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atandita {pi}

Pāḷi; √ atandita
alt. sp.: IPA: ət̪ən̪d̪ɪt̪ə, Velthuis: atandita, readable: atandita, simple: atandita
translation ~:
khmer: អតន្ទិត
thai: อตนฺทิต
sinhal.: අතන්දිත
burm.: အတန္ဒိတ


[dic] atandita

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Atandita is close in meaning to appamatto, and we parenthesise it equally:

• Sīha, dwell diligently applied [to the practice]. Dwell tirelessly applied [to the practice] night and day. Develop spiritually wholesome factors. Quickly give up [attachment to] the body.

Sīhappamatto vihara rattindivamatandito
Bhāvehi kusalaṁ dhammaṁ jaha sīghaṁ samussayan ti. (Tha 83)



atanditā: (main article see: atandita)

Illustration: atanditā, being tirelessly applied [to the practice]

Viewing it in this way, being tirelessly applied [to the practice] night and day, then, having profoundly understood it through my own penetrative discernment, I saw it [according to reality].

Evametaṁ avekkhantī rattindivamatanditā
Tato sakāya paññāya abhinibbijjha dakkhisaṁ. (Thi 84)


atandite: (main article see: atandita)

Illustration: atandite, tirelessly applied [to the practice]

Having renounced [the household life] in faith, a novice bhikkhu newly gone forth [into the ascetic life] should associate with virtuous friends whose means of livelihood is pure, who are tirelessly applied [to the practice].

Saddhāya abhinikkhamma navapabbajito navo
Mitte bhajeyya kalyāṇe suddhājīve atandite (Tha 249)

Associate with virtuous friends who are of pure livelihood, and who are tirelessly applied [to the practice].

Mitte bhajassu kalyāṇe suddhājīve atandite. (Dhp 376)


atandito: (main article see: atandita)

Illustration: atandito, tirelessly applied [to the practice]

‘Being resolutely applied to inward striving, and tirelessly applied [to the practice] night and day, urged on by my mother, I realised supreme inward peace.

Sohaṁ padhānapahitatto rattindivamatandito
Mātarā codito santo aphusiṁ santimuttamaṁ. (Thi 212)

‘Recollecting the Perfectly Enlightened One, the best [of Buddhas], who is inwardly tamed and inwardly collected, being tirelessly applied [to the practice] night and day, I will abide in the woods.’

Anussaranto sambuddhaṁ aggaṁ dantaṁ samāhitaṁ
Atandito rattindivaṁ viharissāmi kānane ti. (Tha 354)

Dwelling alone in the woods, tirelessly applied [to the practice], I followed the Teacher’s advice. I did just as the Conqueror instructed me [to do].

Sohaṁ eko araññasmiṁ viharanto atandito
Akāsiṁ satthu vacanaṁ yathā maṁ ovadi jino. (Tha 626)

Sitting alone, sleeping alone, living alone, tirelessly applied [to the practice], taming oneself in solitude, one would be [thereby] delighted in the woods.

Ekāsanaṁ ekaseyyaṁ eko caramatandito
Eko damayamattānaṁ vanante ramito siyā. (Dhp 305)

Illustration: atandito, tirelessly applied [to benefiting]

Tirelessly applied [to benefiting] his mother, father, and ancestors, night and day

Mātaraṁ pitaraṁ pubbe rattindivamatandito. (AN iv 245)

Illustration: atandito, unwearied man

Therefore, I will make you as supple as an unwearied man makes a catskin bag.

Tathā tu kassāmi yathā pi issaro yaṁ labbhati tena pi hotu me alaṁ
Taṁ t’ahaṁ kassāmi yathā atandito biḷārabhastaṁ va tathā sumadditaṁ. (Tha 1138)


atanditaṁ: (main article see: atandita)

Illustration: atanditaṁ, tirelessly applied [to the practice]

If, though he receives but little, a bhikkhu does not despise his gains, even the devas praise him, one of pure livelihood who is tirelessly applied [to the practice].

Appalābho pi ce bhikkhu salābhaṁv nātimaññati
Taṁ ve devā pasaṁsanti suddhājīviṁ atanditaṁ. (Dhp 366)


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