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The first part of Venerable Phra Payutto’s book ‘The Buddhist Discipline in Relation to Bhikkhunis: Questions & Answers: Phra Payutto & Dr. Martin Seeger’ is now available.

Generously and consciously shared by http://www.buddhistteachings.org Sadhu!

The first part of Venerable Phra Payutto’s book ‘The Buddhist Discipline in Relation to Bhikkhunis: Questions & Answers: Phra Payutto & Dr. Martin Seeger’ is now available.

You are invited to download the book as PDF file from here. If you seek for alternative modern formats, please visit the Downloadpage on Buddhistteaching.org

You are also invited to share the merits and even to translate it. Please get in contact directly.


The Author: "Let us reach a stage that goes beyond a focus on individual rights."

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