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Title: Neither binding nor reject - live/die and let live/die?
Post by: Johann on May 28, 2019, 11:05:12 AM
To neither bind (make ones own) or reject is a virtue, if based on wisdom, which is seldom to be found.

There is also a very similar appearing quality, which is based on defilement, much irresponsibility with carries the same in a manner of "live and let die" or "live and let live"

It is hard to gain the first, and requires a lot of binding and rejecting (proper judgement) to arrive there, and it's even harder to find outwardly support which carries this quality.

Mother and mother could be used as synonym as well.

The increasing of a following is also based on suggesting such qualities. Huge business, especially today, thinking an all the free-source, free avaliable... things and even if there is the talk on gathering people with making Dhamma-Dana.

How could this both so similar looking qualities "hard trading" and "non trading" be best distinguished?