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Topic Summary

Posted by: Johann
« on: July 31, 2019, 09:15:35 AM »

For those blessed with conviction and wishing to make their faith firm:

There is good reason behind the fact, that the Buddha never advocated disobedience, opposition and "heroism" (social nationalism, rebellion, marxism, worldly/pseudo liberalism) but taming one desires, ones own mind toward world and common. Therefore he steady advices that a gift should not be made if hurting oneself and other (i.e. breaks Silas, veneration of those worthy of gifts, btw., is also Sila).

What ever one gives, may it be how ever well meant, yet without wisdom, will turn against ones long term benefit, if given outside the five seasonal gifts.

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

"There are these five seasonable gifts. Which five? One gives to a newcomer. One gives to one going away. One gives to one who is ill. One gives in time of famine. One sets the first fruits of field & orchard in front of those who are virtuous. These are the five seasonable gifts."

In the proper season they give —
   those with discernment,
   responsive, free from stinginess.
Having been given in proper season,
with hearts inspired by the Noble Ones
   — straightened, Such —
their offering bears an abundance.
Those who rejoice in that gift
   or give assistance,
they, too, have a share of the merit,
   and the offering isn't depleted by that.
So, with an unhesitant mind,
one should give where the gift bears great fruit.
   Merit is what establishes
   living beings in the next life.

Not meeting the first 4, if sacrificed toward the common folk, every of those many heros had soon suffered a lot, brought much suffering among many, without exception in history.

And it's therefore that the Buddha was very clear in his words:

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

Candala Sutta: The Outcaste

"Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is an outcaste of a lay follower, a stain of a lay follower, a dregs of a lay follower. Which five? He/she does not have conviction [in the Buddha's Awakening]; is unvirtuous; is eager for protective charms & ceremonies; trusts protective charms & ceremonies, not kamma; and searches for recipients of his/her offerings outside [of the Sangha], and gives offerings there first. Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is an outcaste of a lay follower, a stain of a lay follower, a dregs of a lay follower.

"Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is a jewel of a lay follower, a lotus of a lay follower, a fine flower of a lay follower. Which five? He/she has conviction; is virtuous; is not eager for protective charms & ceremonies; trusts kamma, not protective charms & ceremonies; does not search for recipients of his/her offerings outside [of the Sangha], and gives offerings here first. Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is a jewel of a lay follower, a lotus of a lay follower, a fine flower of a lay follower."

May all therefore relinquish grave wrong views, even if hard to do, for their quick and long term benefit.

For those who have no doubt in the Sublimity and goodness of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha of the Buddha, something not accessable, even if touched, by those with no conviction, with grave wrong view and ingratitude, and there is now way to get around, every inhonesty will make things just more worse for one till nothing else the red and head is perceived for long long time:

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

Saddha Sutta: Conviction

"For a lay person, there are these five rewards of conviction. Which five?

"When the truly good people in the world show compassion, they will first show compassion to people of conviction, and not to people without conviction. When visiting, they first visit people of conviction, and not people without conviction. When accepting gifts, they will first accept those from people with conviction, and not from people without conviction. When teaching the Dhamma, they will first teach those with conviction, and not those without conviction. A person of conviction, on the break-up of the body, after death, will arise in a good destination, the heavenly world. For a lay person, these are the five rewards of conviction.

"Just as a large banyan tree, on level ground where four roads meet, is a haven for the birds all around, even so a lay person of conviction is a haven for many people: monks, nuns, male lay followers, & female lay followers."

A massive tree
whose branches carry fruits & leaves,
with trunks & roots
& an abundance of fruits:

   There the birds find rest.

In that delightful sphere
they make their home.
Those seeking shade
   come to the shade,
those seeking fruit
   find fruit to eat.

So with the person consummate
in virtue & conviction,
humble, sensitive, gentle,
   delightful, & mild:
To him come those without effluent —
   free from passion,
   free from aversion,
   free from delusion —
the field of merit for the world.

They teach him the Dhamma
   that dispels all stress.
And when he understands,
   he is freed from effluents,

   totally unbound.

Those devoted to low, serving low and common increase their obligation and bonds to low and common, pulling each other more and more down and outside the Sublime areas and the Noble, untouchable, Domain.
Posted by: Johann
« on: July 31, 2019, 06:14:06 AM »

Householder. It's really not smart to try to pull others into ones dirt in cheating manner. No upright person and devoted follower would approve an undertaking that is objected to deprive owner from their possession, approve marxist plunder and disrespect.

As the Buddha told, one who deliberal conducts lies is capable in what ever deeds. This includes the killing of parents, Arahat, harming the Buddha, split the Sangha and, as told already, grave wrong view and all conducts on it.

How can one say that heirs in the tripple Gems can collaborate with such?

How can one say that the heir of late Upasaka Goenka voluntary care, VRI, collaborate in doubting the Buddha as the origin and owner of the Dhamma and deny the Sangha as heir, yet using the Sangha-yana Tipitaka disrespectful and for the sake of destructing respect and unity, take part in plunder and thiefish undertakings?
Posted by: Janaka
« on: July 31, 2019, 12:18:15 AM »

sadu sadu Bhante
Many merits for your good encouragement for your project which was built with the collaboration with the VRI engineers.
Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:19:36 PM »

Maybe worthy to proclaim another time that the Dhamma of the Buddha is not free, not without dependency, although it leads to Unbound. To be able to make use of the Dhamma of the Arahats first of all right view is needed, affirming that Sankharas have causes, have origin, affirming dependency and use this strong dependency, related to the Tripple Gems for release. That is why the Buddha created a "not-corrupt" Sangha, Religion, so that it can be carried on by right livelihood.

One who suggest people that Dhamma is free is a thief of Dhamma, a drug dealer that does not know or care how poison this medicine is when not related, when based on grave wrong view, saying that there is no owner, yet at the same time claiming owner-ship, there is no sacrifice, yet knowing the huge work the Sangha, supported by faithful lay people, over 2500 years sacrificed their lives to maintain it in word and deeds.

A person of grave wrong view, denying refuge and origin, a taker of what is not given, a person of ingratitude, is not able to even attain Jhana, not to speak of paths and fruits.

Yet it is said that, because there have been certain merits, that such as Mara, even Devadatta, after Aeons of bad existences will be Paccekabuddhas in far far future. My person would not say that it is smart to follow such, not at least because there is tiny rest of the heritage of the Buddha in this world.

It was also not free, is not free for Devadatta and Mara, and the fact that they are bound toward Nibbana, even in that case through long time suffering, shows how strongly binding toward Nibbana this Dhamma is. It just might look not so good for the Jains, those who celebrate the Uposatha in ways of "there is no owner" and after their sermons they take on as possession again of what they had abounded. My person thinks that there was no hopeful prophesy by the Buddha for them.   

At this point, my person thinks it's another time good to go on with "homeless-equanimity", relinquishing karuna and mudita.
Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 04:55:07 PM »

When householder thinks that stating that my person approves such undertakings, simply use ways of slander, and is not ashamed to gain by even bad reputations: well, as he thinks. There is no need to explain the effects.

If he thinks that it would not matter to gain things by fraud and misuse gifts, well, also on this there is hopefully no need that matters are far behind intentions and views leading to them.

Even if killing on such views, nobody could change householders ways, only he himself, as good and bad are simply voluntary.

It's also not possible to turn those related to wrong view and opposing to right view, people are bond by their inclinations. So useless to make politics or PR. This Dhamma of the Buddha can be seen by Wise by themselves, nobody can help moha-carita out.

Just look who took on your website first. A in Russia born monk, Khemindas  , who constantly buts fire into wishing for split of the Dhamma and opposes the Tripple Gems, and right after a land lord, who is also known as partisan, constantly disrespecting the good Sangha and related to the Australian-Socialist-Anti-Thera Parisa around Moha Brahma Brahm and Devadatta Sujatos host.

That's your family and they will come anyhow to like-a-like, onetime to this rebel and when feeding this off, to the next, like at your Island, destroyed and degenerated by wrong view ideologies. It would be naive to think that this tendency would change in this world, so this declaring are simply for those with eyes and some merits to hurry in this darkness of plunder and disrespect of parents.

To scorn giver, and thinking "now I own, no need to show gratitude, I am in the winner position" is really very foolish but hard to see if just caught in grave wrong views.

If after such reputations, and approve of not so smart, please may householder go on as he think that it will be for his longterm well-fare and that of many.

But maybe he also tries to give it a thought that there would be actually less who would not fear to give him good advises that he could abstain from grave wrong doings. There are those who are not interested in win and nevertheless speak out of what might be not pleasant to hear at certain time but actually a real great help.

He can also find similar approaches, most Vietnamese, or "Mahayana", or political opposer originated, Marxist similar undertakings. They are usually not dare as well, like this feature, similar to his, anonymous as well, and hardly to believe that VRI, at least recollecting their late fathers, would approve such:

(Siong-Ui Te (戴上為) , Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and two forgs... what a surprise... powered with deals with google, ms-github and so on ..)

much karuna
Posted by: Janaka
« on: July 30, 2019, 04:39:51 PM »

Thank you Bhante for letting more people know about our tipitaka website.

We have full text search and dictionary search implemented for multiple different Pali scripts.

Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 04:19:39 PM »

The previous email corresponding:

Quote from: Johann via email, 28.7.2019
Upasaka Thomas Crisman,
valued heir of Upasaka Goenkas obligation toward the Tripple Gems,
(anonymous provider addressed and informed as bbc)

recently a russian monk published a web page and app which owner is anonymous and shares the Sanghayana Tipitaka and other heritage with less credits and in respectless ways "free", suggesting donations:

" is a free software built and distributed as a Dhamma donation. It will always be free and a property of the Buddhist World.

Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana Pāḷi Tipiṭaka texts obtained with permission from VRI on 2018-09-01. Copyright Vipassana Research Institute.

Dictionary content was obtained from various online sources with permission.

Contact the developer of this software by email :

.... Small amounts of monetary donations are welcomed to help the ongoing projects to digitize Pali and Tipitaka learning materials to be added to applications/websites such as Some of the current projects are listed here. "


May person does not only feel "obligated" to inform you, as long time devoted caretaker, but is also curious whether such if actually approved by you and given as presented by the anonymous "revolutionaries".

Being especial objected toward Asian users: such a Nissaya-less transfere is most dangerous and destructive in regard of proper dependency and the wellfar of the Buddha-Parisa. Today there are even many monks who act in plundering ways toward the Gems, encourage to disrespect, that people would have rights and engage in undertakings to deprive the Gems but also devoted authors from there possession in maxistic ways, make it an item of sale and politics. Such is feeding for the sake of destruction of long term and traditional families, communities and authorities.

If just wrongly perceived and simply very misunderstanding and unskilled transported by the anonymous, it might be good to evaluate states and undertakings.

Best wished for all you good undertakings

metta & mudita
Samana Johann

Quote from: householder Janakas quick response
May triple gem bless you,

I have removed the line about donations from the site. Sorry for causing troubles for you.
If you have further concerns do let me know and I will make the necessary changes as needed.

With much metta
Janaka (lay person)
නිවන් මග - Path Nirvana (Sri Lanka)

(the note has btw. not been removed)

Quote from: Johann via email
Sadhu for care, Upasaka Janaka,
(copy also to VRI)

may he not understand it wrong: It's good and praiseworthy to share merits and to giveways to join merits. Merits.

He may also understand it not wrong (my person actually didn't thought that lay people, possible not guided by the Sangha, are behind such a huge undertaking): what ever said, told, is rightly seen as encouragement for good, voluntary to be taken on, and not a command or something claimable.

Since asked about advices (Sadhu. note: not should it be seen as personal concern, since doers, actors, are heir of their own actions:

* Most importand for oneself (once secure refuge) and also to transport ones appearance is giving cedits to the owner and giver of the Dhamma (if given): 1. Buddha, 2. the heir carrier and owner, the monastic Sangha, 3. the direct related giver. It's in no way good to suggest that one has such as a inherent right on the Dhamma of the Sublime Buddha, as such nurishes grave wrong view (no parents, no sacrifices...) and destroys the strong condition, Upanissaya, the Buddha Parisa and traditional communities, turn is into pseudoliberal marxism and materialism (modern wrong views)

* When ever gifts are given toward the "buddhist" community, such is made in ways of approaching the elders, leader, and wish that they will gain the best share. Total wrong and Nissaya destructing (especially for follower of other religions wishing to join) is to give a student, new-bee, direct (follower of other sects think: why Nissayawhen I can live from the community). They would hardly learn gratitude and generosity, failing also in dependency and respect. They are treaded like orphans and one who uses the Dhamma wrong does it for his own harm. This is why this tradition is one of dependency to ensure that the new will not get lost by misuse.

* When doing good it's good to give the right sample. Dhamma-tradition is not a anonymos-occupy movement. Especially as lay person one should introduce oneself, show face... and ones dependencies, being a sample for many. Only one with many faults or wrong understanding needs to hide face and walk bend when approaching assemblies. Who we are, dedication, own nissaya, history... Upright people would not take without 1. knowing the giver and his intention, 2. taking in trust would be only without fault if knowing the owner, he had declared personal to be happy if one takes, and alive. When such things are not provided only people of no integrity would come (yet the merits are small and many troubles can be suspected, althought those group is naturally huge.

* Such undertaking Upasaka might lead here, while having great potential for high merits if not sacrificing downwardly but upwardly, toward worthy (see 5 proper times of giving) has also huge dangers. Not only out of this reason it is good to possible let it be lead by a good Sangha, taking a serving and assisting role rather then to display a giver role while things have actually other owner.

* Those points are especially relevant for Asian countries where huge misuse becomes currently very moders and where no means of right protections are used broadly. There such undertakings need to have involvement of the national relegious Sangha authorithy to become not a means for politic and brother-wars. Don't ever make sources free-declared avaliable but point out the dependency and restrictions of use (best red and as pop up). If thrre are ways that someone would need to leave back his identity, to be not shameless, such would be good. when people act inways feeling anonymos, no self, no big brother watching, no Devas, they act akusala without any shame. Something that internet often suggest to catch those kind of people in huge debts for their worldily interest.

* Not sure where all contents are from (note that most is neither free not given rightly, even in legal relation, not to speak on kamma), it's good ti provide sources and also ways of transphere, gain.

* At least, just a general layout suggestion: bright an white does not attract such as rats and bugs and lifts also ones mind on better place.

May your undertaking be wisely conducted so that it will bring you the highest fruits as well all those who have certain relation to you.

Upasaka may feel always invited to make use of and its relations and register an account.
If there are any doubts or things not clear, never hesitate to ask.

metta & mudita
Samana Johann

Quote from: Johann via email today
Upasaka Janaka,

to be not just jana: If Upasaka, and that's again just an suggestion, continues in shares, may he not deposite his gifts and developments on third part, not really given places and markets. Not only that such as google and similar, all the open-source undertakings are not really proper, they are not accessable for upright people, especially for monks, if serious in not taking what is not given. If wishing to share toward some worthy of gifts to gain also some merits, it's needed to share, give it personal and at least make this, and the declaration of the recipients very clear on the web page, also holding others free from strings, even if not aware.

Upasaka, if wishing, may make use of the possibilities at, having been given account here, as he feels inspired:

username: Janaka
pw: *** (can be changed in settings, like other things there)

No need to react on automatical emails since the account will be already activated.

metta & mudita
Samana Johann
Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 04:07:02 PM »

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

"Janaka - Sutta"

This was said by the Blessed One, said by the Arahant, so I have heard: "I am a brahman, responsive to requests, open-handed, bearing my last body, an unsurpassed doctor & surgeon. You are my children, my sons, born from my mouth, born of the Dhamma, created by the Dhamma, heirs to the Dhamma, not heirs in material things.

"There are these two kinds of gifts: a gift of material things & a gift of the Dhamma. Of the two, this is supreme: a gift of the Dhamma.

"There are these two kinds of sharing: sharing of material things & sharing of the Dhamma. Of the two, this is supreme: sharing of the Dhamma.

"There are these two kinds of assistance: assistance with material things & assistance with the Dhamma. Of the two, this is supreme: help with the Dhamma.

"There are these two kinds of mass-donations: a mass-donation of material things & a mass-donation of the Dhamma. Of the two, this is supreme: a mass-donation of the Dhamma."

He who, unstinting,
made the mass-donation of Dhamma,
the Tathagata,
sympathetic to all beings:
   to one of that sort
— the best of beings, human & divine —
living beings pay homage —
   to one gone
   to the beyond
   of becoming.

The Sublime Buddhas sons, heits are found in the Savaka-Sangha, conventional the Sangha of the eight direction, which follow the Buddha Dhamma-Vinaya.

As for ideal:

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

"Vasettha, all of you, through of different birth, name, clan and family, who have gone forth from the household life into ascetic life, if you are asked who you are, should reply: 'We are ascetics, followers of the Sakyan.' He whose faith in the Tathagata is settled, rooted, established, solid, unshakeable by any ascetic or Brahmin, any deva or mara or Brahma or anyone in the world, can truly say: 'I am a true son of Blessed Lord, born of his mouth, born of Dhamma, created by Dhamma, an heir of Dhamma.' Why is that? Because, Vasettha, this designates the Tathagata: 'The body of Dhamma', that is, 'The body of Brahma', or 'Become Dhamma', that is, 'Become Brahma'.
Quote from: Agganna Sutta

One is sure: if a member of the Sangha in ideal sense, such a person would not be capable to prompted take of what is not given, would not show signs of grave wrong view and would be not someone of ingratitude, denying to be given by the Buddhas heirs, the Sangha.

It's not so that it is not foreseen that those opposing the Tripple Gems will long term stand in this world.

Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 03:42:39 PM »

My person does not share opinions, householder.

Nobody could turn one to refuge and nobody could hold one who rejects refuge and authority. It would be not proper to approve such, yet it's householder Janaka s will to leave and to paṭisatta. It can not be expected that there will be any property upwardly, yes of course some short gains in the world might be possible to gain.

Obviously after depriving the Sangha from it's heritage, may householder know that the bowl is turned over.

May he give the proper causes to find refuge and the path to release for himself with ease.

Could you kindly remove me from this forum since you have added my email here without my permission
Taking existence, suicide, will be not approved, householder. If householder wishes to remove his emailadress he may do so in his setting. It will be anyway on his anonymous website.

As for the rest:

Thank you very much for adding me to this forum Samana Johann.

Not even a little "should be!" or "no owner", the Dhamma of the Jains, hypocritical schizophrenia.

'There is what is given, what is offered, what is sacrificed. There are fruits & results of good & bad actions. There is this world & the next world. There is mother & father. There are spontaneously reborn beings; there are brahmans & contemplatives who, faring rightly & practicing rightly, proclaim this world & the next after having directly known & realized it for themselves.'

Posted by: Janaka
« on: July 30, 2019, 03:22:37 PM »

Could you kindly remove me from this forum since you have added my email here without my permission
Posted by: Janaka
« on: July 30, 2019, 03:19:59 PM »

I respectfully disagree with your opinion Bhante. May be I do not understand most of the points you make due to your writing style.
Anyway I wish you good luck with all your Dharma dana activities.
I will remove myself from this forum
Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 02:02:14 PM »

I respectfully disagree Bhante. It is the goal of Buddha and the Sangha for the Dhamma to be freely distributed and open to the whole world.
Anyone who is trying to assign ownership to Dhamma and keep it closed are working against the will of Buddha and Sangha.

Not at all. The giving of Dhamma requires generosity, Sila, respect and patient at first place and it's given for "those ready to be tamed", the opposition of rebels.

As told and again, this is a respect-less and demanding grave wrong view. It would be good if Upasaka Janaka  relinquishes it. That's Marxist plunderer and simply stealing.

The Sangha does not need to try to assign ownership since being the heir. Does not even have a given obligation to teach or share.

Aside of the kamma of grave wrong view, Upasaka risk, as one wishing for depriving the Sangha of it's ownership, to be turned over the bowl as well.

And that it, such view leads to hell, Upasaka can perceive right here.

The caretaker of the Sanghayana many not easy trace intentions, and thinking also on them, asking and actually disrespect their ownership as well... that is really not a good way, really a punch of bad intention.

In addition we should encourage more lay people with technical knowledge to help with Dhamma projects.
Discouraging them by assigning ownership is not a good way forward.

To encourage others to be disrespectful and motivated to rebel against parents, the Tripple Gems, cut of refuge is grave akusala kamma by vacca, while of course encouraging to make Sangha-Dana, on the other side could be of huge good fruits.

That's all greatly bad, really, yet Upasakas kamma, and aside of telling, not much can be made for his wellfare and that of many.
Posted by: Janaka
« on: July 30, 2019, 01:51:24 PM »

In addition we should encourage more lay people with technical knowledge to help with Dhamma projects.
Discouraging them by assigning ownership is not a good way forward.
Posted by: Janaka
« on: July 30, 2019, 01:48:04 PM »

I respectfully disagree Bhante. It is the goal of Buddha and the Sangha for the Dhamma to be freely distributed and open to the whole world.
Anyone who is trying to assign ownership to Dhamma and keep it closed are working against the will of Buddha and Sangha.
Posted by: Johann
« on: July 30, 2019, 01:36:11 PM »

That's not right, Upasaka Janaka , althought a common modern opinion, a marxistic, communistic one. Iti 100 is only one sample of many. The Sangha (conventional that of the Bhikkhus, ideal the Ariya Sangha of the eight persons) is the heir of the Dhamma, owner. And as a heavy means of the Sangha, it can even not legal be given away by monks. Of course there are many who are not scared to act in ways o deprive the Sangha of it's heritage. As for a monk doing such it's a downfall transgression, next the kamma. For lay people with crave wrong view, it's just related kamma.

So it would be good to fast relinquish such ideas since they are leading straight downwardly.