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Posted by: Johann
« on: February 01, 2013, 10:28:46 PM »

Gavesako Bhikkhu

Bhikkhu Gavesako was born in 1975 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. His interest in Buddhism started at the age of 15 by discovering some old books in the local library, mainly translations of the Buddha’s discourses in Czech and German language. After that he read English publications kindly sent to him from Sri Lanka by Bhikkhu Bodhi, who also corresponded with him. At the age of 18 he visited Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England for the first time. Later he used to spend his summer holidays there every year and become familiar with the Thai forest tradition in the lineage of Ajahn Sumedho. When Ajahn Sumedho visited Prague in 1996 he was also his interpretor. While studying philosophy in Prague, he translated a number of Buddhist texts from Pali and English into Czech. In 1998 he became an anagarika at Amaravati Monastery, then in 2000 a samanera in Chithurst Monastery, and in 2001 he was ordained as a bhikkhu at Amaravati with Ajahn Sumedho as his preceptor (upajjhaya). He spent several years in the monasteries of the Ajahn Chah tradition in England (Chithurst, Amaravati) and also in Thailand (Wat Pah Nanachat, Wat Marp Jan). After that he lived in Western monasteries in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and New Zealand. He is currently resident at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in southern England.

Kuti (Blog) name: Gavesako Bhikkhu

Kuti (google++): Gavesako Bhikkhu - google++