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TEN WAYS OF MAKING MERIT A compilation from Pāli sources by Mahinda Wijesinghe under guidance and instructions from venerable Nyānadassana (2008) TEN WAYS OF MAKING MERIT

A compilation from Pāli sources by Mahinda Wijesinghe
under guidance and instructions from venerable Nyānadassana


(Eine Deutsche Übersetzung finden die hier online und als Pdf: Zehn Wege Verdienste zu tun)


We are living in troubled times. Dissension, strife and disharmony rule our lives. It is
time to seek meaningful solace in qualities that elevate our mind, in order to overcome
these seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

Naturally, we turn to The Enlightened One (The Buddha) for succour, for He cultivated
such qualities that elevated His mind to the highest happiness and perfect Enlightenment,
namely, the qualities of merit (puñña).

He preached that merit-making is a formidable antidote to overcome the many vicissitudes
faced in our day-to-day lives. Hence He declared: ‘Do not fear merit-making.
“Merit-making” is a term denoting happiness, what is desirable, pleasant, dear and
charming. For I recall in my mind very well that after making merit for a long time, I
experienced desirable, pleasant, dear and charming results for a long time. Let therefore
a man train himself in merit-making that yields long-lasting happiness. Let him cultivate
the practice of giving, virtuous conduct and a mind of mettā. By cultivating these
qualities the wise man arrives in untroubled and happy states.’1 And He exhorted:
‘Think not lightly of merit, saying, ʽʽIt will not come to me.ʼʼ Just as by the falling of
water drops is a water-pot filled, even so, accumulating little by little, is a wise man
filled with merit.’

Being aware of the modern craze in society for the accumulation of material riches, we
also decided to include what The Buddha identified as real riches.

We hope by reading this booklet you will be inspired to make more merit and accumulate
real riches, both of which would be of advantage to you in this world and in the

We are most grateful to Ven. Nyanadassana of Nissarana Vanaya, Meetirigala, for having
made innumerable corrections in the original work and guided us in compiling this
despite his onerous duties.

May all beings be well and happy.

A topic for comments and discussion can be found here:[English] Ten Ways of Making Merits - Mahinda Wijesinghe (Ven. Nyanadassana)


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