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Preperation of htmls into currently in progress. Please visit the corresponding page at ZzE. If inspired to get involved in this merits here, one may feel invited to join best here: [] ATI/ZzE Content-style

Collaboration: Ways how you could get involved




Ways how you could get involved

Translation into English by: (Info You are heartily invited to contribute your transation here or to support our work in other ways.)

mr for ZzE:

With Zugang zur Einsicht we want to share the generosity which so many were allowed to experienced through Access to insight in so far as they were and are capable of the English language, and also make this generosity more available in the German speaking sphere. For the general dedication here and the evolution of ZzE, see: “Introduction and Blessing”.

Things, and this also includes a Buddhist tradition, do not come to be by themselves, just as any other phenomena, and therefore it requires a lot of strength and effort, to introduce a completely different “world”, make it understandable and keep it alive.

If you have interest, time and first and foremostly faith and confidence in generosity and wholesome work then Zugang zur Einsicht is perhaps a place, on which you cannot only study and acquaint yourself with texts but also offer your help and critics out of compassion and goodwill. Following on you find a short list of ideas and recommendations on how you may contribute something:

"There is nothing good, unless one does it." (German saying)

Here some possibilities within the frame of Zugang zur Einsicht for skillful and wholesome work (Puñña) zu tun.

Support the Sangha and those who work everyday in maintaining all this

Thousands and thousands and websites will neither carry on the Buddha's teachings in a complete maner, nor will they preserve the lived customs. Therefore it is most important to dedicate generosity to those who are guarantors of a continuation of the teaching, and these are found in the Sangha. Support monks, nuns and serious practicioners which keep to Vinaya and good virtue, with food, clothing, lodging and medicine, as well as those who support them and always make it possible for us again to meet Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis. At this place awareness should perhaps be granted to a small group in Munich who not only cares that monks and nuns are invited, but has also translated and made more available many of these shared pages here in a joyous and compassionate manner, and will certainly continue to do so. The community of this work group you may find here: BG - München..

1. Through your interest and repeated visit

Nothing is more important than to grow with all the available, to learn and make a few steps forward in the direction of peace and freedom, and an important instrument for this is to regularly visit a good friend or teacher. Sometimes he is “only” available through his texts, but nevertheless you will certainly find an answer to any question, to alleviate doubt and gain the right perspective. Read more regarding that in: Befriending the Suttas

The possibilities here are all given consciously for these purposes, dedicated for therefore and can freely be used for these purposes without restrictions.

2. Make others aware of

You may gladly share the merits with others (anumodana) and we are happy if we can make an Access to Insight possible for many people. Since the site is bilingual (as of now), this is not restricted to the German speaking sphere. You are heartily invited, without having to ask in detail, to offer links on your site, or make these texts available on other sites and share them. For sure it only makes sense where there is interest in the teachings of the Buddha. You may happily share parts of this website in blogs, forums, social networks or wherever it has a wholesome impact. But don't forget to include the corresponding cross references in line with the original giver's design. See the terms of use in detail as well.

3. Hint at errors of any kind and perhaps also correct them in the same vein as well

A well-meaning critical remark, however fierce it may be, is always an act of compassion. Certainly there are still many mistakes to be found on the site, and we are happy about any encouragement or critcism. Whether it now concerns “minor issues”, such as a missing translation in a link info, spelling mistakes, layout problems, dead or misdirected link, or even up to errors in content, every hint is a help for us, and will also be processed as fast and good as possible as a necessity for action, and corrected as far as possible. Don't hesitate to make remarks, and better once too petty than to overlook a big mistake. You can report errors but also make suggestions generally in two possible ways:

directly create a topic: post topic in the work forum.

4. translate untranslated texts and pages

Every little text requires a translation. Whether now an extensive essay, or an information page, every translation is a generous gift for many and helpful. By translating texts one not only gets more acquainted with the texts oneself, but may also share ones own merits which come from investigating the Dhamma, and also multiply and share them further. You are heartily invited to take part in these merits, and don't pull back with the thought “others can do it better”. “My English is not so good…” or “What if that isn't true”.

It is good if you ask about ongoing translations in the (ZzE work forum) or also inform others about your works and undertakings. By that, not only does community work (Dhamma samagii) come to be, but also an exchange of mutual support and information. You are heartily invited to start smaller and larger projects in the forum as well, and also profit from support by others through easy access for all who are interested.

5. proof-read freshly translated texts

In order to not hinder or obstruct the ongoing works by missing information, many of the texts are neither spellchecked nor proofread. You not only lift much work with it and help with building a good and solid foundation. In the work forum there are also many translations which require improvement. You are heartily invited to participate directly in the forum and perhaps start up and maintain a small project together with others, or use the e-mail contacts for participation.

6. make available texts that are in your own possession

Here and there there are already some good translations, and perhaps you have already participated in some of these good works. Conscious giving and sharing has much more value than to put these things somewhere perhaps almost unnoticed and available for those who may find it by incidence. With Zugang zur Einsicht there is the possibility to recollect what is perhaps already somewhat scattered and thus make it more easily available. We are happy if you want to give us the possibility to share your generosity on ZzE and thereby multiply your merits (The sharing of merits does not depreciate in the least, but multiplies the own success by it). If you are in possession of given texts by third parties and are allowed to share them we are happy as well to make them more widely available.

7. Share sources to freely available German translations or/and ask regarding their use

If you know about sources where someone goodheartedly shares texts and translations (especially suttas) for the purpose of their further dissemination, please inform us with a short e-mail or maybe even ask them yourself and share these treasures further.

8. Web administration work

The current administrator is to be seen as an absolute layman in terms of all internet and IT questions and will furthermore not always be available for the extensive maintenance and adjustment works. Not to speak of growing amounts of tasks. If you have some experience in this area and want to earnestly and conscientiously dedicate yourself to it, we gladly register the necessary accounts and access possibilities. Don't hesitate with thoughts about possible difficulties or hindrances and simply make contact with us directly in the forum or via e-mail.

9. Sorting and data collection works

In order to “manage” the suttas as good as possible, to maintain them and arrange them for a good overview for posterity there are many administrative side works necessary. If you have interest in such work which is maybe very close to that of a librarian, don't hesitate to come in contact with us. If you have good and well-aranged lists in your availability, we are happy if you want to share these with us.

10. Integrating texts into HTML templates

If you have some knowledge about the HTML language and text processing and like to do such works, there are many tasks which are just fit for that frame. Up until now there is not yet a generally available documentation (guidelines) for the integration. But nevertheless don't hesitate to come in contact with us regarding such works, and maybe be even yourself the reason for the design of a good and well-aranged documentation.

11. Contribute directly and commonly accessible in the work forum

As already mentioned in the points above the work forum is the central point for an easily accessible exchange and shared work. Here as well, ZzE requires every support, be it now by occasional participation in ongoing things, or by moderation and matters of project direction. You are heartily invited for yet easier participation to register an account in the forum, or inform us if you so wish, so that we can register it for you.

12. Contribute know how and technical tips

If you have experience with the technical things like servers, programming, web design… we are happy about any hint and any sort of support.

All these are only a few recommendations and examples. In no way are here mentioned only nearly all the possible kinds of participation, cowork and support, and your imagination and ingenuity shall not be restricted by this in any way. The only thing that we do not want to introduce to ZzE, or accept it, is money. If you want to support materially in anay way, and share things like software, server space or what ever it may be, in the sphere of IT, there will certainly be good use for it. Whatever we receive we will use and share it further according to the best of our possibilities, and so it is a great joy to be able to make still so much out of that what is available, and participation is certainly the greatest gift for all who draw benefits from it, and for an educative path leading to, or even already on the eithfold path to sustainable happiness.

In order to finally also actualize the highest way of repaying generosity there is no form of generosity greater than to put the learned into practice by oneself.


An ancient path rediscovered

“It is just as if a man, traveling along a wilderness track, were to see an ancient path, an ancient road, traveled by people of former times. He would follow it. Following it, he would see an ancient city, an ancient capital inhabited by people of former times, complete with parks, groves, & ponds, walled, delightful. He would go to address the king or the king's minister, saying, 'Sire, you should know that while traveling along a wilderness track I saw an ancient path… I followed it… I saw an ancient city, an ancient capital… complete with parks, groves, & ponds, walled, delightful. Sire, rebuild that city!' The king or king's minister would rebuild the city, so that at a later date the city would become powerful, rich, & well-populated, fully grown & prosperous.

“In the same way I saw an ancient path, an ancient road, traveled by the Rightly Self-awakened Ones of former times. And what is that ancient path, that ancient road, traveled by the Rightly Self-awakened Ones of former times? Just this noble eightfold path: right view, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration… I followed that path. Following it, I came to direct knowledge of birth… becoming… clinging… craving… feeling… contact… the six sense media… name-&-form… consciousness, direct knowledge of the origination of consciousness, direct knowledge of the cessation of consciousness, direct knowledge of the path leading to the cessation of consciousness. I followed that path.

“Following it, I came to direct knowledge of fabrications, direct knowledge of the origination of fabrications, direct knowledge of the cessation of fabrications, direct knowledge of the path leading to the cessation of fabrications. Knowing that directly, I have revealed it to monks, nuns, male lay followers & female lay followers, so that this holy life has become powerful, rich, detailed, well-populated, wide-spread, proclaimed among celestial & human beings.” SN 12.65

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