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Posted by: Johann
« on: September 19, 2019, 07:44:03 PM »

Bhante Kou Sopheap (to be found on facebook, ohh... seen he runs already his own organization... mmm...) and those around him, originated from Wat Kol Katang (the leading Mahavihara monastery, around the famous lay teacher, But Sovong) might be open for english approaches. Althought surely much busy and engaged, he might be willing to guide. He once gave a wandering monk best and generous hospitality who came across, doing just deputy abbott there., in the origin monastery.

The monastery around Lay-Acariya Put Sovung in Battambang might also "host" Venerables and teachers speaking English.

Of course there are monasteries in tourist areas even somehow specialiced but possible not the best for those interested in Sila, Samadi, Panna, Nyom.
Posted by: saddhamma
« on: September 19, 2019, 06:43:45 PM »

Dear Bhante Johann,

Thank you very much for the valuable information so hard to find for foreigners interested in the holy life in Cambodia. Very much appreciated.
 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_
Posted by: Johann
« on: September 18, 2019, 08:31:27 PM »

Such if merely seldom, Nyom saddhamma , and if monks are skilled in English they are mostly not that much after the holly life, mosty social, political... what ever worldly engaged. From experiances, also by my self, it's actually not really bad to fall away from normal communication, as one becomes naturally very observing and also not much disturbed by touches of perceptions on falling words.

At Wat Nikrotathavan (Kol Totang) there might be younger monks skilled in english.

Bhante Khemakumara trains under Bhante Indaññāno (who speaks a little english, very little) but Bhante learn surely faster having no ways else.

In the bigger capital monasteries, where foreigners usually get ordained, there might be such but my person is not much familiar with this area.

Bhante Vira Avalokita (from a Mahayana sect, America, engaged, known as the e-bike monk), living some 30+ years in Phnom Penh, might be still "in carge" of foreigners ordaining (he might be found via facebook, if email by mention would not reach. He is also (was at least) much in contact with the "who is who" people and high grade Venerables.

The , the "capital" Sangha-city at Udong has usually English teacher. It was once very high regarded but after the lose of the leading monk (by shoot) years ago the standard isn't that well any more, as people and monks say.

South East Asia is also not an area where communication aside of often meeting and living near easy would work, yet at the same time it's a village with no anonymity garanted, which is actually a protection (although western/modern do have much problems with it). So everybody, foremost the Devas and special Monks, knows Nyom already and nothing more to worry to approach as he is.

As having seen his face on Oregons Khmer Monastery page:  Bhante Sao Samkhan (he might be already high ranking), at Wat Bottum (the head monastery of the Mahanikaya branch), surely much social engaged nevertheless most careful and hospitality, open and compassionate (like Bhante Vira), and his near fellows are also steady in contact with foreigners, speaking various languages and always joyfull received them. He might, like most if more public, reachable via facebook, did also already ordinations (my person took once the going forth in white under his fellows, yeas ago, best greatings if meeting him).

But my person is already far away of all this organized and things are not for sure. Good topic anyway, good to keep it growing.
Posted by: saddhamma
« on: September 18, 2019, 07:31:11 PM »

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Dear Bhante Johann,
Thank you very much for the list of monasteries. Do you have any infoṛmation on which ones have English speaking monks or laity in residence who can help with communication for viaiting foreigners?
Thank you.