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Topic Summary

Posted by: Cheav Villa
« on: March 15, 2019, 03:57:05 AM »

ព្រះត្រៃបិដកភាគ ០១៨ Tipitaka​ Book 018

Deeds done are marked with

List of needed/done edits:

  • Upload of odt, pdf - file of the original gift.
  • Corrections made by Nyom Norum to be put under the span <span trans_edit>text...</span> and the text appears green.
  • Centered text is put into <div centeralign>text...</div>
  • Header-syntax added (books)
  • < blockquote>'s.
  • Whitespaces at the beginning, linebreaks,... gross renderings
  • Missing spaces before ចប់។..
  • Spaces added in titles and ends between title and Number.
  • Paragraphs are to be put into the span <span para #para_{no.}>[{no.}]</span> and given a slight indent and gray. One can link direct to a paragraph by adding #para_{no.} like
  • Syntax: <span page_kmt #p_20>ទ. ២០</span> for 1. page.
  • Syntax for footnotes ((text...)).
  • Index has to be complete with page-no. and links also to codes and single pages. 
  • Sorting and adding titles/headers according CSCD and standard.
  • Adding reference anchors of

Further edits:

  • Adding all single page anchors according to book.
  • Creation of single pages for each sutta and environment ati-standard (indexes)
  • Translating Pali headers into Khmer if missing or adding sub-section headers according CSCD with Khmer text often found in "...ចប់។".
  • Hidden white space corrections
  • Spell checking
  • Additions and notes in cases of differences with CSCD.
  • Final layout and code-tag review.
  • Prove reading of last version.
  • Implementation of all prove-read corrections.
  • Prove reading by the Ven. Members of the Sangha.
  • Giving over to the Sangha of the 8 directions and possible release.

One should feel free and given to take part on the merits with his contributions.


One may use book 53 for matching the current standard for further edits.