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2019 Jun 26 01:07:18
Johann: Good to hear

2019 Jun 25 16:22:42
Cheav Villa: ជំរាបសួរបងស្រី Norum  :D _/\_

2019 Jun 25 12:48:21
Vithou:  _/\_

2019 Jun 25 05:02:43
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 25 01:34:59
Johann: May all spend a blessed meritful Sila observing day today

2019 Jun 25 01:34:36
Johann: May all spend a blessed meritful Sila observing day today

2019 Jun 25 01:34:17
Johann: May all spend a blessed meritful Sila observing day today

2019 Jun 23 19:01:54
Vithou:  _/\_

2019 Jun 17 10:19:29
Johann: Bhante Khemakumara. Everything fine, health? Can he walk like before already?

2019 Jun 17 06:34:44
Johann: Sadhu, Sadhu

2019 Jun 17 03:56:38
Cheav Villa: សាធុ សាធុ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 17 00:46:14
Khemakumara: May all have a joy-full and fruit-full  Uposatha full-moon day

2019 Jun 15 17:53:43
Cheav Villa: កូណាព្រះអង្គទាំងអស់គ្នាសុខទុក្ខធម្មតា ទាំងសុខភាពឈឺ ជា មិនទៀងទាត់  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ ស្រីមុខក្រញ៉ូវ គាត់មានសុខភាពល្អជា

2019 Jun 15 13:03:21
Johann: All health?

2019 Jun 15 13:02:56
Johann: Nyom Muk-kamau?

2019 Jun 15 13:01:36
Johann: And own well-being, family?

2019 Jun 15 12:48:22
Johann: Maybe all busy like most at this times.

2019 Jun 15 12:44:14
Cheav Villa: បងពុទ្ធី និងវិធូរ ខ្ញុំកូណាមិនបានជួបគ្នា និងទាក់ទងគ្នាទេ ប៉ុន្មានខែចុងក្រោយនេះ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 15 12:42:16
Cheav Villa: ថ្វាយបង្គំព្រះអង្គ  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 15 04:21:08
Johann: Nyom Villa. All fine? Nyoms fellows, like Nyom Buddhi... havn't been seen since longer. All fine with friends and family?

2019 Jun 10 04:05:23
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 10 01:47:04
Johann: Sadhu, Sadhu

2019 Jun 10 01:28:53
Khemakumara: May all have a fruitful waxing moon Uposatha!

2019 Jun 10 01:26:44
Khemakumara: Silena sugatiṁ yanti. Through virtue they go to a good destination.  Silena bhoga-sampadā.  Through virtue is wealth attained.  Silena nibbutiṁ yanti. Through virtue they go to Unbinding.  Tasmā silaṁ visodhaye. Therefore we should purify our virtue.

2019 Jun 06 14:52:24
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ kana,  Bhante. The wound heals fast and good.

2019 Jun 06 13:46:02
Johann: Bhante is fine, at least better?

2019 Jun 05 11:53:33
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 05 05:19:35
Johann: "N'atthi santi param sukham", there is no peace equal the hail of release

2019 Jun 04 10:25:51
Johann: Nyom Villa

2019 Jun 04 05:13:11
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 02 12:03:42
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 Jun 02 00:29:09
Johann: May all enjoy the bliss of the fruitful observing of the Uposatha

2019 May 31 14:40:02
Cheav Villa: សាធុ​ សាធុ  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 31 13:47:09
Johann: Sadhu and Anumodana Nyom.

2019 May 31 12:40:14
Cheav Villa: សូមអោយព្រះអង្គឆាប់ជាសះស្បើយ  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 31 12:39:05
Cheav Villa: ព្រះអង្គKhemakumara ត្រូវបានពុទ្ធបរិស័ទនិមន្តទៅគ្លីនីកនៅជិតវត្តកាលពីម៉ោង​2 និងបានវះកាត់ព្យាបាល រួចត្រឡប់ទៅវត្ត

2019 May 31 12:36:20
Cheav Villa: ថ្វាយបង្គំ​ ព្រះ​អង្គ​ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 29 09:03:01
Johann: Had overseen Bhante here. Bhante Ariyadhammika  _/\_

2019 May 29 02:19:33
Khemakumara: Bhante Johann  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 28 04:18:48
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 27 10:03:55
Johann: Much in German, Nyom, currently. Atma will try to translate as much as possible, step by step.

2019 May 26 03:04:21
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 26 03:04:06
Cheav Villa: សាធុ​

2019 May 26 01:02:17
Johann: Sadhu

2019 May 26 00:44:22
Khemakumara: May all have a meritful Uposatha day. Meeting some good friends (kalyanamitta) and som(e) sil(a) សំម សីល!

2019 May 24 14:13:29
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2019 May 24 13:28:52
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 May 24 05:23:33
Johann: Venerable

2019 May 24 05:22:57
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante Johann

2019 May 24 02:08:29
Johann: Nyom Moritz, Nyom Villa.

2019 May 24 01:55:56
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 24 01:54:14
Moritz: Bong Villa _/\_

2019 May 24 01:49:43
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 May 24 01:06:04
Johann: Venerable Ariyadhammika  _/\_

2019 May 20 04:14:26
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 20 01:31:27
Johann:  _/\_ Bhante Indannano

2019 May 19 11:28:39
Khemakumara: Nyom Cheav Villa

2019 May 19 11:27:48
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante Johann  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 18 23:55:08
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 May 18 10:34:49
amanaki: Thank you Johann  _/\_

2019 May 18 09:59:33
Johann: Nyom Amanaki. Mudita that you may have possible found what searched for on a special day.

2019 May 18 09:24:56
Maria:  _/\_

2019 May 18 09:24:35
Maria: werter Bhante!

2019 May 18 09:22:43
Johann: Nyom Mizi

2019 May 18 09:21:31
Johann: Nyom Sophorn, Nyom Villa... may all here but also there rejoice in own and others goodness.

2019 May 18 05:03:47
Cheav Villa: សាធុ​សាធុ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 18 02:16:49
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 14 07:51:30
Vithou:  _/\_

2019 May 14 05:40:54
Johann: As long as not using telefon while riding. Sokh chomreoun, Nyom.

2019 May 13 18:38:46
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ (sitting in Taxi)

2019 May 12 15:44:32
Johann: But better ask Nyom Chanroth, since Atma does not walk that far these days.

2019 May 12 15:04:01
Johann: not teally, Nyom Vithou. Still less water in the streams here. Some still dry. Needs a while down from the mountains and not that much rain yet.

2019 May 12 14:54:37
Vithou: how is the road Bhante? Is it float at the mountain leg?

2019 May 12 14:51:59
Vithou:   _/\_

2019 May 12 14:40:43
Johann: Nyom Vithou. Nothing special. Yes, rain is present every afternoon since some days.

2019 May 12 14:38:33
Vithou: Bhante, how is everything at Asrum? Is it raining everyday?

2019 May 12 07:05:30
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 12 03:58:19
Johann: a joyful day in merits on this Sila-day

2019 May 11 17:04:10
Cheav Villa:  :) _/\_

2019 May 11 16:16:56
Moritz: Bong Villa _/\_

2019 May 11 05:35:39
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 11 00:52:44
Johann: an meritful Uposatha, those keeping it today

2019 May 10 17:14:43
Moritz: Chom reap leah, I am going to work. _/\_

2019 May 10 17:09:07
Johann: Nyom Moritz

2019 May 10 17:07:14
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_

2019 May 10 16:19:14
Moritz: Chom reap sour, bong Villa _/\_

2019 May 07 19:12:10
Johann: Nyom Vithou. Just some hours ago, thought of him.

2019 May 05 04:26:53
Chanroth:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 04 11:41:08
Cheav Villa:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 04 10:27:38
Khemakumara: Nyom Cheav Villa

2019 May 03 10:08:09
Khemakumara: Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2019 May 03 01:17:53
Johann: A meritful new moon Uposatha those celebrating it today.

2019 May 03 01:16:05
Johann: Talk box is buggy and lines love to jump. Better not editing.

2019 May 03 01:14:19
Johann: U Chanroth: "ថ្ងៃនេះខ្ញុំបាទ បានទទួលនៅសម្ភារៈមួយចំនួន សម្រាប់កសាងអាស្រមថ្មទូកសូមជូនបុណ្យដល់ពុទ្ធបរិសទ័ទាំងអស់គ

2019 May 02 15:15:58
Cheav Villa:   <.I.> _/\_

2019 May 02 15:15:17
Cheav Villa: Sorry because of kh font doesn't run well on my phone. Kana go to edit  to see the right  shout but  was wrong by deleting Pou  Chanroth 's  shout

2019 May 02 15:01:04
Cheav Villa: Mudita  :) _/\_

2019 May 02 13:47:17
Moritz: Anumodana puñña kusala! _/\_

2019 May 01 14:49:38
Johann: Now some monks are so close to many, that they can be visited even by feet.

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Author Topic: Welcome Than Peter - Willkommen Than Peter  (Read 2322 times)

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Welcome Than Peter - Willkommen Than Peter
« on: August 25, 2018, 05:26:52 AM »
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Die Laien-Betreiber und Aramikas des Klosters   *

*greatingS* *greatingSA* *greating*

Werte(r) Than Peter ,

herzlich willkommen auf!

Bitte nicht schrecken, wir legen sehr viel wert darauf niemanden und keine Bedürfnisse zu übersehen und so hilft uns die Technik, sollten wir uns gerade in tiefer guter oder schlechter Konzentration oder anderen Beschäftigungen befinden.

Aufstehen und Begrüßen, wenn ein Ankömmling eintritt und sich um seine Versorgung zu kümmern ist sehr wichtig.

Das ist ihr ganz persönliches Thema, und Sie können es gerne jederzeit für ein Vorstellen, ein Hallo und Aufwiedersehen, um andere über persönliches zu infomieren oder auch für ganz persönliche Anliegen benutzen.

Von Zeit zu Zeit, vor allem wenn das Thema genutzt wird, verschieben wir es das "Further introduction - Genauere Vorstellung " Forum, daß nur von angemeldeten Mitgliedern eingesehen werden kann. (generle Info dazu siehe hier ).

Das Forum hier ist sicherlich etwas anderes als andere Foren und bedarf sicher etwas Hilfe und Unterstützung und daher scheuen Sie bitte nicht zurück jederzeit Fragen zu stellen und Anliegen zu äußern. Gerade so wie zuhause.
Sie können in ihrem Nutzer-Profil verschiedenste Einstellungen vornehmen und auch diverse Abos für gewissen Forenbereiche (Benutzerkonto >> Profileinstellungen >> Gruppenmitgliedschaften) annehmen. Ganz wie sie es ihrer Praxis und ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechend einrichten wollen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen, Than Peter, viel Freude mit ihrer Entdeckungsreise hier auf und dem Jungel des Dhammas und vertrauen darauf, daß sie stets das richtige für Sie finden und es nie an passender Unterstützung fehlen mag.


stellvertretend für die Gründer und Unterstüter
Ihr Admin und Moderator Team


(PS: Sie können Deutsch oder Englisch oder beide Sprachen, ganz nach ihrem Belieben für alle Posts verwenden.

Vielleicht möchte Guest ja gleich etwas hier beitragen.)

Offline Johann

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Re: Welcome Than Peter - Willkommen Than Peter
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2018, 05:48:34 AM »
 _/\_  _/\_  _/\_

Ven. Sir., Than Peter , welcome at the other side of the world, another world,

My person has registered Ven. Sir an account, using than.peter@sangham. net as email (note that it does not exist for now)

Attached Ven. Sir finds an video message incl. the password. He may adjust and chance all in his ccount settings.

The topic will be moved into the not public monastic dwelling area later on.

May Bhante, out of compassion, except the intitation and gift.

(It's also possible to post as guest, if any help is needed, and raising questions or telling needs should be seen as given and wecome any time. Wath ever is found here has been come into existence by giving, at least purified on one side, most on two. So there is not need of fear that anything binds to something else then highest release if used. If different it would be mentioned in the tread or next it.)

Som (May there "be"/Intivation to) Anumodana puñña kusala (encouragement/appreciation of skillful merits/giving into done here.

Bhante may also call my person, (he would call back, if still having paccaya to do) at any time dialing 00/+ 855 12 345 025. from about 17-00:00 he might be on alms-round, but not sure.)

 _/\_  _/\_   _/\_

( Mention Dhammatalks will inform about this topic there)

*  Edit by Moritz: corrected phone number
« Last Edit: August 25, 2018, 12:02:47 PM by Moritz »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Re: Welcome Than Peter - Willkommen Than Peter
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2018, 03:51:41 AM »
_/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Ven. members of the Ven. Sangha of Wat metta, Ven. Than Peter,                        
As spoken on telefon (this post was made short before), my person askes to give leave to offer gifts of Dhamma and dwelling for it and it's owner, dedicated for the sublime Juwels, represented by the Sublime Sangha of the Buddhas monastic Savakas of the eight directions, and in ways to hand it over to the Venerated Sangha of Wat Metta, California.                        
May the Venerable Sirs, for the Sangha of the eight directions and it's devoted following, out of compassion, receive this gifts of Dhamma and dwelling in the internet, complied and maintained in the tradition of generosity of many and received and maintained by my person as Sangha-Dana, for the welfare of the many original and previous givers and many and make what ever proper use of it, giving the Honorable Theras the fist share. And since it should most butdenless be transferred completely for the Sangha, also my persons, what ever avaliable possibility to help and continue in care, preparation and maintaining, as long possible and wished, if wished. Also to adress and ask in all aspects possible being an hindrence for accepting the gift.                        
For a second time... for a third time... (as above).                        
Gifts received and maintained for the Sangha of the four Directions:                        
  • Webspace (hosting, 10 GB current)      Upasika Sophorn Ban      01/2013-current            
  • Domain,,            01/2013-current            
  • Webspace (hosting 20GB)      Upasaka Moritz Raguschat      08/2018-current            
  • Software and modifications (simplem. forum -, dokuwiki -      Various givers and implementors personal                  
  • Local software (Notepad++, Libre office, multilang-keybord)      Developer personal                  
  • CSCD - Tipitaka      Late Upasaka Goenka (sort before his death) / Vipassana Institute personal (2013)                  
  • Jataka transl. english.      Pali Text Society, personal (2013)                  
  • Jataka translation german      by late Julius Dutoit, Owner and Doner: Raimund  Beyerlein, personal (2013)                  
  • (copy 2012)      Upasaka Bullitt, personal                  
  • Dhammapada Com., transl. english      Editorial Committee, Burma Tipitaka Association Rangoon, Upasaka Maung M Lwin (offical trabscribtor), personal (2014)                  
  • Tipitaka transl. Sister Upalavanna      Upasaka Moritz,given by Bhante Mettavihari (2014)                  
  • 1. Transcribtion of the Tipitaka into Khmer   Upasika Norum, currentl 57 of 110 Books, personal (2016- )                     
  • various translations Ven. Thanissaro   Upasika Käthi, personal                     
  • uncounted smaller and larger translations of Suttas , Talks,and Dictionaries (pi-en), and also translations into German by various Venerables and devoted Laypeople and all content of the given hosts.                        
  • Worldy maintaining (e.g. hosting, traffic, domain...) has been already offered for the next 2-3 Years by Upasika Sophorn and Upasaka Moritz)                        

(Detail, incl. correspondence of each single gift can be found on, there are no such as not personal given things, like "taken on merely assumed trust" incl., as far as aware and have been personaly received as not-monk, abounded and at later time given by the caretaker re-given,  or have been later given to Samanera Johann, accepted and maintained as Sanghadana.)                        
All translation and implementation works by my person [nb]Samana Johann, born in an area called Austria, 14.06.73, (short view on some past kamma this life: second son of three children of merely poor former parents (educator, earlier orphanage, healing massage), at last doing, since 19 management in large building projects, 3 year successfull civil engineer company in many branches building and infrastuction for communities, government, large companies, 10 years also gastronomy owner of 3 cult-clubs; private NGO, orphans, vulnerables, medical care for Cambodia; all gained by own and righteous effort without any sightest fault of violation, without external support and having left home at the age of 16; 1. lone real time-out to Cambodia after 10 years in 2004, meeting the fouth heavanly reminder), and left home and everything, family, wife, children, what ever relation, companies, possessions, insurances... (shared under family, fellows, workers) behind 2006, incl. working for personal rewards of the slightliest amount to continue excl. voluntary deeds incl. full amount of right livelihood, and went with a bag and $500, for the first months, to Cambodia; some month open dayhome for extrem poor and also rich neigbor children in Phnom Penh; 4 years voluntary undertakings, together with close fellow, based on own effort and means, without any kind of exchange, only. some given in addition, without fondraising and with external support of 50$ a month (about $30 personal for two people) works at village monasteries, schools, well, other buildings, education orphans and other village children, medical and primaly dhammic mental care in remote village, abstaining from money, vehicles, shoes..., dwelling in remote 5 family forest village for ~2 year far under the standards of even those very poor families in an old given, small wood, palmleave house,  9 precepts and praticular duthonga since 2009, 4 month silent Dhammayierta (Thai boarder-Phnom Penh, back into village in Preah Vihear, ~1000km walk, pulling fellow on cart, re-meeting also the good Dhamma in physical transmitted form for the first time in 2010, just dwelling in Cambodias 1. monastery, waiting for meeting the King), given up "household" in forest village and shared possessions under neigbors, one Vassa in large monastery as 10 precept lay people, then dhammic home for young volunary students from country, tread of sickness, small projects in Wats, Dhamma-dana-work..., on own effort and alms; sideback, inbetween 1. pabbajja-samādāna 2012 (Sangha-raja Mahanikaya main lineage), but did not take the robes because of to many incompatibilities), "in between" beginning of some month 24h and fruitfull vipassana, also befinning of dwelling in "dhammic" internetrealms, beginn 2014 leaving behind ALL signs of householder-life, as slighest ways of household became impossible, all slightest debts and promises, hindering going on, in "common" relations abounded, (to avoid remorsefulness for my person because possible becoming burdensome for others) and left the less possessions, aside of 8 things, behind as a "nissayaless" beggar to continue livelihood as a wandering beggar without any external nissaya, relaying exclusively on the refuge into the gems, wandered north following remote path, entering monasteries only for washing breaks. An Abbot of an very praised and good directed small monastary accidently heard about my person, while taking some days rest because of strong knee problem in an ordinary, remoted village monastery, visited, cross-questioned intensively, and then welcomed my person to come in "his" monastery. After a good while of considering and proof my person finaly decided to take on also outwardly formal sign which would not distinguish much from the Honorable Samata Sangha an requested a 2. time the going forth formally, now incl. the whole formal Vinaya transaction, incl. the receicing of usual and proper collored robes on 2014/05/27, Wat Cham Chah, Campong Cham, Upacaya Sudhammarageto Thera, foremost praised Vinaya lineage, Mahavihara; given good leave to continue by "very strong" duthonga (12 rules, except not lying down, for 4h) after 5/6 month in the monastery; 1 year wandering & dwelling mainly in forest/very remoted places aside of washing times in many Wats, accidenty found deathly sick by devoted lay people in remoted village Thaiborder Preah Vihear, treatment 2 month in Phnom Penh), 2016 1 Vassa Wat Bodhisattarama, Takeo, Dhammayut old lineage, formal refreshing refuge by the Abbot, received Nissaya Ven. Indananno Thera; after good leave continuing very serious wandering Duthonga beginn 2016 direction south, turning to North and offered a very proper dwelling at Montain Aural, 06/2016, dwelling here till today, after after some thousands kilometer through the country over the last 8 years, to continue started Dhamma-dana works). Currently also continuing duthonga precepts with slight reductions to make dwelling and work on one place possible. Building and maintaining of two kutis and watertanks (manly own effort) and "many" Sangha-dana incl. Tipitaka,  in the forest with most minimal means for the Sangha, while treading long year malaria and other sickness mostly exclusively by the Buddhas medicin.[/nb] have been made with consciously given resources, hard-, software, energy and connection. The first years on a ten years old laptop/software a.d the last years on a small tablet on various remoted places in Cambodia. As far as seen: all the previous transactions of the gifts have been purified at least min. on one side.                        
Content Tranl. Wat Metta (various translator, donor, co-doners... ~900 smaller and larger gifts of Dhamma 2010-2018):                        
6 Books (German)                        
~ 70 sort/large Essays/Talks (German)                        
2 Essays (Portuguese)                        
~ 40 Dhammatalks from various other Ven. Teachers. (German)                        
more than 500Sutta DN-pv (German)                        
75 Sutta readings, audio (German)                        
~15 Chapters/Topic Vinaya (German)                        
3 Essay readings, audio (German)                        

Download:;dl=item706 . (non public Sanghadana section)
   title english:      kind:      title:      translator:    
   Transcriptions of talks                     
   Merit: The Rewards and Dangers      Talk            Upasaka Moritz   
   Fear of others      Talk            Upasika ?/Upasaka Moritz   
   Sensitivity through Generosity      Talk            Upasaka Moitz   
   Comfortable with the truth      Talk            Upasaka Moritz   
   You are already death      Talk            Upasaka Moritz   
   Seeds of Becoming      Talk            Upasaka ?   
   Cutting New Paths in the Mind       Talk            Upasaka ?   
   Translations into Portuguese                     
   Better to Give than to Consume      Talk      Melhor Doar do que Consumir      Upasaka Danilo   
   Wisdom over Justice      Talk      Sabedoria acima de Justiça      Upasaka Danilo   
   Audio records Suttas (German)                     
   75 Sutta read and recorded      Suttas            Upasaka Harry   
   Audio records (German)                     
   Better to Give than to Consume      Essay      Besser geben, als zu konsumieren       Upasaka Harry   
   The Meaning of the Buddha's Awakening      Essay      Die Bedeutung von Buddhas Erwachen      Upasaka Harry   
   Comfortable with the Truth      Essay      Im Behagen mit der Wahrheit      Upasaka Harry   
   Translations into German                     
   Mindfulness Defined      Essay      Achtsamkeit (Mindfulness) definiert      Samana Johann   
   All About Change      Essay      Alles über den Wandel      Lothar Schenk   
   Faith In Awakening      Essay      Vertrauen in das Erwachen      Johann   
   Fear of others      Talk      Angst vor anderen      Upasaka Moritz   
   Train Your Hunger (The Sea Squirt)      Talk      Arbeiten Sie an Ihrem Hunger (Seescheide)       Samana Johann   
   Better to Give than to Consume      Essay      Besser geben, als zu konsumieren       Samana Johann   
   Life Isn't Just Suffering      Essay      Das Dasein ist nicht bloß Leiden       Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   The Karma of Happiness: A Buddhist Monk Looks at Positive Psychology      Essay      Das Karma des Erfreuens: Eines buddhistischen Mönches Blick auf Positiv-Psychologie      Samana Johann   
   Getting the Message      Essay      Den Inhalt verstehen      Johann   
   Think Like a Thief      Essay      Denke wie ein Dieb      Samana Johann.   
   The Path of Concentration & Mindfulness      Talk      Der Pfad der Konzentration und der Achtsamkeit      BGM-Studiengruppe   
   The Road to Nirvana Is Paved with Skillful Intentions            Der Weg zum Nirvana ist mit guten Vorsätzen gepflastert      BGM-Studiengruppe    
   Dhamma for Laypeople      Talk      Dhamma für Laien      Samana Johann   
   Dhammapada      Sutta      Dhammapada      Upasaka Schenpen Sangmo   
   The Agendas of Mindfulness      Essay      Die Agenden der Achtsamkeit       Johann   
   The Meaning of the Buddha's Awakening      Essay      Die Bedeutung von Buddhas Erwachen      Johann    
   The Thinking cure      Talk      Die Denkheilung      Samana Johann   
   First Things First      Essay      Die ersten Dinge zuerst      Samana Johann   
   The Joy of Effort      Talk      Die Freude am Bemühen      Übersetzung Samana Johann.   
   The Practice in a Word      Essay      Die gesamte Praxis in einem Wort      Johann   
   Untangling the Present: The Role of Appropriate Attention      Essay      Die Gegenwart entwirren: Die Rolle von angemessener Wachsamkeit      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Pushing the Limits: Desire & Imagination in the Buddhist Path      Essay      Die Grenzen vorantreiben: Verlangen und Vorstellungskraft auf dem buddhistischen Weg      Upasaka Lothar Schenk.   
   The Healing Power of the Precepts      Essay      Die heilende Kraft der Tugendregeln      Johann   
   The Lessons of Gratitude      Essay      Die Lehren über Dankbarkeit      Samana Johann   
   The Power of Judgment      Essay      Die Macht des Urteilens      Samana Johann   
   The Not-self Strategy      Essay      Die Nicht-Selbst-Strategie      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   The Integrity of Emptiness      Essay      Die Rechtschaffenheit von Leere      Samana Johann   
   The Customs of the Noble Ones      Essay      Die Gepflogenheiten der Noblen      Übersetzung: Johann   
   Affirming the Truths of the Heart: The Buddhist Teachings on Samvega & Pasada      Essay      Die Wahrheit der Wiedergeburt: Und ihre Bedeutung für die buddhistische Praxis      Upasaka Andreas Hubig   
   The Roots of Buddhist Romanticism      Essay      Die Wurzeln der buddhistischen Romantik      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   You are already death      Talk      Du bist schon tod      Upasaka Moritz   
   A Verb for Nirvana      Essay      Ein Verb für Nirvana      Samana Johann   
   One Tool Among Many: The Place of Vipassana in Buddhist Practice      Essay      Ein Werkzeug von Vielen: Der Platz von Vipassana in der buddhistischen Praxis      BGM-Studiengruppe.   
   Basic Breath Meditation Instructions      Talk      Eine Meditationsanleitung      BGM-Studiengruppe   
   Opening the Door to the Dhamma: Respect in Buddhist Thought & Practice      Essay      Eine Tür zum Dhamma: Respekt in buddhistischer Theorie und Praxis      Ajahn Khemasiri   
   Basic Breath Meditation Instructions      Talk      Einführende Anleitung zur Atemmeditation      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Parents: Two short Talks on Gratitude      Talk      Eltern: Zwei kurze Lehrreden über Dankbarkeit      Samana Johann   
   De-perception      Essay      Ent-Vorstellen      Übersetzung: von Laien für ZzE)   
   Adult Dhamma vs. Special Dhamma      talk      Erwachsenen-Dhamma vs. Spezial-Dhamma      Samana Johann   
   Sensitivity through Generosity      talk      Feingefühl durch Großzügigkeit      Upasaka Moritz   
   Selves & Not-self: The Buddhist Teaching on Anatta      Book      Formen von Selbst und Nicht-Selbst: Die buddhistischen Lehren über Anatta      Samana Johann   
   Freedom From Fear      Essay      Freiheit von Angst      Johann   
   Freedom From Buddha Nature      Essay      Freiheit von der Buddhanatur      Samana Johann   
   Justice vs. Skillfulness      Essay      Gerechtigkeit vs. Geschick      Samana Johann   
   Questions of Skill      Essay      Geschickte Fragen      Samana Johann   
   Comfortable with the Truth      Essay      Im Behagen mit der Wahrheit      Samana Johann   
   Affirming the Truths of the Heart: The Buddhist Teachings on Samvega & Pasada      Essay      In Bekräftigung der Wahrheiten des Herzens: Eine Darlegung von Samvega und Pasāda       Johann    
   In the Eyes of the Wise: The Buddha’s Teachings on Honor & Shame      Essay      In den Augen des Weisen: Des Buddhas Lehren über Ehre und Scham      Samana Johann   
   Jhana Not by the Numbers      Essay      Jhanas nicht nach der Nummer      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Karma      Essay      Karma      BGM-Studiengruppe.   
   No-self or Not-self?      Essay      Kein Selbst' oder 'Nicht-Selbst'?      Johann   
   Head & Heart Together: Essays on the Buddhist Path      Book      Kopf und Herz gemeinsam: Aufsätze über den buddhistischen Pfad      Samana Johann   
   Head & Heart Together: Bringing Wisdom to the Brahma-viharas      Essay      Kopf und Herz gemeinsam: Die Brahmavihāras mit Weisheit erfüllen      Lothar Schenk   
   Strength Training for the Mind      Essay      Krafttraining für den Geist      Samana Johann   
   Emptiness      Essay      Leere      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Legends of Somdet Toh      Biografie      Legenden über Somdet Toh      Samana Johann.   
   Using Meditation to Deal with Pain, Illness & Death      Essay      Meditation als Mittel für den Umgang mit Schmerzen, Krankheit und Tod      Upasaka Lothar Schenk.   
   Metta Means Goodwill      Essay      Metta bedeutet Wohlwollen      Samana Johann   
   Educating Compassion      Essay      Mitgefühl erziehen      Johann   
   Food for Awakening: The Role of Appropriate Attention      Essay      Nahrung für das Erwachen: Die Rolle der passenden Aufmerksamkeit      Samana Johann   
   Cutting New Paths in the Mind       Talk      Neue Fährten im Geist frei schlagen       Samana Johann   
   Nibbana      Essay      Nibbana      BGM-Studiengruppe   
   No Strings Attached: The Buddha's Culture of Generosity      Essay      Ohne Bedingungen: Buddhas Kultur der Großzügigkeit      Samana Johann.    
   The Arrows of Thinking: Papañca & the path to end conflict      Essay      Pfeile im Denken: Papañca und der Pfad zum Beenden des Konflikts       Samana Johann   
   Right Speech      Essay      Rechte Rede      Johann   
   The Practice in a Word      Essay      Reinheit des Herzens      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Respect, Confidence and Patient      Essay      Respekt, Zuversicht und Geduld      Samana Johann   
   Seeds of Becoming      Talks      Samen des Werdens      Johann   
   Samsara      Essay      Samsara      Johann   
   Samsara Divided by Zero      Essay      Samsara geteilt durch Null      Johann   
   Sweet the Small Stuff       Talk      Setze auf die Kleinigkeiten      Johann   
   That the True Dhamma Might Last a Long Time: Readings Selected by King Asoka      Essay      So, dass das wahre Dhamma lange bestehen bleiben möge: Eine Auswahl von Schriften von König Asoka      Johann   
   Trading Candy for Gold: Renunciation as a Skill      Essay      Süßigkeiten gegen Gold eintauschen: Verzichten als erlernbare Fähigkeit      BGM-Studiengruppe   
   Infinite Good Humor      Essay      Unendlich guter Humor      Samana Johann   
   Ignorance      Essay      Unwissenheit (Ignoranz)      Samana Johann   
   Lost in Quotation      Essay      Verloren in Zitaten      Johann   
   Reconciliation, Right & Wrong      Essay      Versöhnung, Recht und Unrecht      Johann   
   Wisdom over Justice      Essay      Weisheit über Gerechtigkeit/Recht      Samana Johann   
   ‘When you know for yourselves...’: The Authenticity of the Pali Suttas      Essay      Wenn ihr aber selber erkennt...": Die Echtheit der Pali-Texte      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   The Economy of Gifts      Essay      Ökonomie von Gaben      Johann   
   Beyond All Directions: Essays on the Buddhist Path      Essay-book      Über alle Richtungen hinaus: Aufsätze über den buddhistischen Pfad      Samana Johann    
   Faith In Awakening      Essay      Vertrauen in das Erwachen      Samana Johann    
   Danger is normal      Talk      Gefahr ist normal      Samana Johann    
   The Truth of Rebirth: And Why it Matters for Buddhist Practice      Book      Die Wahrheit der Wiedergeburt      Upasaka Andreas Hubig.   
   Study Guides                     
   Noble Conversation: A Study Guide      Book      Nobles Gespräch: Ein Studienführer         
   Into the Stream      Book      In den Strom      Upasaka Andreas Hubig.   
   Other essays                     
   On Ordaining Bhikkhunis Unilaterally - a critic on Bhikkhu Anālayo's works      response      Zur einseitigen Bhikkhunī-Einweihung - Ehrw. Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu Kritik an Bhikkhu Anālayo Artikel         
   Bhikkhunī - POSTSCRIPT - Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu            Bhikkhunī - POSTSCRIPT - Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu         
   Itivuttaka      Sutta      Itivuttaka      Johann / S. Johann   
   The Khuddakapatha      Sutta      Die Khuddakapatha      Upasaka Moritz   
   DN 1, 2, 3, 15, 20, 21, 22, 26      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   MN 2, 4, 8, 10-12, 14, 20-22, 26, 28, 35, 36, 41, 44, 49, 57, 61, 63, 66, 72, 97, 98, 101, 105, 108, 109, 116-118, 121, 135, 137, 140, 141, 146 (~50%)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   SN (~160 Suttas)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   AN (~80%)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   Ud (~30%)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   Snp (~60%)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   Pv 1.5      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   Thag (~70%)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   Thig (~30%)      Sutta            Johann / S. Johann   
   The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha: The Bhikkhunis' Code of Discipline (Edition 2018),      Vinaya      Das Bhikkhuni-Patimokkha (Ausgabe 2018)      Samana Johann   
   Translation of the Mahavaga (by Ven. Khematto)            Übersetzung des Mahavaggas          
   Typos, "Errors",... sie (,8275.msg13441.html#msg13441)      Vinaya            Samana Johann   
         Vinaya      I. Mahākhandhako: Großer-Khandhaka       Samana Johann   
         Vinaya      II. Uposathakkhandhako: Uposatha-Khandhaka       Samana Johann   
         Vinaya      III. Vassūpanāyikakkhandhako: Antritt-der-Regenzeit-Khandhaka       Samana Johann   
         Vinaya      IV. Pavāraṇākkhandhako: Einladung-Khandhaka       Samana Johann   
   Preface      Vinaya      Vorwort         
   Introduction: Dhamma-Vinaya      Vinaya      Einleitung: Dhamma-Vinaya      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER I: Pāṭimokkha      Vinaya      KAPITEL I: Pāṭimokkha      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER II: Nissaya      Vinaya      KAPITEL II: Nissaya      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER III: Disrobing      Vinaya      KAPITEL III: Robe ablegen      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER IV: Pārājika      Vinaya      KAPITEL IV: Pārājika      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER V: Saṅghādisesa      Vinaya      KAPITEL V: Saṅghādisesa      Samana Johann   
                     Samana Johann   
   BMC 2                     
   CHAPTER 8: Respect      Vinaya      Kapitel 8: Respekt      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER 20: Disciplinary Transactions      Vinaya      Kapitel 20: Disziplinäre Abwicklung      Samana Johann   
   CHAPTER 23: Bhikkhunīs      Vinaya      Kapitel 23: Bhikkhunīs      Samana Johann   
   Other Authors/Teachers                     
   Phra Ajaan Phut Thaniyo                     
   Ajaan Sao's Teaching: A Reminiscence of Phra Ajaan Sao Kantasilo            Ajaan Saos Lehren      Johann   
   Ajaan Mun                     
   The Ballad of Liberation from the Khandhas      Lyric      Die Ballade von der Befreiung von den Khandhas      Johann   
   Ajaan Dune                     
   Gifts He Left Behind: The Dhamma Legacy of Ajaan Dune Atulo            Geschenke die er hinterließ      Johann   
   Thate Desaransi, Phra Ajaan                     
   Buddho            Buddho      Johann   
   Steps Along the Path            Schritte auf dem Weg      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Ajaan Lee                     
   The Demons of Defilement: (Kilesa Mara)            Die Dämonen der Veruntrübung: (Kilesa Mara)      Johann   
   Dhamma for Everyone: October 5, 1960            Dhamma für Jedermann: 5. Oktober, 1960      Johann   
   The Tree is in the Seed            Der Baum ist in seinem Samen      Johann   
   Knowledge            Wissen      Johann   
   The Power of Good Will: October 21, 1958            Die Macht des Wohlwollens: 21. Oktober, 1958      Johann   
   The Power of Goodness: Wat Asokaram, October 4, 1960            Die Macht der Güte: Wat Asokaram, 4. Oktober, 1960      Johann   
   Ajaan Sim                     
   Dhamma Teachings of Looang Boo Sim Buddhacaro            Dhamma-Lehren von Looang Boo Sim Buddhacaro      Johann   
   Ajaan Boowa                     
   Gratitude            Dankbarkeit      Upasika Moritz   
   Ajaan Fuang                     
   Awareness Itself            Das Wahrnehmen selbst      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Jhana Not by the Numbers            Jhanas nicht nach der Nummer      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Listen Well: January 1984            Hör gut zu: Jänner 1984      Lay people at   
   A Single Mind: February 5, 1980            Ein lediger Geist: Februar 5, 1980      Johann   
   Timeless and True: July, 1978            Zeitlos und Wahr: Juli, 1978      Lay people at   
   Ajaan Chah                     
   Not for Sure: Two Dhamma Talks            Nicht Sicher: Zwei Dhammalehrreden      Johann   
   Dhamma Fighting            Dhamma Kampf      Johann   
   Dhamma Fighting            Vinaya verstehen      Johann   
   Understanding Vinaya            Den Standard erhalten      Johann   
   Maintaining the Standard            Rechte Ausübung — Standhafte Ausübung      Johann   
   The Flood of Sensuality            Die Flut der Sinnlichkeit      Johann   
   "Not Sure!" — The Standard of the Noble Ones            “Nicht Sicher!” – Die Standards der Noblen      Johann   
   Transcendence            Überweltlich      Johann   
   In Simple Terms: 108 Dhamma Similes            In einfacher Sprache: 108 Dhamma-Gleichnisse      Upasaka Moritz   
   The Four Noble Truths            Die Vier Edlen Wahrheiten      Johann   
   Living in the World with Dhamma            Mit dem Dhamma in der Welt leben      Johann   
   Our Real Home            Unser wahres Zuhause      Johann   
   Ajaan Suwat                     
   To Comprehend Suffering            Leiden begreifen      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Disenchantment            Ernüchterung      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   The Light of Discernment: Meditation Instructions            Das Licht der Einsicht: Meditationsanleitungen      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Straightening Out Your Views            Unsere Ansichten geraderücken      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Kee Nanayon, Upasika (Kor Khao-suan-luang)                     
   Breath Meditation Condensed            Atemmediation in aller Kürze: Lehren einer thailändischen buddhistischen Laienpraktizierenden      Johann   
   A Good Dose of Dhamma: For Meditators When They Are Ill            Eine gute Dosis Dhamma      Upasaka Moritz   
   Reading the Mind            Gedanken Lesen      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Stop, Look, and Let Go: July 28, 1965            Halt inne, schau hin und lass los: 28. Juli, 1965      Upasaka Lothar Schenk   
   Upasika Kee Nanayon and the Social Dynamic of Theravadin Buddhist Practice            Upasika Kee Nanayon und die soziale Dynamik der buddhistischen Praxis des Theravada      Johann   
   Nararatana Rajamanit, Chao Khun (Tryk Dhammavitakko)                     
   An Iridescence on the Water            Ein Regenbogenfarbenschiller am Wasser      Johann   
   The Karma of Happiness                     
   The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha: The Bhikkhunis' Code of Discipline (Edition 2018),                     
   AN 2.35                     
   Love for the Dhamma                     
   MN 10                     
   Karma of Happiness                     
   Respect, Confidence, & Patience                     
   First Things First                     
   In the Eyes of the Wise : The Buddha’s Teachings on Honor & Shame                     
   Head and Heart together                     
   Wisdom of goodness                  Samana Johann   

For course the will be some overseen items and also uncounted started works in regard of works of Ven. Thanissaro.
For what ever question, problem... : The Venerable Sirs should see it as given an invited to address my Person in what ever way.   

Names of authors, in regard of those having actively worked on on it, are not required to mention, but simply added to confirm to ones responsibilities with the gifs. So the Ven. Sangha may act how it wishes in regard of this. Without any strings, pulling to the world, attached.

What ever mistake incl. falls of into my persons responsibility and may it be, out of compassion, be pointed out, so that possible corrections can be made.                     
_/\_ _/\_ _/\_                        
Samana Johann, 4. Sept. 2018/2562, Thmo Duk, Aural, Cambodia.                        
(With the support of the Devas (upload last 100MB file in lesser then 3 Min. from here! of the 400), work and upload has been finished at a good time, called at 8.59 am/ 6:59 pm Califonia. There was just the recorder avaliable where a message has been left, probalbly telefon bussy, surely shortcutted because the recorder does not react on suggested comands. My person will try another time now and then, since bodily already exhausted after 48 h a little, leave then for alms round. My person takes now leave for now.)
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Re: Welcome Than Peter - Willkommen Than Peter
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 _/\_ Ven. Than Peter ,

my person askes to request Dhamma and Vinaya books for the Ven. Sangha , it's Samanersas and devoted follower in Cambodia.

It would be good, if the Venerables of Wat Metta have the possibilities and compassion, to share what ever the Venerable Sirs are able to share and think that it is good and proper to share, in regard offor most Vinaya and Devotional materials in englisch language.

Particularly my person also asks for a small set (BMC, Suttas, Wings of awakening) for Ven. Khemakumara , who currently dwell with less/no possibility to access literary Dhamma in western language. Bhante Indannana is his Teacher, Nissaya and he could receive it well, if given by his Nissaya.

My person thinks that an amount higher then for 10 paticulary Sanghas would be to much, but of cause there are books like the Chanting guide, which are for many individuals very useful.

Attached you find the address of Bhante Indannano.
Althought the small Dhammayut Monastery would have a suitable Building and room for a "nice" library, is usually poor (like most Dhammayut Wats in the country) and might lack of thinks like shelves (just to let the Ven. Sirs know.)

to Ven. Indaññāno (Lok Seng)

Wat Bodhisattārama (Wat Ayum), វត្តពោធិសត្ថារាម
Commune: Prey Kabbas ឃុំព្រៃកប្បាស
District: Prey Kabbas
Province Takeo: ខេត្ត តាកែវ
(Tel: Bhante 017 271 496)

If it can be managed with success and joy, it would be good to make such similar for the Ven. Sangha of the Maha Vihara lineage, the Mahanikata Vinaya-lineage. It is of course a suitable undertaking for my person if he can assist in what ever kind.

If there are any questions, please let my person know.

* Johann : If either an Aramika here or who ever, like to assist, for cases that the request can not be received, out of what ever technical reason, it would be good to send a normal [url=]mail to Wat metta[/url] for book request.
 1. Usual to add tel no. for delivering in Cambodia. Because addresses are no sure help for many.
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Welcome Venerable Than Peter _/\_