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2019 Mar 20 19:02:36
Johann: May Nyom have a safe and careful travel, when ever he might do.

2019 Mar 20 18:46:53
Johann: Now, Nyom Moritz and Nyom Sophorn are here in the forest. Atma does not know how long.

2019 Mar 20 18:20:42
Vithou: Nyom Kuna planning to see Moritz and Bong Sophorn as well

2019 Mar 20 18:17:26
Vithou: Nyom Kuna planning to go Phnom Oral on Sunday

2019 Mar 20 18:16:07
Vithou: Nyom Kuna was sick too long after remove kidney stone . ( about 2 months ) and skittle busy with human job

2019 Mar 20 18:13:50
Vithou: Is Moritz and Bong Sophorn at Asram now?

2019 Mar 20 18:12:02
Vithou: Kuna Preah Ang

2019 Mar 20 18:05:01
Johann: Nyom Vithou

2019 Mar 20 12:25:25
Johann: here and now

2019 Mar 20 09:04:34
Cheav Villa: To reach the end of the cosmos to go beyond   _/\_

2019 Mar 20 08:49:03
Johann: Oh.. wrong, here: Rohitassa Sutta

2019 Mar 20 08:45:24
Johann: There is nothing to far that the mind, oneself, could not reach it in the Universe. Yet end of suffering can not found. But it requires to reach the end of the cosmos to go beyound. Lokayatika Sutta

2019 Mar 20 08:14:55
Chanroth:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Mar 20 06:34:16
Ieng Puthy: 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻ករុណាសូមថ្វាយបង្គំុ Vandami Bhante ពីចំងាយ

2019 Mar 20 06:32:27
Ieng Puthy: 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 សាធុុ សាធុ សាធុ! ថ្ងៃឧបោសថ ករុណាសូមចូលរួមត្រេកអរដែរ😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

2019 Mar 20 06:13:30
Johann: Mudita

2019 Mar 20 05:52:37
Cheav Villa: ថ្ងៃឧបោសថ​  :)​ កូណាចូលរួមត្រេកអរដល់សេរីភាពរបស់ពួកគាត់  _/\_

2019 Mar 19 13:56:41
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2019 Mar 19 08:47:34
Johann: Knowing this, one is able to share family (of supporter), honor, dwelling, gains, dhamma, having a clear sense of gratitude.

2019 Mar 19 08:44:19
Johann: And what is the reason of macchariya disapearing? Knowning, remembering, form, sound...ideas are no refuge, not real, not worthy to fall for, not ones own.

2019 Mar 19 08:41:50
Johann: "May macchariya (stinginess) become its needed reduce, so that the goodness of Dhamma may reaches more intensive", is that right translated? Sadhu. Not an easy task althought one might think.

2019 Mar 19 08:07:30
Cheav Villa: សូមអោយមច្ឆរិយ.​ ត្រូវបានកាត់បន្ថយ ដើម្បីគុណធម៌ដែលខ្ពស់ជាង _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Mar 19 01:39:39
Johann: May all have always a good travel, meet each other in best furtune along there ways. May no one get hurt in the traffic after happiness.

2019 Mar 18 10:21:51
Moritz: hello empty yogi _/\_

2019 Mar 18 10:21:23
Moritz: Vandami bhante _/\_

2019 Mar 18 10:21:22
Moritz: Vandami bhante _/\_

2019 Mar 16 08:19:42
Johann:  _/\_ Bhante Indannano

2019 Mar 15 04:20:37
Johann: Nyom Buddhi

2019 Mar 14 16:00:28
Cheav Villa: កូណា​ថ្វាយបង្គំ​លា​ សូមព្រះអង្គឆាប់បានសំរាក​  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Mar 14 09:13:11
Kong Sokdina: Hello!

2019 Mar 14 08:35:17
Johann: Nyom Kong Sokdina

2019 Mar 14 08:10:07
Johann: A meritful Sila-day those who observe it today

2019 Mar 13 11:18:19
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Mar 13 09:23:36
Johann: A meritful Sila-day those who observe it today, btw.

2019 Mar 10 02:03:42
Cheav Villa:  _/\_

2019 Mar 09 07:45:59
Moritz: Good morning, Cheav Villa _/\_

2019 Mar 07 12:10:15
Cheav Villa: កូណាព្រះអង្គ  _/\_

2019 Mar 07 12:05:44
Johann: My person is not sure but Nyom Chanroths wife might try to go back from PP tomorrow as well, Nyom.

2019 Mar 07 01:21:24
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Mar 07 01:18:59
Johann: May you have a safe and slow travel.

2019 Mar 07 01:10:20
Cheav Villa: ចេញពី​ភ្នំពេញ​នៅម៉ោង5ព្រឹក :)  _/\_

2019 Mar 07 01:09:25
Cheav Villa: ពួកខ្ញុំកូណា និង បង​ភឿន​ នឹងទៅសួរសុខទុក្ខព្រះអង្គនៅថ្ងៃស្អែក

2019 Mar 07 01:08:34
Johann: Nyom Villa

2019 Mar 07 01:07:32
Cheav Villa: ថ្វាយបង្គំ​ព្រះអង្គ  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Mar 06 03:31:04
Cheav Villa: Have a good day to Master Moritz  _/\_

2019 Mar 06 03:29:38
Moritz: And good night for me. :) Chom reap leah. May all have a good Uposatha _/\_

2019 Mar 06 03:27:51
Moritz: Good morning, Cheav Villa _/\_

2019 Mar 06 03:17:49
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 Mar 06 03:05:26
Johann: A self-blessed (by ones deeds) Uposathaday today.

2019 Mar 05 11:33:43
Johann: Nyom Chanroth had to stop the work. To difficult to concentrate today. Good training anyway.

2019 Mar 05 10:20:56
Cheav Villa:  :-\ :D _/\_

2019 Mar 05 05:26:54
Johann: A meritful Uposatha those who observe it today.

2019 Mar 05 03:13:37
Johann: Sadhu, Sadhu. Rupam anicca

2019 Mar 05 01:47:58
Ieng Puthy: ករុណាបារម្ភអំពីសុខភាពរបស់ព្រះអង្គពីចំងាយ 🙏🏻ករុណាសូមប្រគេនពរ ព្រះអង្គឆាប់ជាសះស្បេីយ

2019 Mar 05 01:38:52
Ieng Puthy: ករុណាឮថា ព្រះអង្គអាពាធ ជង្គង់ តេីព្រះអង្គបានធូរស្បេីយហេីយឬនៅ?

2019 Mar 05 01:07:09
Ieng Puthy: Good morning ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ករុណាថ្វាយបង្គំុ Vandami Bante

2019 Mar 04 14:41:21
Johann: Sukha Chomreoun, Nyom

2019 Mar 04 14:18:03
Moritz: Leaving now. May Bhante have a good day. _/\_

2019 Mar 04 13:45:50
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2019 Mar 04 13:19:43
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 Mar 01 16:35:39
Johann: Bhante Indannano  _/\_ How was India in "war times"

2019 Feb 28 11:46:56
Moritz: And good bye again. :) _/\_

2019 Feb 28 11:46:38
Moritz: Vandami, Bhante _/\_

2019 Feb 28 05:25:27
Cheav Villa:   :D_/\_

2019 Feb 28 04:22:46
Johann: 5 o'clock morning  ^-^ (like a taxi driver) may Nyom has well earned and peaceful rest. Mudita.

2019 Feb 28 04:08:09
Moritz: Chom reap leah. I'm going to sleep. _/\_

2019 Feb 28 03:40:13
Johann: Sukha chomreoun Nyom.

2019 Feb 28 03:39:06
Moritz: Vandami, Bhante _/\_

2019 Feb 28 03:35:39
Moritz: Good morning, Cheav Villa _/\_

2019 Feb 27 16:15:42
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Feb 27 14:17:51
Khemakumara: Nyom Villa

2019 Feb 27 14:16:29
Khemakumara: Bhante Johann  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Feb 27 14:11:14
Johann: Bhante Khemakumara. Nyom Villa.

2019 Feb 27 12:54:45
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2019 Feb 27 12:20:30
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 Feb 27 03:54:23
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Feb 27 03:40:17
Johann: The non-doing of any evil, the performance of what's skillful, the cleansing of one's own mind:     this is the teaching     of the Awakened.

2019 Feb 27 02:18:41
Johann: It's current better but of cause will not heal. Nothing to worry.

2019 Feb 27 01:40:55
Cheav Villa: ព្រះអង្គ​ តើ​ជង្គង់​បា​ន​ធូរស្រាល​ ឬទេ?  _/\_

2019 Feb 27 01:40:09
Cheav Villa: សាធុ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Feb 27 01:20:29
Johann: May all do a meritfull Sila-day today

2019 Feb 26 07:35:46
Johann: Nyom Mico

2019 Feb 25 18:22:21
Vithou: :)

2019 Feb 24 15:10:27
Cheav Villa: Hello Master Moritz  _/\_

2019 Feb 24 13:33:34
Moritz: Hello Dmytro and Cheav Villa _/\_

2019 Feb 24 13:13:45
Johann: Meister Moritz

2019 Feb 24 13:08:42
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 Feb 21 03:15:02
Cheav Villa:  _/\_

2019 Feb 20 15:56:46
Johann: see here

2019 Feb 20 13:33:02
Cheav Villa: ពូចាន់រ័ត្ន សុំអោយសួរព្រះអង្គ តើម្សិលមិញ រឺ​ម្សិលម្ង៉ៃ​ មានមនុស្ស​ប្រុសម្នាក់ស្រីម្នាក់ ឡើងទៅលើភ្នំ ឬទេ?

2019 Feb 20 13:31:37
Cheav Villa: ថ្វាយបង្គំ​ព្រះអង្គ  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Feb 18 14:34:39
Johann: Meister Moritz

2019 Feb 18 13:29:24
Moritz: Leaving. May Bhante and all have a good day. _/\_

2019 Feb 18 13:18:25
Moritz: _/\_

2019 Feb 18 09:31:39
Cheav Villa:  _/\_

2019 Feb 18 08:19:34
Johann: Where and what to practice?

2019 Feb 18 08:15:08
Johann: Where and when ever good inspired and worthy to give into.

2019 Feb 18 08:14:03
Johann: That place here is not that different, and Nyom did already a lot here. And don't forget: Punna iomething that arises in ones heart, not outwardly.

2019 Feb 18 07:34:01
Cheav Villa: ជាមួយនឹង​ក្រុម​​លោកម្ចាស់​ស្រេង​   _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

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Author Topic: [pt] [Index] Translating the pages to portuguese  (Read 1767 times)

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[pt] [Index] Translating the pages to portuguese
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:35:08 PM »
As mentioned in the other topic, with Bhante Johann and Moritz's agreement, I intend to translate pages to portuguese. Whenever I have the time and disposition to translate a page, I pretend to post the html code here for now, if there is no problem. If the admins have a better suggestion, advice or disclaimer about how to lead the project, let met know, please.  :)

for now, there it is the initial page (index_en.html) in portuguese:

Code: [Select]
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns=""><!-- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa --><!-- Deutsche Version von accesstoinsight entnommen aufgebaut auf der offlineversion 03-2013, Stammtexte ins deutsche übersetzt 2.Juni 2013, Sprachlink und sonstige addaptionen, Suchmaschine und alte Suchfunktionen ausgetauscht bzw entfernt --><!-- --><head>
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<meta http-equiv="content-style-type" content="text/css">
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var article = link.previousSibling;
while (article.nodeName!='DIV') {// find the previous article
article = article.previousSibling;
if (article.className=='showall') {
link.innerHTML = '<img src="" alt="[show more]" />   [more]' ;
article.className='showmore' ;
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article.className='showall' ;

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<div class="jib">
<div class="dhp">
A abstenção de qualquer mal,<br>
A prática do que é hábil,<br>
A purificação da mente: <br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Esse é o ensinamento<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; do Desperto. <a href="">•</a>

</div> <!-- #H_billboardHome -->

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<h1>Guia Rápido</h1>
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e tem o propósito de tornar os ensinamentos de Buda e da pioneira tradição budista acessível em mais línguas. Muitos artigos do website
 de origem já foram traduzidos em alemão e outras línguas e aqui é um local onde se encontra um acervo de fácil acessibilidade.
 Mais sobre a origem de <em>Zugang zur Einsicht</em> você pode encontrar em <a href=""><em>Introdução e Bençãos</em></a>.
Essa página é baseada na versão offline da ATI Março de 2013 e está atualmente sob desenvolvimento (o contéudo em inglês já está
completamente disponível).
Somos gratos por qualquer tipo de auxílio e suporte e você pode encontrar
 algumas sugestões de como se envolver nesse frutífero e prospero empreendimento aqui: <a class="zzelink" href="" target="zzelink" title="Report a mistake, participate, support... You are heartily invited to join! See for more Infomations.">Colaboração</a>.
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  Transcrição e um discurso do Dhamma, dado em Wat Metta in July 2016.

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Re: Translating the pages to portuguese
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 11:48:02 PM »

Atma will share some suggestions, and usuals till now, a little later today, as well as sending Nyom Danilo the ftp access, so that he can work most freely.

Infrastruction for topics, indexes and progress are all here aready, althought German for now.

Made like such so that others could always join the work and merits, such as prove reading...
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Re: Translating the pages to portuguese
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2018, 07:15:22 AM »
The way done before:

  • creating Portuguese fileBest to start, if thinking on translating more to Portuguese language is to copy fist all English files (ending _en.{file type} ) to equal files in Portuguese (ending _pt.{file type} )

  • Changing then the language switch menu of new files and old.
Code: "current code" [Select]
<!-- /Spachlink on-->
<div id="F_langSymbol_de">
<a href="index.html" title="Zur Deutschen Übersetzung"> </a><!-- /Spachlink -->
</div><!-- /Spachlink end-->

Code: "New Used code, see for example" [Select]
<!-- /Spachlink on-->
<div class="dropdown">
  <button class="dropbtn">[lang]</button>
<div class="dropdown-content"> <a href="mv.01.01.khem_en.html">English</a>
<a href="mv.01.01.khem.html">Deutsch</a> <a href="mv.01.01.khem_km.html">បកប្រែខ្មែរ</a>

<!-- /Spachlink end-->

(.html, _en.html, _pt.html, _km.html)
  • changing all cross-links on pt-pages from _en. to _pt.

  • Changing content division class from <div id="H_content"> to <div id="H_content_untranslated">
At this point all pages are accessable.

The same would be good if making for Khmer "_km." pages.

From here on the language specific translation of all part excluded the content-div starts and best done if for all "pt" pages at the same time.

The Sangha and the follower of the Sangha are given consciously Notepad++ Sanghika Dana and Libreoffice for editing works for Dhamma-dana purpose, to have best means which do neither cause additional debts nor to possible break Silas or the need to gain for the purpose to give.

The way done before, as well now, is not done to gain certain aims but using the given for training in good means. Sila and freedom from remorse should always be 1st.

If liking to use other means, ways... just be sure that they are either consciously given for that purpose or the own. If others would need to own certain tools as well, to work further, and it would require them to accumulate debts and dependency to third, it might be not the best way.

The first part is the hardest to search and replace correct, linke menu, infotext and some additional divions like author-translation and other things in the "copy-given"-texts.

So this part is possible good made step by step. My person remembers, that the German pages have been done two times completely and still much improving later by Moritz , having good mathematic skills for regex-use.
But please not, my person didn't know anything about all that matter, not even the meaning of any html-tag at this time where you are for sure much more skilled and know easier way.

(the reason why databases never have been used is because a lot of skills are needed and since an ever and fast area, steedy up-to-date would be required as well. Since monks are not thought to learn, maintain or train for wordily skills, the lesser skills and dependency is required, the better. A static html page is most possible independent.)

Once all Texts are translated, exept the content, when ever there is joy, page by page can be translated, uploaded anew and marked, and published as new publication, like one here .

Then, before, as my person was still able to handle larger excel-files, on time a or two month, the indexpages and the new history pages have been eedited/created.

It's always good to inform others when up to changing files on a more global level so that nothing get lost and nothing would be made twice. Before doing something, good to look into the forum and also best if not making parallel email exchange because possible explaining would be needed to make a secound time to inform others as well.

Aside of such as exchange of pw the is and should be nothing to hide. If others adopt ways or what ever, one is joyful about that.
Nevertheless, what ever sacrify will be done, focuse on those worthy of gifts and if other are able to gain a share, that is good. So the work/gifts are not done for attracting consumer and bring them by consuming into depencency, like one normal does, but to give most possible independency and freedom of remorse as well no increasing to third parts of whichs sacrifice may pull back into world.

My person thinks it is good if Nyom Moritz will email Nyom Danilo the ftp pass word for ZzE. In regard of server issues like installing, ... it's good when Nyom Moritz still stays in "charge", holding it alone, to get not to much mixed up.

If thinking on building up the whole page anew (aside of the Sila and debt issues, good to think about if others are possible to work on with it without string and wordily burdens) it is possible good done if using the domain for such.

Since a very larg part of the sacrifies given into Upasaka John Bullitts generous gift is a matter of gratitude and care, the heart, the index-, general pages... are good estimated if seeing them as priority.

Good, like done before as well, before giving into or ZzE, giving the gift of Dhamma toward the origin author, in what ever good way possible and ask and/or inform of what one is willing to do. "When" do not claim or use rights but share further, like-alike "we" are given, and also offer others to learn and gain simply by the means of giving and using what is given, so that the first intention till the last is not gain.fruits come by it's one naturally in this way without a need to desire for it.

So my persons only "real" part here is to point out certain dangers and good ways that you may gain best results and inbetween just some samples that even if going by feet, all calculated honest and correct, even an aeroplane can never be faster.

Meaning, if having an aeroplane and fuel, one may use it, but don't try to get an aeroplane and fuel even by increasing debts. It's not sure if the destination is the final.

Atma will now upload the new Portuguese index-page (note, some missing translations are found in the title-tags, like "title="Report a mistake, participate, support... You are heartily invited to join! See for more Infomations."

When ever seeing an error, even if not solving for now, just a remark in the "error-topic" so that it will not be forgotten and others could fix possible it as well.
A posted error does not mean that the giver is demanded to correct, not at all. Great as it is. It's just another possibility who ever like to take it and that the care-holder does not forget.

If translating larger pages, good to inform as well, that work is not done double at the same time, within the existing topic possible.

Some work will seem to be simply burden-full but by taking on one and the same item more then one time, many mistakes are seen and concentraction gets trained. They have certain reasons one might see later on.

At least, about 2/3
of the engl. pages have to be replaced by new editions of Bhante Thanissaro and the old put under _old_en.html. So already a lot of mindfulness and concentration, outwardly, is required.

If liking to make one page by one, such is also great. Just if getting more, certain same words will become translated differently and global changes become more difficult.
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Re: Translating the pages to portuguese
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2018, 12:03:56 PM »
Regarding the name "" bzw. "Zugang zur Einsicht", may person does not know how much or easy German names are inviting in Portuguese language.
Alternatives are "" or to call it "Acesso ao Insight" in text passages.

There is a website, , which used to start on ATI contend, if remembering right, but chanced the to other orgin source. Not sure about it. Remembering that having asked years ago, if an enlargement of zze is welcome on it's content but never got an answer.

Since origin and author are difficult to verify and the generel view of the page editor is that Dhamma belongs to everyone, its hard to touch it, neither knowing if the "owner" (ironical ⓒ here) would be happy.

Certain content from there can be found on Ssuttacentral as well with equal less information of whom to ask.

If liking to get in contact, please do as Nyom Danilo thinks that is fine for him. At least "we" are not after content but trying to give always further possibilities and joyful carring about what is given consciously.

Atma (my person is also not sure if there is a great difference between "original" Portuguese and Brazilian, and if it is needed to discriminate between them, and if a different, which kind Nyom Danilo follows.

How ever you think that it is fine, feel free to design it as you think it is fine.

Atma changed the topic title so that it might be easier to find later. [pt] [groupename].

The existing quicker index on the left, see screen shot, can be also used (it should be no problem to transl. into english), since the last time worked merely alone, the single indexes in the topics might be not on current status.

How ever it feels fine for Nyom Danilo.
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Re: Translating the pages to portuguese
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2018, 01:07:54 PM »
My person thinks it is good if Nyom Moritz will email Nyom Danilo the ftp pass word for ZzE. In regard of server issues like installing, ... it's good when Nyom Moritz still stays in "charge", holding it alone, to get not to much mixed up.

I have sent an email with FTP password to Danilo and to Bhante as well.


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Re: [pt] [Index] Translating the pages to portuguese
« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2018, 01:59:00 PM »
Sadhu, received and also forwarded to Upasika Sophorn .
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Re: [pt] [Index] Translating the pages to portuguese
« Reply #6 on: April 15, 2018, 09:39:03 AM »
My person has Melhor Doar do que Consumir added link to the pt-index.

Also changed lang-menu into more comfortable way (all existing language) so that it is the same for all languages, for all page which now have a pt counterpart:

Code: [Select]
<div class="dropdown">								
  <button class="dropbtn">[lang]</button>
<div class="dropdown-content"> <a href="{file-name}_en.html">English</a>
<a href="{file-name}_de.html">Deutsch</a>
<a href="{file-name}_pt.html">Português</a>
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann