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Pāḷi-Dictionary (pāḷi > english, english>pāḷi) is one of the four great sections on

Pāḷī-words, collected from different dictionaries, which have been given to the Sublime Saṅgha and their following for proper uses.

Currently implemented dictionaries:

The introducing Text is compiled by contributors and may include parts of the Khmer-Dictionary "Choun Nath", which has been translated, will be translated, into other languages. The sections following it are from the listed sources.

All pages are open for contributing what ever one may feel inspired to give.


The single pages are named by the original spelling without space or other signs and rendered automatical into the sofftware reqired format. The headline, anchors and displayed text for links (if possible) should have the same spelling and comined words divided by -. For example brahma-vihāra


If the word is not a combined for example vihāra:


The Header, whether in a reference-dictionary of in the template should use the written form (e.g. with -). Since the parts of the reference-dictionaries are searched by the word-headline, the anchors (text after # should be replaced with the written form as well. For example:


The page template would render the anchor text “#brahmavihara” and if not changed to “#brahma-vihāra” the certain header would not be found in the reference-dictionary.

Displayed text from the reference dictionary here:

brahma-vihāra: The four “sublime” or “divine” abodes that are attained through the development of boundless mettā (goodwill), karuṇā (compassion), muditā (appreciative joy), and upekkhā (equanimity).


If wishing to edit the source of the embedded text, you may follow to the section in the referenc-dictionary by clicking the ''“-symbol (only logged in use are given to edit the reference-sources).

If wishing to make a larger contribution or dedicate an additional dictionary, the automatic including in new pages requires an edit of the page-template and possible includig into existing pages by using the regex-replacement tool. Of course it can done one by one as well.

General conception

It is intended not to list only to maintain “root words” but also their combinations individualy. A country specifically use added, should give also a broader spectrum of use and understanding.


It's given and welcome to create contributions, dedicated for the Sublim Saṅgha and their following, as well for those interested see Dhamma-Dana, to write own articles or sections, or to help in implementation of given dictionaries.

One may like to take part in simplementing words from the reference dictionaries.

Generally: “How ever inspired in dedication”


New contributions

English pages:

[dic] bias 2019/09/20 06:48 Johann recreated
[dic] chaḷabhiññā (chalabhinna) 2019/09/20 06:51 Johann created
[dic] chaḷabhiñño (chalabhinno) 2019/09/20 07:37 Johann created
[dic] corporeality 2019/09/20 07:48 Johann created
[dic] dukkhapaṭipadā (dukkhapatipada) 2019/09/20 07:54 Johann created
[dic] gotrabhū (gotrabhu) 2019/09/20 08:01 Johann created
[dic] hānabhāgiya (hanabhagiya) 2019/09/20 08:09 Johann created
[dic] iddhipāda (iddhipada) 2019/09/20 08:17 Johann created
[dic] kāmacchanda (kamacchanda) 2019/09/20 08:25 Johann created
[dic] kāmasukh'allikānuyoga (kamasukh'allikanuyoga) 2019/09/20 08:32 Johann created
[dic] karma 2019/09/20 08:39 Johann created
[dic] lightkasiṇa (lightkasina) 2019/09/20 08:52 Johann created
[dic] mahāvipassanā (mahavipassana) 2019/09/20 08:59 Johann created
[dic] n'evasekhan'āsekha (n'evasekhan'asekha) 2019/09/20 09:05 Johann created
[dic-redirect] paramī 2019/09/20 09:10 Johann created
[dic] pattidāna (pattidana) 2019/09/21 08:28 Johann created
[dic] pubbenivāsānussati (pubbenivasanussati) 2019/09/21 08:42 Johann created
[dic] red-kasiṇa exercise (redkasina exercise) 2019/09/21 08:59 Johann created
[dic] sammappadhāna (sammappadhana) 2019/09/21 09:09 Johann created
[dic] sapadānik'anga (sapadanik'anga) 2019/09/21 09:16 Johann created
[dic] sudassī (sudassi) 2019/09/21 09:46 Johann created
[dic] susānik'aṅga (susanik'anga) 2019/09/21 09:49 Johann created
[dic] tecīvarik'anga (tecivarik'anga) 2019/09/21 09:52 Johann created
[dic] thīnamiddha (thinamiddha) 2019/09/21 09:58 Johann created
[dic] tiracchānayoni (tiracchanayoni) 2019/09/21 10:06 Johann created
[dic] upacāra (upacara) 2019/09/21 10:18 Johann created
[dic] upapīḷakakamma (upapilakakamma) 2019/09/21 10:26 Johann created
[dic] vārittasīla (varittasila) 2019/09/21 10:32 Johann created
[dic] vibhavataṇhā (vibhavatanha) 2019/09/21 10:40 Johann created
[dic] vīmaṁsā (vimamsa) 2019/09/21 10:47 Johann created
[dic] water-kasiṇa (water-kasina) 2019/09/21 10:57 Johann created
[dic] saṅkhārakkhandha (sankharakkhandha) 2019/09/21 11:11 Johann created
[dic-redirect] viññānakkhandha 2019/09/21 11:29 Johann created
[dic] viññāṇakkhandha (vinnanakkhandha) 2019/09/21 11:33 Johann created
[dic] agārasmā anagāriyaṃ pabbajito 2019/09/24 15:36 Johann created
[dic-redirect] nissāya 2019/09/25 06:24 Johann created
[dic] aññadatthu uyyojanikapaṭisaṁyuttaṁyeva kathaṁ kattā hoti 2019/10/18 07:36 Johann created
[dic-redirect] saṅkhārā 2019/12/05 10:01 Johann created
[dic-redirect] papañcā 2019/12/05 10:04 Johann created
[dic-redirect] paṭicca samuppāda 2019/12/05 10:21 Johann created
[dic-redirect] saṅkhatā 2019/12/05 10:31 Johann created
Transliteration Khmer-Script 2020/02/12 06:48 Johann created

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