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ATI on many devices

ATI on many devices


ATI on many devices

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Technology marches on. These days, people are exploring ATI with a mind-boggling array of laptops, smartphones, iPads, and all kinds of nifty new gadgets.

Here are some of the many ways you can access ATI, along with some suggestions and links to help you find your way around them all.

With web browsers

Web edition

Access to Insight's home is Here is where you will always find the most up-to-date versions of books, articles, and translations.

CD-ROM edition

From time to time I publish a free CD-ROM version of the website for offline browsing. The last edition came out in 2007. It is currently out of print.

Offline edition

The offline edition is a zip archive containing almost the entire site. You can download it onto your computer, then disconnect your computer from the Internet and browse through it with your web browser. See below for ways you can use the offline edition in your mobile device.


There are several sites that „mirror“ (i.e., host a copy of) Access to Insight. Please understand that I am not involved with these sites and have no control over them. If you have a question about the content on a mirror site, you'll have to sort it out with that site's owners. (If you come across a mirror site that charges a fee for its use, please let me know. That's a no-no.)

On mobile devices

The offline version of ATI is now available on several handheld mobile devices, thanks to the ingenuity and generosity of some ATI readers. These free apps allow you to browse the website without the need of any kind of network connection. Some of these mobile apps are listed below. .

Please note that I am unable to provide technical support for these mobile apps. If you have questions, problems, or feature requests, please contact their developers directly.


by Samui Interactive and available through the Android Market.


<dt>iPad</dt> <dd>One ATI reader reports good results using the iPad app GoodReader to read the offline edition, but with the following caveats:

  1. The GoodReader menu isn't visible with „not too short“ menu clicks (about half a second). Short clicks are OK.

  2. Automatic backups take a long time.

  3. GoodReader must remain synchronized as an application, else iTunes would delete GoodReader and its files.


ati_app_appmagination.iphone.2010.10.small.jpg by Appmagination and available through the Apple iTunes Store.

Nokia E63

One ATI reader describes how to read the offline edition on a Nokia E63 phone. These instructions may also be useful to users of other phones.

Windows phone

by Jackchalat and available through the Windows Phones Marketplace.


On eBook readers

iPad, nook, Kindle, Sony Reader, BlackBerry, etc.

ATI no longer distributes articles and books in ePub or mobiPocket formats. Many of the books in these formats formerly available here — and many others — are available at

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