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Titel: ¿ Appamada ?
Beitrag von: Anonymous Ape am Januar 04, 2016, 02:37:39 Vormittag
Maybe some inspiration.

Or just confusion?

What do you see in this painting?
Titel: Antw:¿ Appamada ?
Beitrag von: Johann am Januar 04, 2016, 02:46:00 Vormittag
Sadhu Upasaka/ika Anonymous Ape !

Well done, just that the monkey is scared and does not trust yet. He looks more as if he is just overwhelmed. So maybe he/she need a good amount of Pasada. Maybe a painting called "samvega & pasada" would be an inspiration to image. Maybe The First Six Recollections ( give fuel for such imagination.

/me (just in the case you like to share things, to whom ever, there is an Upload section (;dl). Just give it a dedication and maybe consciously address the certain receiver. If you need help and assistance in such regards anywhere, anyhow, one of the Aramika/kini would be able to help.)
Titel: Antw:¿ Appamada ?
Beitrag von: Anonymous Ape am Januar 07, 2016, 06:53:31 Nachmittag
Thank you!

Yes, overwhelmed, I think, that is a good description.

I had this idea: The monkey is maybe wise, because he clings to appamada. He sees himself in danger, of falling down through birth, and death, and all these things. But maybe he is just clinging to the sign.

There is also the stick man, attentive and carefully riding on his bicycle. It seems he stops just at the right point on the track, or maybe he is still taken by surprise and just about to fall into the downstream.

Another question: What is the monk pointing at?
It could be different things.

It looks all not so sure.

Thank you for the hint and ideas, and the suggestion for recollection ( Maybe it is a good idea to try it for another painting, or an ideal to try and put into reality.
Of course one can also get lost in too much imaginary imagery and not trying to wake up (

Titel: Antw:¿ Appamada ?
Beitrag von: Johann am Januar 08, 2016, 01:30:53 Vormittag
Mr/Mrs Anonymous Ape

Atma needs to say that this picture describes the whole path, and starts with the four noble truth well, in displaying the truth and lines of suffering, and there would be no place where it should not be pegged up. Its for everybody a reminder.

Just one suggestion, since it is appamada. No question marks needed but a "!"

Looking forward to see the monkey being not just scared but serene and confident in the middle of suffering, in following the pointing of the monk. Pointing simply on this Noble Eightfold Path.