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Topic Summary

Posted by: Johann
« on: April 07, 2019, 06:23:59 AM »

As told, Nyom. Not an individual matter at all, since it is all always different for the individual. May Nyom, like all others as well, always go on what ever he has to do. Not less the many duties. No problem at all here.

Posted by: Moritz
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:13:02 AM »

Vandami, Bhante _/\_

May Bhante not worry having "pushed" too much, or causing burden, at least not towards me. Kana enjoys doing these things here at the moment very much, although constrained in time, still hoping to finish the zero-whitespace display plugin soon, which should not really take much time anymore.

But yes, kana probably may have to step back a little bit from this in coming days and weeks, having to look for a new place to live, earning money etc. I will let it be known when too busy and leaving some things unfinished for some time.

Posted by: Johann
« on: April 06, 2019, 08:37:31 PM »

My person thinks that he encouraged to long term beneficial thought, words, and deeds quite to much all the time here and there, while trying to keep something rolling on a little, visible a little, with many samples, yet surely hard to trace, having it's limits by others circumstances or simply lack of Upanissaya.

Just to inform that certain stepping down a little does not come from any specific other but is simply a matter of looking to cause possible no burden and to do not cause even certain afflictions in other things that the path and it's aim.

Such, how ever, should not limit your good "investments" in providing Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha a dwelling in a world nearly void of giving toward liberation, since there is nothing to fear that what intention will have it's according result, quick or maybe later times. So another time a huge urge to act when ever good mind arises and never wait on approve or invitation when after a good deed: stay and be always most "shameless" in regard of such. Generosity, render assistance for ones parents (people who scarified a lot for one), virtue, renunciation... the 10 wholesome actions and the eightfold path is always praised by the wise, and one would probably wish more to be praised by wise then by fools and ignorant.