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If searching for a good hobby, good Venerable, Upasaka, Upasika, Seeker and wishing to sacrifices toward the Juwels at first place, but also share one's Dhamma-Dana, back and all around, one may feel given to do so. Simply select a Sutta, teaching… , read and record, upload, put a audio-link in. It's not that difficult and a simple 'wiki-enviroment'.

If good, one is able to even match all 10 kinds of merits with one strike, Magga and Phala, and in all cases, base for good reflections on good deeds.

And to share another ones merits as encouragement, right as intro, as one thing is consuming, another, and a lighting, the “doing of deeds bringing long joy”, merits.

We are living in troubled times. Dissension, strife and disharmony rule our lives. It is time to seek meaningful solace in qualities that elevate our mind, in order to overcome these seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

Naturally, we turn to The Enlightened One (The Buddha) for succour, for He cultivated such qualities that elevated His mind to the highest happiness and perfect Enlightenment, namely, the qualities of merit (puñña).

He preached that merit-making is a formidable antidote to overcome the many vicissitudes faced in our day-to-day lives. Hence He declared: ‘Do not fear merit-making. “Merit-making” is a term denoting happiness, what is desirable, pleasant, dear and charming. For I recall in my mind very well that after making merit for a long time, I experienced desirable, pleasant, dear and charming results for a long time. Let therefore a man train himself in merit-making that yields long-lasting happiness. Let him cultivate the practice of giving, virtuous conduct and a mind of mettā. By cultivating these qualities the wise man arrives in untroubled and happy states.’(1) And He exhorted: ‘Think not lightly of merit, saying, ʽʽIt will not come to me.ʼʼ Just as by the falling of water drops is a water-pot filled, even so, accumulating little by little, is a wise man filled with merit.’(2)

Being aware of the modern craze in society for the accumulation of material riches, we also decided to include what The Buddha identified as real riches.

Step by step

As a sample by “Hard to find on stage.

  • Chose your task, your preferred Sutta or talk. If not sure which, maybe try the random-sutta way.
  • Push record on your voice-recorder. One might adjust the Quality, of record so that the file wouldn't be that large (till 100MB direct up-load not problematic). Good to use mp3-format, as good supported here. Starting with the Suttas title and “Namo…” does well. The more joyful and proper devoted and suited, the more fruits 🎤🧎‍♂️.
  • Name the file similar the page-name with *.mp3 ending, and if already one existing (good to have more different), adding two character _xx.mp3 as wished. Record another time if not happy with your gift yet, but no need to appear perfect at all.
  • Still on the page, push 'Media-manager' and upload the file in this order.
  • Back on page, edit it by including link and name of the reader.
  • Of course all around is open to be edited and developed by what ever good inspiration.
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