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Dhamma - Dana

The gift of the Buddha's techings.

Various discussions on the topic and it's development can be found here:

Much of the content here has it's origin in the generous gift of John Bullitts The general philosophy on Dhamma-Dana and's policies can be found on the FAQ-page. Please see also the dedication of the previous work and the objectives in general for deeper understanding.

Scope of this Dhamma-Gift


The monastic Sangha of the Buddhas disciples was founded to maintain the teachings as a living tradition and to carry the path of liberation also by it's words on for future generations.

The Dhamma in words therefore should be always understood as the heritage of the Sangha of disciples, good following disciples, who in ways of keeping the highest conduct are able to carry it on without becoming subject of corruption as soon as teachings are misused as means of trade.

In this manner all Dhamma-Dana here are good estimated as a matter of goodness of many generations and countless sacrifices, reaching back to the Elders and the Sublime. Buddha himselves.

Althought there might be certain personal restrictions in the scope of gifts they are all not given for any commercial purpose, trade or exchange of worldly dimension incl. also use for foundraising or third part benefits in gain.

Aside of this general “No-Go” the various authors have given their gifts in various scope of possible use. Informations about it can be found at the end of each page.

Sangha - Dana

Members of the monastic Sangha of the eight direction are invited to use all here given as an heritage of their tradition in proper ways.

Contributions here, whether by monastic disciples or devoted lay people, are done by dedcation toward the Sangha of the Buddhas disciples and those following them. What ever might be found on this pages has been handed out toward the Noble Sangha and may be used for good purposes by any follower and those interested in getting familiar.

Authors restrictions

A popular idea about the Dhamma of the Buddha is that everybody has a kind of inherent right and that it is not owned by anybody but something like “public domain”. Such is, how ever, a total wrong view going against right view and the principle of Kamma: “there are gift, there are sacrifices”, and that certain phenomenas have actions as their forerunners: What ever there might be goodness received, is subject of deserving gratitude and nothing such as an inherent right can be found or skillfully assumed.

Therefore it's a matter of gratitude to serve and respect the single authors possible limitations and restrictions in regard of their gift.

To maintain such proper is a matter of Virtue, and abstaining from taking of what is not given.

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