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aññāya {pi}

Pāḷi; √ aññāya
alt. sp.: IPA: əɲɲɑːjə, Velthuis: a~n~naaya, readable: annyaaya, simple: annaya
translation ~:
khmer: អញ្ញាយ
thai: อญฺญาย
sinhal.: අඤ්ඤාය
burm.: အညာယ


[dic] aññāya (annaya)

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aññāya: (main article see: aññā)

Illustration: aññāya, knowledge [of things according to reality]

Those enlightened ones, through complete knowledge [of things according to reality], fare virtuously amidst the unvirtuous.

Sambuddhā sammadaññāya caranti visame samanti. (SN i 4)

Then the group of [the first] five bhikkhus listened to the Blessed One, gave ear to him, and applied their minds to the knowledge [of things according to reality].

Atha kho pañcavaggiyā bhikkhu bhagavantaṁ sussūsiṁsu. Sotaṁ odahiṁsu. Aññāya cittaṁ upaṭṭhāpesuṁ. (Vin.1.10)

Illustration: aññāya, understand [what one says]

Also, one’s children, wives, slaves, servants, and workers, listen to one, lend an ear, and apply their minds to understand [what one says].

Yepissa te honti puttāti vā dārāti vā dāsāti vā pessāti vā kammakarāti vā tepi sussūsanti sotaṁ odahanti aññāya cittaṁ upaṭṭhapenti. (AN iv 393)

Illustration: aññāya, realising

Apart from the Noble Ones, who is worthy to fully realise the [Untroubled] State? Through completely realising the [Untroubled] State, being free of perceptually obscuring states, they realise the Untroubled.

Ko nu aññatramariyehi padaṁ sambuddhumarahati
Yaṁ padaṁ sammadaññāya parinibbanti anāsavā ti. (Snp 765)


We take padaṁ as nibbānapadaṁ, as in Snp 365.

Illustration: aññāya, realisation of

By the complete realisation of spiritual health through the destruction of perceptually obscuring states, the one who is blessed with profound knowledge, being established in righteousness, though he makes use of conception he is beyond the limits of conception.

Ārogyaṁ sammadaññāya āsavānaṁ parikkhayā
Saṅkhāya sevī dhammaṭṭho saṅkhaṁ nopeti vedagū ti. (Snp 749)

Illustration: aññāya, understanding of

The greed on account of which greedy beings are reborn in the plane of misery,

Yena lobhena luddhāse sattā gacchanti duggatiṁ

through the complete understanding of that greed, those with insight abandon it.

Taṁ lobhaṁ sammadaññāya pajahanti vipassino. (Iti 1)


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