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Title: [] Multilingual - one "id" (namespace), diff. Names/Title languages/script
Post by: Johann on July 09, 2018, 05:30:17 AM
Atma wonders if the is a possibility for this multilanguage issue and thought to make it to a topic also on dw-forum:

Quote from: Johann on dwf (
Valual Dokuwiki team, User, visitor,

is the a way to have such as a "hidden" id and to display namesspaces according the language, e.g different names? Maybe be fetching the headline (h1). It would be possible good for search and other functionality.

id (hidden namesspace) might be a what ever rendered id or name which thr first creator gave in his language. No idea how wiki actually handles this.

My person came to be aware that there is a plugin handling use of differnent scripts in namespaces and there might be one using somehow h1 for certain funtions.

Since somehow a general characteristic of wiki, this issue, my person thought it might have been a big topic already for dokuwiki.