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Title: Giving at improper occasion
Post by: Johann on February 07, 2019, 11:22:08 AM

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Just now my person came on his alms round to the south pagoda. While searching for some water the novices where busy to fill rice sheeds into the fish-container of the fish seller, who put the living fishes meanwhile in bags on the ground.

Asking of who is the owner of the fishes, the novices said that those are of the sellers.
Asking of who is the owner of the seeds form the harvest, the novices answered "the Sangha", adding that they have to make an exchange for their debts. Asking what debts, they said for fishes...

It's for no good, for no benefit at all, to sacrifices toward people without Sila and those who take part in this thieving from the Juwels, giving knowingly into this corruption, those and those who use the robe to harm and steal, both pulling themselves and many toward hell.

Knowingly giving into what is out of the five proper seasons, is of many harm, knowingly support those stealing and harming the Juwels, are sure to accumulate lot of s7ffering for a long time, indeed.