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-<div dic_box><​WRAP centeralign>​**akāliko**</​WRAP>​ +====== [dic-redirect] akaliko ​======
----- +
-Pāḷi; √ //​[[akāliko]]//\\ +
-//gender:// …\\ +
-//type:// …\\ +
-//alt. sp.:// akāliko; akaaliko; akaliko\\ +
-//​translation ~:// …\\ +
-//skr.:// …\\ +
-//khmer:// [[km:​dictionary:​akāliko|…]]\\ +
-//thai:// [[th:​dictionary:​akāliko|…]]\\ +
-//​sinhal.://​ [[si:​dictionary:​akāliko|…]]\\ +
-//burm.:// [[my:​dictionary:​akāliko|…]]\\ +
-//​appears://​ … +
----- +
-{{pi:​audio:​words:​akaliko.mp3}} +
----- +
-<span hide>​{{en:​dictionary:​akaliko.jpg}}</​span>​ +
-====== ​akāliko ​======+Redirect to [[:​en:​dictionary:​akāliko]] in 3 seconds. (Use the edit botton if wishing to change and make use of the pagename.)
-**akāliko**:​ '​independent of time', 'ever present'​. Passage from the daily chantig, derived from the //​[[bhāvanā]]//​ (developing,​ becoming) on //​[[dhammaānussati]]//​. 
-<​blockquote>//​[Yo so svākkhāto] bhagavatā dhammo//,\\ 
-The Dhamma well-expounded by the Blessed One, 
-//​Sandiṭṭhiko **akāliko** ehipassiko//,​\\ 
-to be seen here & now, **timeless**,​ inviting all to come & see, 
-//Opanayiko paccattaṁ veditabbo viññūhi//:​\\ 
-leading inward, to be seen by the wise for themselves: 
-//​Tam-ahaṁ dhammaṁ abhipūjayāmi,​ 
-Tam-ahaṁ dhammaṁ sirasā namāmi.//​\\ 
-I worship most highly that Dhamma, 
-To that Dhamma I bow my head down.<​cite>​[[en:​lib:​authors:​dhammayut:​chanting|Praise for the Dhamma]]</​cite></​blockquote>​ 
-==== ATI Glossary ==== 
-==== Buddhist Dictionary ==== 
-//by late Ven. [[en:​lib:​authors:​nyanatiloka:​|Nyanatiloka Thera]]:// 
-==== PTS Dictionary ==== 
-//by the Pali Text Society:// 
-==== Glossary Thanissaro ==== 
-//by Ven. [[en:​lib:​authors:​thanissaro:​|Thanissaro Maha Thera]]:// 
-==== Glossary various Teacher ==== 
-==== See also ==== 
-**Suttas and Dhammadesanā** 
-  * [[en:​wiki:​akaliko|akaliko]] in the [[wiken>​index|wiki-section]]. 
-==== Info & meta data ==== 
-<hidden onHidden="​[open]"​ onVisible="​[close]">​ 
-  * It is possible to add an record of the Pali, and [[http://​​lib/​exe/​mediamanager.php?​ns=pi %3Aaudio %3Awords&​edid=wiki__text|upload it]]. (//The file should be without diacritics, lowcase and mp3. Change diacritics in link and remove this encouragement here.//) 
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-**meta data** 
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