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2020 Jan 24 09:58:40
Johann: As thought, incl. the Devas.

2020 Jan 24 08:29:47
Cheav Villa: He kept walking on road num 3 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 24 08:28:40
Cheav Villa: But could not help only giving drinking water. Bhante told his lost in this area 3days ago then he walr

2020 Jan 24 08:24:26
Cheav Villa: with Dad and Srey muk kamao, going to visit His Grand ma Grand pa. Fortunately he met Bhante Khmema kumara on the main road

2020 Jan 24 08:22:10
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante this morning aroung 7.30 kana son arrived near Psar Tram kna on national road number3

2020 Jan 24 08:20:39
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 24 07:05:21
Johann: A blessed chinese new year, new moon Uposatha those who celebrate it today.

2020 Jan 23 21:53:22
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 23 21:46:43
Johann: Sokh chomreoun

2020 Jan 23 21:25:30
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante :) _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 23 11:48:02
Johann: A blessed and fruitful new moon Uposatha, those observing it today

2020 Jan 22 13:30:29
Johann: May Sukha come to fulfillment, Nyom. It's well for now.

2020 Jan 22 09:39:03
Danilo: did Bhante's health get better?

2020 Jan 22 09:37:11
Danilo: Bhante Johann _/\_

2020 Jan 21 19:20:53
Johann: Meister Moritz

2020 Jan 21 19:01:10
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 21 13:09:02
Johann: Blind like ants are being believing in technic, scients and incapable to trace where and how effects take their cause.

2020 Jan 20 19:30:27
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 19 20:32:04
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2020 Jan 19 20:29:34
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 19 15:01:46
Johann: some moved to topic here

2020 Jan 19 10:20:11
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2020 Jan 19 10:03:16
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 18 08:14:54
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 18 05:57:52
Johann: A blessed and fruitful Sila day

2020 Jan 17 19:19:18
Moritz: Chom reap leah _/\_

2020 Jan 17 18:37:01
Cheav Villa:  _/\_

2020 Jan 17 18:14:15
Moritz: Bong Villa _/\_

2020 Jan 17 13:39:36
Sophorn: Many greetings to everyone,

2020 Jan 17 13:39:19
Sophorn:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 17 10:29:19
Johann: "so, now I go up and clear the area a little, make some merits, and I will not share my merits, with anybody..."  ^-^

2020 Jan 17 08:49:11
Chanroth: ធ្វើអាស្រមហើយចេញពីរសេចក្ដីល្អ ធ្វើអ្វីដើម្បីខ្លួល្អជាង

2020 Jan 17 08:45:08
Chanroth: សូមលាហើយ

2020 Jan 17 08:33:16
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 17 06:56:27
Johann: A blessed and fruitful Uposatha, those observing it today.

2020 Jan 17 06:45:45
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2020 Jan 17 06:44:49
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 16 23:01:31
Moritz: Mr. Lew _/\_

2020 Jan 15 14:16:00
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 15 11:15:29
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 15 11:12:01
Johann: Nyom

2020 Jan 15 10:24:02
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_

2020 Jan 15 10:21:50
Moritz: Bong Villa _/\_

2020 Jan 15 10:11:56
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 12 22:22:36
Moritz: Chom reap leah _/\_

2020 Jan 12 22:04:02
Moritz: _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:34:30
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:31:02
Johann: Sokh chomreoun, may happiness come to fullfillment, all

2020 Jan 12 21:27:15
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_ Visitor _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:26:54
Cheav Villa:  Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:26:06
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:24:21
Moritz: Visitor _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:24:09
Moritz: Bong Villa _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:23:59
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 12 21:23:50
Johann: Good on working isn't a bad reservation. Sokh chomreoun

2020 Jan 12 21:16:12
Cheav Villa: I kana in working conditions in the ministry  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 12 17:24:45
Johann: How is Nyom Villa doing? Seems as if more reserved

2020 Jan 11 21:30:11
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 11 21:27:10
Johann: On the other side it's just visible for Aramika, so also fine to leave it as it is.

2020 Jan 11 21:18:06
Johann: but possible good to change it, since looking of course strange

2020 Jan 11 21:17:02
Johann: The visitor account, since enail needed, has Atmas email, yes. Nothing wrong, Nyom.

2020 Jan 11 21:10:13
Cheav Villa: Mr. Visitor is using Bhante mail on Sangham ^-^ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 11 17:28:39
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante

2020 Jan 11 17:19:29
Johann: Well then. Mudita. And to use old account is also no problem, or a new one.

2020 Jan 11 17:13:25
Visitor:  *sgift* Will return soon. will share one from lot.  :) Stay healthy. Be happy.

2020 Jan 11 17:06:13
Johann: Sure, why not? An also sure that Atma will try what ever possible that Nyom-Deva would take on existance where Dhamma can completely comprehended. My Nyom do as he feels fit and inspired.

2020 Jan 11 17:03:02
Visitor: For I am out of community and practice to be independent too -- decided when couldn't find Gem(liberated one, buddha, venerable).

2020 Jan 11 17:00:13
Visitor: If I share one of those practices, will uncle allow that? Will uncle give way to me to give as a 'Visitor'? Even when it's out of community.

2020 Jan 11 16:57:53
Johann: It's importand to see that liberation is possible, and people having gained independency are met = Savaka Sangha

2020 Jan 11 16:55:26
Johann: It's importand, aside of the deva-messangers, birth, sickness, aging death, to meet the Buddha, Arahat, Samana, so that real Saddha may arise. Books hardly can provide such "it's not just a story"

2020 Jan 11 16:50:04
Visitor: Practice leads to experience -coming slowly-2 me already. Did uncle find any Gems(Ven. Buddha) to associate with?

2020 Jan 11 16:45:42
Johann: Only by practicing and association with the Gems can Dhamma be gained. Consuming 1000 book wouldn't help

2020 Jan 11 16:43:02
Johann: What does one, seeing his decay, keep him from sharing?

2020 Jan 11 16:41:31
Johann: Giving ways to let others give is also a-maccariya

2020 Jan 11 16:39:42
Johann: And books are lasting? Sharing about oldage, sickness and death is teaching the 1 Noble truth very real, or?

2020 Jan 11 16:35:58
Visitor: What does old uncle want to offer when he is also impermanent? Dhamma-it's already in books! Experience-it will come soon to me too.

2020 Jan 11 16:30:29
Johann: If needing something, just let it be known (any language

2020 Jan 11 16:29:50
Johann: Nyom unknown

2020 Jan 11 16:28:47
Visitor:  *thumb* :-\ :( ;-) *gift*

2020 Jan 11 08:13:55
Cheav Villa:  _/\_

2020 Jan 11 08:11:25
Moritz: Oh, I just wanted to write something to you, Bong Villa. But now have to go, driving taxi. ^-^ Later. _/\_ Chom reap leah

2020 Jan 11 08:05:56
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 11 07:46:49
Moritz: Bong Villa _/\_

2020 Jan 10 19:57:45
Johann: Bhante

2020 Jan 10 19:37:57
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante

2020 Jan 10 16:11:19
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 10 12:07:13
Johann: Sokh chomreoun Nyom

2020 Jan 10 11:34:53
Moritz: Chom reap leah _/\_

2020 Jan 10 11:08:47
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2020 Jan 10 11:00:22
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 10 06:05:50
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 10 05:02:29
Johann: May those keeping the full moon Uposatha today, spend an auspicious time engaged in merits

2020 Jan 09 20:17:28
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 09 20:07:28
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 09 18:57:51
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Those who have confidence in the Awakened One have confidence in what is supreme; and for those with confidence in the supreme, supreme is the result.

2020 Jan 09 17:33:14
Cheav Villa:  :) _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jan 09 16:13:20
Johann: No problem at all.

2020 Jan 09 16:12:52
Johann: Atma wrote: Oh, master Moritz celebrates his Birthday today. And if remembering right, just one day before Mastress Sophorn.

2020 Jan 09 16:11:21
Johann:  :)

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Author Topic: [km] Tipitaka Khmer (pdf Edition Wat Botum) ព្រះត្រៃបិដកភាសាខ្មែរ វត្ត បទុម  (Read 4501 times)

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Tipitaka Khmer (pdf Edition Wat Botum - Dhammayutt)

This is a semi-edited digital Version of the Cambodian Tipitaka. For the current transcription project, you may look into the working forum .

ព្រះត្រៃបិដកភាសាខ្មែរ ចែករំលែក ពី វត្ត បទុម ធម្មយុត្តិក និកាយ

ការកែសម្រួលនៅសូម​អញ្ជើញ​ចូល​ក្នុង វេទិកា ព្រះត្រៃបិដកភាសាខ្មែរ

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Vinayapiṭaka វិន័យបិដក
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2018, 04:25:37 PM »

Tipitaka_001_vin_pj_០០១_មហាវិភង្គ-១_orig Tipitaka_002_vin_sg_០០២_មហាវិភង្គ-២_orig Tipitaka_003_vin_ni_០០៣_មហាវិភង្គ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_004_vin_pc_០០៤_មហាវិភង្គ-៤_orig Tipitaka_005_vin_biv_០០៥_ភិក្ខុនីវិភង្គ-៥_orig Tipitaka_006_vin_mv01-02_០០៦_មហាវគ្គ-១_orig
Tipitaka_007_vin_mv03-07_០០៧_មហាវគ្គ-២_orig Tipitaka_008_vin_mv07-10_០០៨_មហាវគ្គ-៣_orig Tipitaka_009_vin_cv01-03_០០៩_ចុល្លវគ្គ-១_orig
Tipitaka_010_vin_cv04-06_០១០_ចុល្លវគ្គ-២_orig Tipitaka_011_vin_cv07-12_០១១_ចុល្លវគ្គ-៣_orig Tipitaka_012_vin_pv01-05_០១២_បរិវារៈ-១_orig
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Suttantapiṭaka សុត្តន្តបិដក
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2018, 05:28:14 PM »


Tipitaka_014_sut_dn01-04_០១៤_ទីឃនិកាយ-១_orig Tipitaka_015_sut_dn05-13_០១៥_ទីឃនិកាយ-២_orig Tipitaka_016_sut_dn14-16_០១៦_ទីឃនិកាយ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_017_sut_dn17-23_០១៧_ទីឃនិកាយ-៤_orig Tipitaka_018_sut_dn24-29_០១៨_ទីឃនិកាយ-៥_orig Tipitaka_019_sut_dn30-34_០១៩_ទីឃនិកាយ-៦_orig


Tipitaka_020_sut_mn001-020_០២០_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-១_orig Tipitaka_021_sut_mn021-30_០២១_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-២_orig Tipitaka_022_sut_mn031-050_០២២_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_023_sut_mn051-070_០២៣_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៤_orig Tipitaka_024_sut_mn071-090_០២៤_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៥_orig Tipitaka_025_sut_mn091-100_០២៥_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៦_orig
Tipitaka_026_sut_mn101-120_០២៦_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៧_orig Tipitaka_027_sut_mn121-130_០២៧_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៨_orig Tipitaka_028_sut_mn131-152_០២៨_មជ្ឈិមនិកាយ-៩_orig


Tipitaka_029_sut_sn01-04_០២៩_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-១_orig Tipitaka_030_sut_sn05-11_០៣០_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-២_orig Tipitaka_031_sut_sn12-13_០៣១_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_032_sut_sn14-21_០៣២_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៤_orig Tipitaka_033_sut_sn22_០៣៣_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៥_orig Tipitaka_034_sut_sn23-34_០៣៤_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៦_orig
Tipitaka_035_sut_sn35_០៣៥_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៧_orig Tipitaka_036_sut_sn36-44_០៣៦_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៨_orig Tipitaka_037_sut_sn46_០៣៧_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-៩_orig
Tipitaka_038_sut_sn47-52_០៣៨_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-១០_orig Tipitaka_039_sut_sn53-56_០៣៩_សំយុត្តនិកាយ-១១_orig


Tipitaka_040_sut_an01-02_០៤០_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-១_orig Tipitaka_041_sut_an03_០៤១_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-២_orig Tipitaka_042_sut_an04.1_០៤២_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_043_sut_an04.2_០៤៣_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៤_orig Tipitaka_044_sut_an05.1_០៤៤_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៥_orig Tipitaka_045_sut_an05.2_០៤៥_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៦_orig
Tipitaka_046_sut_an06_០៤៦_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៧_orig Tipitaka_047_sut_an07_០៤៧_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៨_orig Tipitaka_048_sut_an08_០៤៨_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-៩_orig
Tipitaka_049_sut_an09_០៤៩_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-១០_orig Tipitaka_050_sut_an10.1_០៥០_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-១១_orig Tipitaka_051_sut_an10.2-11_០៥១_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-១២_orig


Tipitaka_052_sut_khp-uda_០៥២_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១_orig Tipitaka_053_sut_iti_០៥៣_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២_orig Tipitaka_054_sut_snp_០៥៤_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_055_sut_viv_០៥៥_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៤_orig Tipitaka_056_sut_pev_០៥៦_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៥_orig Tipitaka_057_sut_tag-cap_០៥៧_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៦_orig
Tipitaka_058_sut_jat01-07_០៥៨_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៧_orig Tipitaka_059_sut_jat08_០៥៩_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៨_orig Tipitaka_060_sut_jat09_០៦០_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-៩_orig
Tipitaka_061_sut_jat10_០៦១_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១០_orig Tipitaka_062_sut_jat11_០៦២_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១១_orig Tipitaka_063_sut_jat12_០៦៣_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១២_orig
Tipitaka_064_sut_man1_០៦៤_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៣_orig Tipitaka_065_sut_man2_០៦៥_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៤_orig Tipitaka_066_sut_cun1_០៦៦_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៥_orig
Tipitaka_067_sut_cun2_០៦៧_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៦_orig Tipitaka_068_sut_cun3_០៦៨_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៧_orig Tipitaka_069_sut_pat_០៦៩_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៨_orig
Tipitaka_070_sut_pat_០៧០_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-១៩_orig Tipitaka_071_sut_pat_០៧១_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២០_orig Tipitaka_072_sut_apd1_០៧២_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២១_orig
Tipitaka_073_sut_apd2_០៧៣_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២២_orig Tipitaka_074_sut_apd3_០៧៤_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២៣_orig Tipitaka_075_sut_apd4_០៧៥_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២៤_orig
Tipitaka_076_sut_apd5_០៧៦_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២៥_orig Tipitaka_077_sut_buv_០៧៧_ខុទ្ទកនិកាយ-២៦_orig
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Abhidhammapiṭaka អភិធម្មបិដក
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Tipitaka_078_abh_ds1_០៧៨_ធម្មសង្គណី-១_orig Tipitaka_079_abh_ds2_០៨៩_ធម្មសង្គណី-២_orig


Tipitaka_080_abh_vb1_០៨០_វិភង្គ-១_orig Tipitaka_081_abh_vb2_០៨១_វិភង្គ-២_orig Tipitaka_082_abh_vb3_០៨២_វិភង្គ-៣_orig




Tipitaka_084_abh_kv1_០៨៤_កថាវត្ថុ-១_orig Tipitaka_085_abh_kv2_០៨៥_កថាវត្ថុ-២_orig Tipitaka_086_abh_kv3_០៨៦_កថាវត្ថុ-៣_orig


Tipitaka_087_abh_ya1_០៨៧_យមកៈ-១_orig Tipitaka_088_abh_ya2_០៨៨_យមកៈ-២_orig Tipitaka_089_abh_ya3_០៨៩_យមកៈ-៣_orig
Tipitaka_090_abh_ya4_០៩០_យមកៈ-៤_orig Tipitaka_091_abh_ya5_០៩១_យមកៈ-៥_orig Tipitaka_092_abh_ya6_០៩២_យមកៈ-៦_orig


Tipitaka_094_abh_pa01_០៩៤_បដ្ឋាន-០១_orig Tipitaka_095_abh_pa02_០៩៥_បដ្ឋាន-០២_orig Tipitaka_096_abh_pa03_០៩៦_បដ្ឋាន-០៣_orig
Tipitaka_097_abh_pa04_០៩៧_បដ្ឋាន-០៤_orig Tipitaka_098_abh_pa05_០៩៨_បដ្ឋាន-០៥_orig Tipitaka_099_abh_pa06_០៩៩_បដ្ឋាន-០៦_orig
Tipitaka_100_abh_pa07_១០០_បដ្ឋាន-០៧_orig Tipitaka_101_abh_pa08_១០១_បដ្ឋាន-០៨_orig Tipitaka_102_abh_pa09_១០២_បដ្ឋាន-០៩_orig
Tipitaka_103_abh_pa10_១០៣_បដ្ឋាន-១០_orig Tipitaka_104_abh_pa11_១០៤_បដ្ឋាន-១១_orig Tipitaka_105_abh_pa12_១០៥_បដ្ឋាន-១២_orig
Tipitaka_106_abh_pa13_១០៦_បដ្ឋាន-១៣_orig Tipitaka_107_abh_pa14_១០៧_បដ្ឋាន-១៤_orig Tipitaka_108_abh_pa15_១០៨_បដ្ឋាន-១៥_orig
Tipitaka_109_abh_pa16_១០៩_បដ្ឋាន-១៦_orig Tipitaka_110_abh_pa17_១១០_បដ្ឋាន-១៧_orig

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Ven. members of the Sangha,
Ven. Fellows,

Havig now "accidently" came in touch with the provider of publication , Maha Panna Vihara Foundation Organization, my person is pleased to be able to share their respectful invitation toward the foremost objected receiver.

Form to order also attached here.

May the Venerables make use of the invitation for proper purpose.

(My person is current not able to retell the status of the edition, origin, details of possible orrections and detail origin)
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សាធុ _/\_ ព្រះអង្គ
គឺដូចនឹងសុភាសិតខ្មែរមួយឃ្លាថា​" រកអុសប្រទះឈើងាប់"
ព្រះត្រៃបិដកទាំង110ក្បាល គឺអាចទាញយកមកប្រើប្រាស់​បាន​ គ្រប់គ្រាន់នាពេលនេះ  _/\_

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Don't be to quick, Nyom Cheav Villa .

In the case of this the gift has to be purified on both sides. Althought there are those able to receive it while purify it, it is now not of use for those not having arrived at the Dhamma.
A gift and receiving between ordinary people is of less merits and will hardly be of benefit for many. It's not so that it has come into being by pure intentions and objectives of only right view and toward Nibbana for now, but as it is, intentions, resolves, are anicca as well, making changes "always possible" if there was none of the 6 grave deeds involved (killing father ?, mother ? (that incl. such as preceptor, heritage giver...), Arahat ?, causing the Buddha bleeding and causing Splitt in the Sangha ?, holding strong wrong views ?)

How ever, as it would fail to become to this state, my person thinks it is better to leave it up to the possible right decision of the three key people to either sacrifice their product of intention downwardly into the mere of the world or to trace out a way to dedicate, giving it "back" to it's ancestors, letting go of making Dhamma a matter of ones desires, trade and impure livelihood.

Althought parents might be more then happy if children actually get the track, it's not so that they are actually touch-able by what is not theirs.

Just this moment my person thought of how beings react, little similar to King Asokas story, when they find their benefactors in their battle-fields, or seeing that they actually treaded and banned their parents.

There is of cause no hope in the many cases where children, after parents have gone, have no other intention as to go after the material heritage (and the Dhamma caught in words is such as well).

Let's see, there is still a lot of danger, maybe already done, that it becomesgis a huge gift for Devadattas following, which naturally will resist till the end of this world period without able to leave it.

There are now many who could now change their aspiration and ancestorship.

It can easily happen like around the western group around Brahma, Sujato, western Nuns... that a huge mass of Dhamma becomes total useless for those not having arrived at Dhamma and no more touchable for Ariya-Puggala. It can even be the case that it is a deep ensnared undertaking in cooperation, then this is the last topic on this matter as well.

To easy is it for "Mara" to capture a caravan with many woman, to easy and had to fall not in situations to get missused if "so weak"... better very burdened by craving.

My person thinks that his task has been done in regard to the world of what he could put into here and now and will possible stop here to "browse sick cussed donkeys and cows". It all open and given and missing points for reinstalation can be requested by those with wisdom seeing possibilities and requirements. Saddha is and stays the first and last step on this very path.

…There are three levels of goodness: good, excellent, and outstanding. A good person does good. An excellent person takes something good and makes it better. That's excellent, but not outstanding. An outstanding person takes bad things and makes them good, takes good things and makes them excellent. So these are the three levels of goodness: good, excellent, and outstanding.

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More conventional:

For the old Dhammayut-lineage as well the Mahavihara-hardliners there is the main problem of being not an act of a united Sangha in regard of it's progress work or that it would not acceptable to receive as a gift if given by someone not rightly gained high status (e.g. the Bhikkhuni issue).

For the branch of Nationalists (e.g. strong wrong view), let the branch be called "orange", there will be no progress at all and the likewise product will be remain as decaying refuge for them.

Such could be solved in the case lay people would possess it and give in without strings to a/the united Savaka Sangha. This Sangha could then progress with the last prove and corrections, leaving it behind then for it's purpose and the heirins.

As for all sects/branches around who make their trades and being outside at all, it's just a matter of low benifits here and there, traders deals for and back.

And as told, for the real Sangha (incl. lay nobel ones) it's just that they are deprived from supporting other to submit the good Dhamma further, but of cause personally not touched by the matter all.

Each day the Bhikkhuni issue is not solved, e.g. a/the united Sangha has not met, e.g. the needed Sanghayana has not come, is a grave lose for those not secured now, either monastic or lay.
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I can not download


please correct link

thank you very much

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Good to know Nyom win2512 (? which is by the way, just to let t be known, not the best way. Hiding into a monastery and ... better to approach proper. No demand, just an well meant advice for Nyom).

Should work now, link is fine (just an empty file before). Always good if pointing out things that others may have more ease.
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I can  download  Tipitaka_051_sut_an10.2-11_០៥១_អង្គុត្តរនិកាយ-១២_orig.pdf   now.

Thank you very much

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