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Topic Summary

Posted by: Johann
« on: September 06, 2018, 03:42:27 PM »

Sadhu! Wie beglückt mit klugen Leuten Umgang zu haben, von dem was geschickt und was ungeschickt informiert zu sein.

Vielleicht aber dennoch zum Verständnis warum:

mit der falschen Verwendung von Erhabenem passieren folgende Dinge:

  • Man verinnerlicht sich ein Missverständnis zwischen Vorderst, Dahinter und Gleich, sieht niedriges als hoch, erhabenes als niedrig, identifiziert sich mit etwas, was man nicht ist.
  • Man verliert den Respekt und Demut, und damit die nötige Hingabe um jemals das Dhamma zu hören.
  • Man verwechselt wenn so umgegangen Weltlich mit darüber hinaus.
  • Mit all dem nährt man falsche Sichtweise, und schneidet sich den Zugang zum Glück ab.
  • Weise Leute erkennen/halten einen für dumm oder nicht schulungsfähig, und informierte mögen einem meiden.
  • Vertrauensvolle mögen gekränkt und sich verletzt fühlen (auch wenn man keine Absicht dazu hat) und mögen, wenn nicht wirklich weise und davon unbetroffen, gar übelwollend reagieren und einen als Feind ansehen (Gläubig zu sein, heißt ja nicht unbedingt frei von Voreingenommenheiten).
  • Selbstverziehrung, Identifikation und zu eigen machen mit Erhabenem führt zum Nähren von Stolz und Dünkel, zu Gier, Haß und Entfernen von Freiheit.
  • Wenn Symbole der Erhabenheit vergehen, zerbrechen, zerstört werden, mag man nicht nur sehr verrückt und verzweifelt reagieren, sonder im Glauben, daß materielle Dinge das Eigen sind, denken, daß der Kern der Symbole, Nibbana, Ungebundenheit, vergänglich und keine Zuflucht sind.

So sind Symbole der Ehrdarbietung nur dann hilfreich für einen, wenn man sie nicht zum Eigen macht, oder für seine eigene Verschönerung verwendet. So wie die Planze, die Blume im Wald, schnell verwelckt, von kurzem Erfreuen für wenige ist, sobalb man sie pflückt, um dazu ein Gleichnis zu geben.
Posted by: Roman
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:25:08 PM »


Marcel hatte mich darauf auch hingewiesen und aufgeklärt. Auch die Schriften sollten nicht gekauft oder verkauft werden! Es ist nur verständlich, Buddha sollte nicht als Wahre gesehen werden! Respektvoller Umgang ist mir sehr wichtig!
Posted by: Johann
« on: September 06, 2018, 12:19:34 PM »

Nyom Roman , weil es gerade aufkommt. Nyom ist ja Künstler und Tätowierer, und es ist ja leider sehr populär Buddhaabbilder oder Buddhistische Verehrungsgegenstände als Sinnlichkeiten, oder als Identifitierung zu kaufen und verkaufen, sich anzueignen. Selbst kostenlos sollte man von buddhistischen Verehrungsstücken als Gegenstand der Verschönerungung des Eigen abstehen.

Doch ist es durchaushöchst verdienstvoll ein Kunstwerk oder Buddhaabbildnis zu Ehrender Juwelen zu fertigen, und z.B. einem Kloster oder an einem Altar darzubieten, wenn man sich dazu inspiriert fühlt.

Nur weil es gerade in den Sinn kam, und nur wenige gut informiert sind, allerlei Verlustvolles aus Unwissenheit/Ignoranz tun.
Posted by: Johann
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:46:16 PM »


My First Buddha

My First Buddha is the world's first plush Buddha. A wonderful gift for kids and adults, which also helps millions through donations to Save the Children.

Raised of $15,000 Goal

58 days left

2nd Stretch Goal reached, the first ever life size representation of Buddha in plush form (4’ 9”), will be made available in the US. We’ve had a prototype made to assist with marketing promotions but at a high, one-off price. The thousands of reactions JUMBO My first Buddha receives is wonderful, everybody wants one! But manufacturing cost is high, the shipping charges for this giant of 'huggable' plushness is also high. $45,000 in pledges will mean we will have the capital to invest in greater quantities and therefore bring down costs to an affordable unit price.

There is no business more dirty and total abnormal as this whole charity business today...

Posted by: Johann
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:17:02 PM »

This seems like a nice way to introduce young children to the Buddha.

What do you think?

My First Buddha


I think they already made a six foot version, but maybe that's just a promo version.

They also used the Dhamma Wheel Logo at the bottom of their page.


I think the pros outweigh the cons here.I am not so sure about the tee-shirts, or other items, but this will create happy associations in the minds of young Buddhists. Later, they can understand better about reverence, and the profound wisdom of the Buddha.


I like it! Looks like a possibly nice way for Dhamma propagation too as it could be a conversation piece in Buddhist homes.

So it seems that you don't need to fear that you get a lot of support... Where ever are drugs, there are costumers.

I really do not wonder... just more and more curious how things grow more and more shameless. Welcome total corrupted Dhamma Wheel.

Avannaraha Sutta: Dispraise

Posted by: Johann
« on: March 20, 2014, 12:39:39 AM »

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:    Re: unterstützen Sie uns
Date:    Thu, 20 Mar 2014 00:30:04 +0700
From:    Johann Brucker <johann...>
To:    Joost de Graaf <joost...>

Dear Mr. Joost de Graaf

That might be the wish... Buddha is not the forgiving God, who takes you in heaven even if you have acted like to be destination for hell. I "fear" he has no possibility to help you. Maybe you like to sell plush Gods. They might support such ideas.

The Dharma and the Buddha you might know is what you can gain on the marked. Shopped one sells.

He even taught laypeople, even kings, to trade not with Dharma. Why? Because you make your self problems with it. You deed have effects on you. That is what you should think about and even the Buddha know, that there are less how will listen, he took the burden to handle with fools for over 40 years.

You are totally misinformed and work to nourish such. Mainstream is Samsara. That's natural.

Believe me, I would never ever call my self an Buddhist. You can be a drug dealer, a consumer or an terrorist under this level.

Buddha hardly disrespected unrighteous deeds and undertakings and he had no problem to say that clearly. Sometimes people even suddenly went to hell and others fastly leaved the use of this label.

Are you really that poor and needy that you need to make such - the Buddha called it - animal business and lead people on this track?

Think about you motivations. It's really not so that you do it just for the good of others and its really not so that it is helpful for you.

Believe me, Buddha was radical, very radical. He did not speculate and gave sweet words that you might simply love him. He was a real friend, he told when you are on the way upwardly.


On 3/19/2014 11:39 PM, Joost de Graaf wrote:
> Dear Johann,
> I know enough, you are not a Buddhist but a radical.
> A buddhist wil never name any one a trader. but respect everybody no matter what has he done.
> Regards, Joost
> Op 19 mrt. 2014, om 16:51 heeft Johann Brucker <johann...> het volgende geschreven:
>> Dear Mr. de Graaf,
Posted by: Johann
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:08:00 PM »

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:    Re: unterstützen Sie uns
Date:    Wed, 19 Mar 2014 22:51:40 +0700
From:    Johann Brucker <johann....>
To:    Joost de Graaf <joost...>

Dear Mr. de Graaf,

Every serious Buddhist knows that Dalai Lama is a trader, there are less serious practicing people who would appreciate his deed and I really do not wonder about it. I am sure he will be happy about you donations.
And it's natural that you have no time, since you have to hurry to run away from the past deed. It would be good to take some time and learn a little of what the Buddha taught, rather then to make a livelihood out of his compassion.

On 3/19/2014 10:45 PM, Joost de Graaf wrote:
> Dear Mr. Johann
> Please come on the 23/24/25/26 august to Hambrug or the 11 May in Rotterdam  where I will meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama in person.
> And he will Give His blessing to me and my product.
> This is the last  e- mail dat I send you, I have no longer time for this.
> I wish you a good and healthy life and many blessings.
> Warm and kind Regards,
> Joost
> Op 19 mrt. 2014, om 16:37 heeft Johann Brucker <johann...> het volgende geschreven:
>> Dear Mr. Joost de Graaf,
>> you make cheep business and that is all it is about and its so respect less that, when the day comes, that you might realize this misdeeds, it will cause you a lot of suffering. The sooner you are wake up, and the sooner you look carefully of what you cause and what's your real intention, the better.
>> It's feeding pigs with pigs and consume them. That naturally gives very bad disease.
>> If you like to discuses it with the aim to understand, you are heartily invited. (Noble consumer protection program - Nobel-Konsumentenschutzprogramm)  The argument "people love it" is the like that of a drug dealer or a prostitute. That is really no argument for somebody who likes to make business with "ethic" and "compassion".
>> metta and may you gain wisdom with ease and less forced by disease.
>> Johann
>> On 3/19/2014 10:26 PM, Joost de Graaf wrote:
>>> Their are more then 20  plush jesus, Mohammed’s, Maria”s, abeam  and many more plush buddha’s.
>>> You Forget 1 thing,  Buddha is already made of, Stone, Wood, Glas, Tin, Iron, Copper, Gold, Zilver, Clay, plastic, Soap stone, Marble and may more material. Why not of fabric??
>>> Children loves it.
>>> We ship weekly Buddha’s to, Korea, Singapore, Japan, India  and al to Buddhists, and they embrace us.
>>> Regards, Joost 

[attached a pack of Mohamed, Jesus, Moses... plush figures picture]
Posted by: Johann
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:05:31 PM »

Na siehste! Nun och bei uns zu haben:

Quote from: Joost de Graaf via email
Liebe Buddhisten,

Dies ist wichtig,

My First Buddha ( Meine Erste Buddha)

Zum Kuscheln, Spielen und Meditieren…..
My First Buddha entstand unter dem Aspekt des Mitgefühls und der Aufrichtigkeit wie in Buddhas Lehren.
Mit jedem verkauf geht ein Teil an die Organisation „Save the Children”.
Weltweit arbeitet „Save the Children” um das Leben von Kindern zu retten und um ihrer Träume wie auch ihrer Zukunft
eine neue Chance zu geben.
My First Buddha spricht: „Ich wünsche Dir Liebe, Gesundheit und Glück. Ich möchte Dich gerne begleiten auf Deinem Weg.
Wenn Du mich schüttelst ertönt ein Glöckchen in meinem Inneren.  Ein Zeichen, dass ich da bin.
Ich bin da für Dich und für alle anderen Kinder und Wesen auf der erde,”

Unterstützen Sie uns, Justin und Anouk de Graaf mit ihren speziellen warmen Plüsch Buddha auf IndieGoGo. Eine Crowdfunding-Plattform für soziale Menschen.

Liebe, so viele Freunde wie möglich zu teilen, dass meine erste Buddha kann rund um die Welt gehen und geben viel Liebe.

Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße.

Met vriendelijke groeten, kind regards, mit freundlichen Grüßen, 親切的問候

Joost de Graaf


Hier auch noch die email von damals, die unbeantwortet blieb:

Quote from: Johann via email"

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:    Re: MY First Buddha
Date:    Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:08:33 +0200
From:    Johann Brucker <johann....>
To:    Joost de Graaf <>

Valued Joost de Graaf,

first of all, thank you very much for your care and respect to answer my "pointing" on a improper deed.

I like to tell you, that it is not up to a country, but to individuals with more or lesser faith or more or lesser fear of occupying their refuge, that "My first Buddha" is liked or not. How ever, it is a very fact, that Buddha as a symbol for the possibility to escape form the circle of birth, death and suffering and for awakening and one of the lowest fetters on this path is the fetter of sensuality as a main burden to overcome tanha (grasping, thirst, affection, greed).

So to make the Buddha to an object of grasping, thirst, affection and greed means to destroy the roots of basis the whole teaching is about.

The circumstance that so called western influenced "Buddhist" are using the teachings and the Buddha to make a livelihood and the feed their desires rather to try to use it, to get ride of desire is a global issue. But as we know, even if the whole world is doing wrong, it will never be a justification for ones own deeds.

We also know that most previous Buddhist countries are deep ensnared in corruption in the means of sensuality.

To donate needed people is indeed a good deed, but to make a business out of such or use it as a justification of amoral deeds makes it actually to a unwholesome deed in fact.

When you tell that they are produced in Thailand, that it is not fare to assume that they are mainly produced by young woman and children in fact and I would not wonder if they are actually produced in China or Cambodia, or right next to my door. But that is just something additional you should prove.

In regard of your amount of donation, which is something about $18.000 is I count right that it would nourish about children for a year 60, supposed the whole amout would every meet them. I don't need to tell you how many being are actually killed to produce them, not to speak about the environmental and energy condition in SEA. So to speak, you feed the "pigs" with their boons and we all know the disease coming from such already in the food chain.

To suggest sick people that a cuddle Buddha will help them and taking money form them for such is more than in-serious. So if that is just a fact, you should tell them that this is not a medicine for them.

Once more, I also like to ask you, if you would produce cuddle-Jesus or cuddle-Mohammeds, would you be able to sleep well? I don't think so.

The fact that most Buddhist are still very faithful in the teachings of the Buddha and abstain from raising the voice should really not misused as most of them are really very simple people and we know the increasing hatred and religions polarized political conflicts in Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka well.

Nobody can hinder you from your deeds, but nevertheless it is good and proper to tell you very straight forward "Don't do this. It will be not for your long time benefit" as deeds always have their backwards and such is not really wise.

So maybe you will find another object, there are really many possibilities around in the world, that you don't need to force the destruction of faith and increase the confusion all over the world.

If you really like to help others, just reduce your desire and grasping after sensual pleasures and no matter how much material things you could gain, it would be no match to simply abstain for unwholesome deeds.

You really don't know what a kind of powder keg South East Asia is and so play with that and make a business out of it has its results. The fact that you far away from here and its not your business is really not secure.

So please, for your own sake, not for the sake of others (it's up to them as well) consider your "strategies" and let go of improper means and objectives.

And no, I can not see the slightest benefit, neither for you nor for your employers nor for the kids or the Buddha you use for your business. If there would, I would not hesitate to tell you straight forward, so I do it here as well.

Yours respectfully.




Am 2013-10-15 14:11, schrieb Joost de Graaf:
> Dear Johan,

> I am sorry to say but not all Buddhist countries don't like My First Buddha.

> 1) the Buddhist organisation from South Korea are going to introduce My First Buddha in there country and they are very pleased that we made this product.
> 2) this also counts for  Japan where we are going to start in January.
> 3)Our plush Buddha is made and designed by a Buddhist organisation from Thailand
> 4) We have sold over 9000 My First Buddha in 5 countries and it helps children to feel safe and protected and they can talk to him. Our clients who buy our product are people who are seriously  ill with a disease and they believe that it will help them with there process. ( see picture)
> 5) My First Buddha donates 10% to Save the Children and they are helping millions of children around the world.

> I hope that you can see the benefits of My First Buddha
Posted by: Johann
« on: October 15, 2013, 08:23:42 PM »

I allowed my self to inform the website owner, that it is actually a very improper way, that it slanders the Buddha and misinterprets his teachings and that it will hurt actually many in there religions believes.

I asked him, how people would react, if a Cuddle-Jesus or a Cuddle-Mohammed would be sold as well.

So far, I am more that attired, that the owner, it seems to be just a company doing what the employer orders, had answered friendly and respectful.

I guess this is a very important view in this general discussion and shows also the reasons for increasing "religions hatred" here an there, even it is well meant, it touches a sphere that is more then disrespectful.

At least it is a business and not so much for a not so wise charity and a justification "I make a share of my improper gain" is not taking away the facts but merely a bribery pushing on the pity gland.

Quote from: via email
Dear Johan,

I am sorry to say but not all Buddhist countries don't like My First Buddha.

1) the Buddhist organisation from South Korea are going to introduce My First Buddha in there country and they are very pleased that we made this product.
2) this also counts for  Japan where we are going to start in January.
3)Our plush Buddha is made and designed by a Buddhist organisation from Thailand
4) We have sold over 9000 My First Buddha in 5 countries and it helps children to feel safe and protected and they can talk to him. Our clients who buy our product are people who are seriously  ill with a disease and they believe that it will help them with there process. ( see picture)
5) My First Buddha donates 10% to Save the Children and they are helping millions of children around the world.

I hope that you can see the benefits of My First Buddha

Warm and kind regards, mit freundlichen Grüßen, 親切的問候

Joost de Graaf

Till now the trader might or might not having been aware of his deeds, and so things have been up to the employer and buyers in the past, but any how, I don't think that it was never discussed.
Posted by: Johann
« on: October 15, 2013, 03:47:51 PM »

After "Walk to feed the hungry", now "Cuddle to feed the hungry"

"free" Win - Win Dana  :)

Quote from:

My First Buddha

My First Buddha is a beautiful, personal and especially thoughtful gift. Do you want to give your loved ones appreciation and compassion? Now you can with My First Buddha: a soft, plush toy which feels great and produces the magical sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl. Give a piece of Buddhism to the people you love, with My First Buddha!

Buddha plush toy

My First Buddha is a Buddha plush toy which makes Buddhism and the Buddhist values easily accessible for both children and adults. With high grade materials and refined aesthetics the My First Buddha is more than a unique plush toy and an original gift for adults. It is also an educational toy, which can teach children about Buddhism.

Ordering My First Buddha

It is easy to order My First Buddha online in our web-shop. We offer a number of reliable and secure payment methods, and short delivery periods. Would you like to find out more about My First Buddha? Feel free to contact us, no strings attached.

The "Dhammaduta-Monks" will start to get jealous seeing such perfect ways of introducing... Dhana and mis-missionary in one!

Posted by: Johann
« on: October 06, 2013, 12:39:07 AM »

Respekt und Ignoranz.

Diese Zusammenfassung kann Ihnen den richtigen Umgang mit Buddhas Bild aufzeigen.

1.  Respekt

Zeigen Sie sowohl mit dem Körper als auch mit dem Geist Respekt. Man muss kein Buddhist sein, um Buddha zu respektieren. Genauso wie man dem Vater eines Freundes mit Respekt gegenübertritt, sollte man auch Buddha mit Respekt behandeln, denn er wird als erleuchteter Vater verehrt.
Respekt des Körpersprache kann durch das "Wai", ausgedrückt werden, die Achtung des Geistes durch das Verhalten. Wenn Sie keinen Respekt zeigen wollen, so sollten Sie wenigstens nicht auf Buddha herabsehen.

1.  Respect

Pay respect with body and/or mind. To pay respect to Buddha doesn’t mean one has to be a Buddhist. If one behaves with respect towards the father of a friend, one should treat Buddha likewise, for he is worshipped as the enlightened father.

Body language respect can be shown by “Wai” (Worship). Respect of the mind can be shown by your attitude. If you don’t want to pay respect at all at least do not look down on Buddha.

2.  Korrektheit

Sehen Sie ein Abbild Buddhas, ein Amulett oder eine Statue an einem unangemessen Ort , sei es auf dem Fussboden, auf einem Spazierstock, einer Toilette oder steht dieses auf einem Stuhl, dann sollten Sie es an einem mehr geeigneteren, höheren Ort aufstellen wie z.B. auf einem Regal oder noch höher.

2.  Correctness

If you see a picture, amulet or statue of Buddha in inappropriate places such as a walk way floor, in a toilet or on a chair, please help to place it in a proper place up high such as on a shelf or higher.

3.  Wissen

Sind Sie Buddhist, geben  Sie denen Auskunft über Buddha, die gerne mehr über ihn wissen wollen. Sind  Sie kein Buddhist sollten Sie jemand suchen, den Sie fragen können: "Wer ist Buddha?"       
Die einfache Antwort lautet: "Buddha ist der Erleuchtete, der die Buddhisten lehrt Gutes zu tun, genauso wie Gott es auch tut."

3.  Knowledge

If you are a Buddhist inform those who have the wish to know about Buddha. If you are not a Buddhist, just give the person who might ask “Who is Buddha ?” The simple answer that "Buddha is the Enlightened One who taught the Buddhists to do good deeds the same way God does".


1. Behandeln Sie Buddha nicht schlecht.     
Wenn Sie Buddha nicht verehren wollen, dann behandeln Sie zumindest sein Abbild nicht schlecht. Niemand sollte auf ihn herabsehen, oder den Vater eines Anderen schlecht behandeln. Buddhisten verehren Buddha als religiösen Vater. Alle religiösen Führer werden mit Respekt behandelt, und so sollte es auch mit Buddha geschehen.

1. Do not treat Buddha badly.

If you cannot pay respect to Buddha at least do not treat the image of Buddha badly. Nobody should look down on or treat badly someone 's father. Buddhists respect Buddha as the religious father. All leaders of religions are regarded with respect. This should also be applied to Buddha.

2. Verwenden Sie keine Bilder oder Figuren Buddhas auf ungeeigneten Objekten oder Orten.

2. Do not place Buddha images in inappropriate objects or places.

Buddha-Bilder auf Objekten des täglichen Gebrauchs wie Taschentücher, Servietten, Handtücher, Lappen oder Reinigungsutensilien sollten entfernt werden. Sie sollten auch nicht auf Teilen im unteren Bereich des Körpers getragen werden, wie Schuhen, Unterwäsche oder Röcken sowie allen Arten von Spielzeug oder Möbeln usw. getragen und verwendet werden.
Wahre Buddhisten, die ein Buddha-Bild an diesen Orten entdecken, sind sehr unglücklich und werden in tiefe Konflikte gestürzt.

Buddha images should be placed away from objects of daily use such as handkerchiefs, napkins, towels, rags or cleaning item . Also do not use for the lower part of the body shoes, underwear, skirts including all sorts of toys and furniture etc.

True Buddhists who see a Buddha image placed with objects as mentioned will feel very unhappy and may become subject to conflict arising from such situations.

3. Stellen Sie keine Buddha-Bilder oder Figuren so auf,  als seien sie ein Möbelstück oder ein Dekorationsgegenstand.

Stellen Sie keine Buddha-Statue in die Mitte des Tischs.
Stellen Sie keine Buddha-Statue in die Toilette.
Stellen Sie keine Buddha-Statue in eine Bar oder ein Restaurant.

3. Do not place images or statues of Buddha as if they were furniture or decorative objects.

For example don’t place a Buddha statue in the middle of a table.
Don’t place a Buddha statue in the toilet.
Don’t place Buddha statues in bars or restaurants.

4. Behandeln Sie Buddha nicht als Ware. 

4. Do not treat Buddha as merchandise.

Sie fragen sich vielleicht, warum es sogar in buddhistischen Ländern Händler gibt, die Buddha-Statuen und Bilder ohne Respekt behandeln und diese wie Gebrauchsgegenstände verkaufen. Hierin spiegelt sich die menschliche Natur.
In jeder Gesellschaft gibt es gute und schlechte Menschen. Schlechte Menschen denken nur an ihren eigenen Vorteil, ein wahrer Buddhist ist beschämt darüber.
In manchen Ländern finden Sie Geschäfte, die Buddha-Figuren in unterschiedlichen Grössen anbieten. Diese haben aber ihre Berechtigung, da die Käufer Buddhisten sind, die diese erwerben, um sie im Tempel oder anderen geeigneten Orten aufzustellen, um sie dort zu verehren.

You might wonder why there are merchants even in some Buddhist countries who treat Buddha statues or images without respect and sell them like furniture. That is a reflection of human nature. In every society there are good and bad people. Bad people don’t care about anything except their own benefit: but the true Buddhist will feel ashamed of that.

In some countries you may see shops selling Buddha statues in various sizes. These may be considered acceptable because the buyers are Buddhists who acquire statues and images to place in the temple or other appropriate places with the intention to respect them.

5. Verwenden Sie den Namen Buddhas nicht in einer respektlosen Art und Weise.

So erscheint z.b.
in einem Film ein Hund  mit dem Namen "Buddha".
Eine Eisdiele heisst "Buddhi Belly" und
eine Bar nenn sich "Buddha Bar".

5. Do not use Buddha’s name in a disrespectful way.

For example in a movie
a dog’s name is “Buddha”.

There is an ice cream shop

named “Buddhi Belly” and
a bar called “Buddha Bar”.

6. Sie dürfen sich unter keinen Umständen über Buddha-Statuen oder –Bilder lustig machen.        

So existiert z.B. ein Filmplakat, das einen Mann auf Buddhas Schultern sitzend zeigt.

6. Do not under any circumstance make fun of Buddha statues or images.

For example there is a movie poster which shows a man sitting on Buddha’s shoulders.

7. Verwenden Sie kein Buddha-Tattoo auf Ihrem Körper.

7. Do not tattoo an image of Buddha onto the body.

Knowing Buddha Organisation
Wir möchten Sie einladen, uns zu helfen, beenden Sie alle respektlos verhält sich gegenüber Buddha-statuen.
Bitte helfen Sie uns Ban diejenigen, die Buddha image schlecht behandeln, Ihre Idee und unterstützen uns bei FB: Do and Don't on Buddha

(Die Knowing Buddha Organisation besteht seit dem 17 April 2012)

Knowing Buddha Organization

We would like to invite you to help us stop all disrespectful acts towards Buddha images. Please help us Ban those who treat Buddha's image badly, share your idea and support us at FB: Do and Don't on Buddha

(Knowing Buddha Organization since April 17th 2012)