was compelled to write to you due to a recent conversation with an under age novice monk of the same sect. This novice monk was ordained by the Rev. Piyananda himself and kept with him saying he’s suitable as an attendant. Soon, the novice came to realize that there is a special kind of attendance required by the chief prelate by cute young monks, which is in sensual in nature.

One day Rev. Piyananda asked this novice to massage his legs because they ache. Even though started with the calf muscles, later Rev. Piyananda, w

ග ජයදාස රාජප ෂ ඇම මා, ධශාසන අමාත ාංශය, ෙක ළඹ. ලංකා ස්ෙ කාෙ මහනායක ඉ ව ෙ යන ද ෙ බාලාපචාර
 බඳව . ග ඇම ම , මා ලංකා ස්ෙ කාෙ ව . මෑතක අප කාෙ ම සාමෙ ර නම
මාහට ගැන ල ෙහ ෙව ග ඇම මාට ෙමම ය මට අදහස්කෙල . ෙමම බාලවයස්කාර සාමෙ ර නම යන ද පැ කරන ල ව ඒ ට ඇප
උපස්ථානයට යැ ස පෙ තබාෙගන ඇත. ෙක කල ෙමම සාමෙ ර නමට
 ත ෂ ඇ ෙ බාලවයස්කාර ව යන ද ට කළ
 ෙශ ෂ උපස්ථානය ඇ බව , එන ං ක උපස්ථානය . යන ද න ෙමම සාමෙ ර නමට පවසා ඇ ෙ තමාෙ ෙදපා ෙදන
බැ ස බාහනය කරන ෙලස . ෙක ඩා ගලෙය පට ග තද ප ව යන ද
අඳනය ඉහළට කර කළවාද ස බාහ

« Last Edit: July 23, 2017, 04:29:47 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Johann

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Replay from the unknow activist and answer from Johann to it:

Quote from: activist via email today

It's unsolved.

Unfortunately, the Minister for Buddhism is supporting the monks who support previous president, and Kanduboda monks happens to be in that group. As per news media the Minister even supports the anti-Muslim extremist monk Galagodaaththe Gnanasara who goes and attack Muslim Mosques as done in Myanmar.

Also, due to this young monks are afraid to come openly to speak against the corrupted Kanduboda monks.

In this link you can see the politicians and others too wants to protect the "Sinhalese Buddhist image." Unless there's no chance, the monks always escape.

So, it seems it's up to the karma. And, it's doing some work already, for example, after the sex abuse exposed Gampaha Pemasiri hospitalised unconscious and had to keep in ICU.

There's lot of details written in comments by many but most in Sinhala.

Quote from: Johann via email
Atma (my person) is not a little interested in politic at all. That is always a meaningless fight for gain, Upasaka.

Actually it good to uphold the image of Dhamma-Vinaya, but it is very unwise to intent such by making enemies.

Atma is also not really interested about the common view, but sees it as a matter of the Sangha and it function. So if then it should be seen as a Sangha issue at first place, and if leaving the Vihara good if also wordly judged to make understanding that nothing stands above simple Silas in all regards.

As for "young monks": thats pointless, aside of the fact that they nearly never are wise, and cause only more troubles by neither understanding the world, nor the Dhamma, only elders are able to speak out with possible effect, if it can be changed. As Upasaka said: it's all a matter of kamma and upanissaya. In this regard, its maybe useful to think for oneself, "Why is this matter one of mine"

So if liking to support better ways, better as to approach ordinary men and count on the naturally defiled mass, causing only one extreme after another, it would be good to approach the Elders and call for "Open Vihara", a instrument usually given to laypeople in good traditions till today. Then, having made clear, even if not satisfied, that's ones personal release and walk on, duties done.

Sadhu for the generosity willing to share, or was it for a battles sake? Let Atma trust in the first.


Maybe useful in addition: It's not good to make groups "bad" for habits is individual and harming some with less faith being in the group would cause possible to have more enemies.

A monk (one of the three kins of contemplatives, never takes side, never gets involved in politic becausehe sticks to the Dhamma. So keep away especially by those "opposite" monks, because they are even more worse and leaded by Tanha.

Maybe Upasaka likes to give that a read, even its not easy to understood and best if just forwarded to the king, a leader, if Sri Lanka is not already leaded by the mass... http://sangham.net/index.php/page,Sangha-pedition.html#english

One not having established the Dhamma firm will again use it as a weapon for his and the harm of many.

Samana Johann
doing Forest monk in Cambodia
(You are welcome to visit sangham.net)

Maybe also good to focus on one thing (fault), and not pulling all other things into it, eg. the unchangeable nature of Samsara.

(double-post deleted)
« Last Edit: July 23, 2017, 04:30:56 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Johann

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Quote from: Johann's response on last message via email today


that is a situation everywhere in the world. One would be naive to think it's a matter of country or sect. Even if assuming a single monastery indicates such generally, one can quickly fail. It's also not so that it can be assumed, that even in the Buddhas presents, such did not arose. Actually that's why there are rules came to being as well as the formation of the Sangha as means to keep it on lane. At least there are actions of individuals, does doing wrong and those having the duty to look after such. And in regard of monk, monks have to solve it.
The general big amount of wrong behaviour is from it's root caused by improper "cooperation", even wordly ojectives, of the most Sanghas with laity. And such starts by national care. It's the "duty" of King or goverment executing civil law, regardless of "status" and all other issues are that of the group of those having left sociaty. If they actually have not left, all will run under the dicatation of laypeople, and wordly politic, since they are improper related.

For a lay person, one needs to deside by himself: "Is this Ven. one who has left family, clan, nation, sociaty, or is he just another part of it. Some one this side, tomorrow on that." And if Upasaka looks in such a way and starts to think righty: "Those Ven. have left. How dear can I be to make them a means of me and mine, regard them as our instead of the sociaty of the Buddha, the Noble One. Should they look where they end, behave in such way.", he will see that the situation is even more worse, including of what he thought it is his.

It's good to think about that clearly. Such as working together for a wordly aim is not the objectification Buddha had to create an alternative sociaty, undisturbing the others, living simply in dependency on their wisdom and goodness to be able to live inside of it and so influencing it positive further. That is why both monastics and householder would always meet according to there habits. Such as bad monks in a good sociaty or good in a bad, such does not resist for long. People meet each other according to their upanissaya in lage. So if in a "family" something is wrong, who actually could chance think really as not one by himself on the first place. One really and honest cleaned by one self, and does not only indirect influence his fellows, but also has the status to say what's the proper way.

So how many family members of yours are not by themselves deeply involved in aldays corruption or draw benefit from it for an easier life? How much could you change them? How about yourself?

Would you have the courage to simply leave this sociaty and follow the Noble ones to leave the nature of world behind? See, that's why you eager seek the problem outside, of what is far away of being yours and the Buddhas exit door. Be aware that the believe to chance the world first is "everyone" excuse to reject real faith into the Gems.

Use all this to seen an urgency to finish work that is of no use at the and. Upasaka will have died another time, and the world as a whole will not be better but even darker. The more it's his world, the more darker it becomes. And what is the world? Eye, it's object, contact with it and consciousness arasing from it. Ear, it's object, contact with it and consciousness arasing from it. Nose, it's object, contact with it and consciousness arasing from it. Tongue, it's object, contact with it and consciousness arasing from it. Body, object, contact with it and consciousness arasing from it.
Having seen that as of this is changing, impermanent, subject to decay, in sees the burden of it, the world. Having seen that if can not be regarded as grasp worthy, as ones own, and grows disenchanted with it, having grown disenchanted with it, one dwells independet of the world.
And if seeing that also the intellect, ideas, touch and the consciousness arising from it, is nothing but the same with proper discernment, one is all ready on the last path to go even beyound the cosmos, the task for this world done, the last birth.

And to see that, Upasaka, is why you came in contact of all of this. Now it's up to you to make real helpful for the world and your self to look after the need that this world is best helped by having another Arahat.

It's really time, this Gems are on to disappear, and it's not easg to even find Savaka Sangha left in the whole world. If seen some, stick with them, and care simply for you own real welfare first. That's not only all what can be done, but also the door to the Buddhas gate left in this world.

In regard of the suggested book, Upasaka will find the last Dana in line of Dhamma public download right here: http://sangham.net/index.php/topic,613.msg1678.html#msg1678

Read just a little, having found that it is far away of what is actually normal, and can be seen everywhere, even came in contact with the abbot but exactly in regard of the opposite, the way beyound, it's a gift and a help especially for the Sangha, they benefited, much of it, if wise and also for wise lay people, but for the fool, when ever confronted with dukkha and taught about it, it's a means for his own destruction, not knowing it and the way out.

So best success to win over Mara, the world, now knowing where to do first best.

May Upasaka become soon another of the eigth persons, not able to be overcome by amy means of the world, walking leading beyound.

Quote from: by expose.kanduboda@... today via email


Most of those comments appeared to be by some monks of Kanduboda Sect and their dayakas (supporters). They also give some details about bad monks with names.

For foreigners, I recommend to first try communities/centers in the West/Europe for meditation/ordination, as things are not as advertised in Sri Lanka/Asia--lot of corruption. There are really good monks in Sri Lanka as individuals but when come to communities or centers things aren't that good. Search for archive.org for "Nude monk's burning robes", it's a good read.

As in the future danger suttas, there are many useless Elders in Sri Lanka who spoil the Sasana.

"A bhikkhu is not an elder although his head is grey, he is just ripe in years and called one grown old in vain."
- Dhammapada 260


Quote from: 27. Jun 2017 10:50 by samana.johann...

Maybe useful in addition: It's not good to make groups "bad" for habits is individual and harming some with less faith being in the group would cause possible to have more enemies...

« Last Edit: July 23, 2017, 04:32:28 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann


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Möge sich Bhante wieder schnell vondem Malariaschub erholen!  :-* :-* :-*


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