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Download the Whole Website: ATI Offline Edition

Download the Whole Website


Download the Whole Website

ATI Offline Edition

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The Offline Edition contains a snapshot of the entire Access to Insight website that you can install onto your hard disk for offline browsing. This file is automatically kept up-to-date with the rest of the website, so whenever you download it you'll know you have the very latest version. Because it's relatively large (about 20 MB), it will take a few moments to download over a high speed (cable/DSL) connection — considerably longer over a dial-up Internet connection. If you've never used „zip“ files before, please read „Working with ZIP files.“

Some features of the online version of the website (such as the search engine) are not available in the Offline Edition. See „What's the difference between the Offline Edition and the live Access to Insight website?

Here's how:

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Step 1

Make sure you have at least 80 MB of free space available on your hard drive (about 20 MB for the file you download and another 60 MB for the uncompressed files).

Step 2

Download the Offline Edition [version 2013.03.12.10, last updated on Tuesday 12 Mar 2013.]

Step 3

Unzip „“. (If you don't know how to do this, see „Working with downloaded files.“)

Step 4

A folder named „ati_website“ should appear on your desktop (or wherever you have instructed your web browser to deposit its downloads). This folder contains two items: a folder named „<tt>html</tt>“ and a file named „<tt>start</tt>“. Using your web browser, open the file named „<tt>start</tt>“. You may now navigate freely through your own personal copy of the website.


Alternatively, there are some very easy-to-use third-party programs with which you download entire websites (see, for example, SiteSucker or HTTrack). When downloading Access to Insight, you will probably want to configure these programs to exclude certain files (such as .pdf and .zip files) in order to keep the download to a manageable size. Be aware, though, that the resulting streamlined copy of the website will contain many broken links. The links in the Offline Edition are all valid.

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