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atthaṅgama {pi}

Pāḷi; √ atthaṅgama
alt. sp.: IPA: ət̪t̪ʰəŋgəmə, Velthuis: attha“ngama, readable: atthangama, simple: atthaṅgama
translation ~:
khmer: អត្ថង្គម
thai: อตฺถงฺคม
sinhal.: අත්ථඞ්ගම
burm.: အတ္ထင်္ဂမ


[dic] atthaṅgama

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Asta/attha: ‘vanish’ or ‘vanishing’

Attha is two words with different roots, artha and asta. The former (artha/attha) is covered in the Glossary under Attha. The latter (asta/attha) is examined here. It occurs in three terms:

1) abbhatthaṁ gacchanti (=abhi+atthaṁ gacchanti)

2) atthaṁ paleti

3) atthaṅgamo.

These all mean ‘to vanish’ or ‘vanishing.’


abbhatthaṁ gacchanti

abbhatthaṁ gacchanti: (main article see: atthaṅgama)

Illustration: abbhatthaṁ gacchanti, to vanish

Whatever one hears of the Master Gotama’s teachings… grief, lamentation, physical pain, psychological pain, and vexation immediately vanish.

tato tato sokaparidevadukkhadomanassupāyāsā abbhatthaṁ gacchanti. (AN iii 237)

If there arise in a bhikkhu unvirtuous, spiritually unwholesome thoughts connected with attachment, hatred, and undiscernment of reality, then he should pay attention to the dynamic quality of those thoughts (tesaṁ vitakkānaṁ vitakkasaṅkhārasaṇṭhānaṁ manasikātabbaṁ). As he does so, then spiritually unwholesome thoughts connected with desire, hatred, and undiscernment of reality are abandoned in him and vanish (pahīyanti te abbhatthaṁ gacchanti). (MN i 121)

atthaṁ paleti

atthaṁ paleti: (main article see: atthaṅgama)

Illustration: atthaṁ paleti, to vanish

Just as a flame tossed about by the force of the wind vanishes, and is beyond the limits of conception, (atthaṁ paleti na upeti saṅkhaṁ) so a sage liberated from immaterial-factors-and-body vanishes, and is beyond the limits of conception (evaṁ muni nāmakāyā vimutto atthaṁ paleti na upeti saṅkhaṁ) (Snp 1074)

This is explained as follows:

• There is no measuring of one who has vanished;

Atthaṅgatassa na pamāṇamatthi

… That no longer exists in relation to which one might speak of him;

Yena naṁ vajjuṁ taṁ tassa natthi. (Snp 1076)

Thus atthaṁ paleti corresponds to atthaṅgatassa.


atthaṅgamāya: (main article see: atthaṅgama)

Illustration: atthaṅgamāya, vanishing

This is the one-destination path for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of grief and lamentation, for the vanishing of physical and psychological pain


atthaṅgamo: (main article see: atthaṅgama)

Illustration: atthaṅgamo, vanishing

Ānanda, there are five grasped aggregates of which a bhikkhu should abide contemplating their arising and disappearance:

Pañca kho ime ānanda upādānakkhandhā yattha bhikkhunā udayabbayānupassinā vihātabbaṁ.

‘Such is bodily form, such its origination, such its vanishing

* iti rūpaṁ
* iti rūpassa samudayo
* iti rūpassa atthaṅgamo. (MN iii 115)

Bhikkhus, I will teach you the origination and vanishing of the four bases of mindfulness. Please listen.

catunnaṁ bhikkhave satipaṭṭhānānaṁ samudayañca atthaṅgamañca desissāmi. Taṁ suṇātha.

With the origination of food comes the origination of the body. With the ending of food comes the vanishing of the body.

Āhārasamudayā kāyassa samudayo āhāranirodhā kāyassa atthaṅgamo. (SN v 184)


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