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atimaññati {pi}

Pāḷi; √ atimaññati
alt. sp.: IPA: ət̪ɪməɲɲət̪ɪ, Velthuis: atima~n~nati, readable: atimannyati, simple: atimannati
translation ~:
khmer: អតិមញ្ញតិ
thai: อติมญฺญติ
sinhal.: අතිමඤ්ඤති
burm.: အတိမညတိ


[dic] atimaññati (atimannati)

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Glossary Thanissaro

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Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms

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Illustration: atimaññati, despised

Venerable Vaṅgīsa despised other well-behaved bhikkhus on account of his own impromptu reflectiveness

āyasmā vaṅgīso attano paṭibhānena aññe pesale bhikkhū atimaññati. (SN i 187)


atimaññanti: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññanti, despised

Those that were beautiful despised those that were ugly, thinking: We are more beautiful than them; they are more ugly than us.

Tattha ye te sattā vaṇṇavanto te dubbaṇṇe satte atimaññanti mayametehi vaṇṇavantatarā amhehete dubbaṇṇatarā ti. (DN iii 87)


atimaññeti: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññeti, despises

If any man being puffed up because of ancestry, wealth, or clan despises his own relatives, that is the cause of spiritual ruination.

Jātitthaddho dhanatthaddho gottatthaddho ca yo naro
Saññātiṁ atimaññeti taṁ parābhavato mukhaṁ. (Snp 104)


atimaññe: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññe, despise

He should not despise others for their lowly way of life, or wisdom, or observances and practices.

Atha jivitena paññāya silabbatena nāññamatimaññe. (Snp 931)


atimaññetha: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññetha, despise

One should not despise anyone in any way

nātimaññetha katthaci naṁ kañci. (Snp 148)


atimaññissatī: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññissatī, spurn

In future days men will spurn meaty boiled rice and gruel

Pacchimā janatā sālimaṁsodanaṁ atimaññissatī ti. (Vin.3.7)


atimaññamāno: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññamāno, spurn

A brahman who spurns his own wealth (i.e. walking on almsround) fails in his duty.

Bhikkhācariyañca pana brāhmaṇo sandhanaṁ atimaññamāno akiccakārī hoti. (MN ii 180)

Faring wholly on alms, spurning not the beggar’s bowl

kevalaṁ bhikkhācariyāya kapālaṁ anatimaññamāno. (AN iii 225)


atimaññitabbā: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññitabbā, spurn

If one thinks ‘I am not able to make that person emerge from what is spiritually unwholesome and establish him in what is spiritually wholesome,’ for such a person, detached awareness should not be spurned.

Na cāhaṁ sakkomi etaṁ puggalaṁ akusalā vuṭṭhāpetvā kusale patiṭṭhāpetun ti. Evarūpe bhikkhave puggale upekkhā nātimaññitabbā. (MN ii 242)


atimaññasi: (main article see: atimaññati)

Illustration: atimaññasi, disdain

There is no hiding place for the doer of unvirtuous deeds

Natthi loke raho nāma pāpakammaṁ pakubbato.

You yourself, man, know what is true or false.

Attā te purisa jānāti saccaṁ vā yadi vā musā.

Indeed, sir, you disdain the virtuous aspect of yourself which witnesses [all that you do]

Kalyāṇaṁ vata bho sakkhi attānaṁ atimaññasi.

You are [trying to] conceal from yourself unvirtuousness existing within yourself

Yo santaṁ attani pāpaṁ attānaṁ parigūhasi. (AN i 149)


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