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macchariya {pi}

Pāḷi; √ macchariya
alt. sp.: IPA: mət͡ʃt͡ʃʰəɾɪjə, Velthuis: macchariya, readable: machchhariya, simple: macchariya
translation ~:
khmer: មច្ឆរិយ
thai: มจฺฉริย
sinhal.: මච්ඡරිය
burm.: မစ္ဆရိယ


[dic] macchariya

macchariya: stinginess. As long as present, one is incapable to reach any higher concentration (jhāna), paths (magga, fruits (phala) and Arahatship (see: AN 5.254-271). Five (six) kinds of stinginess:

Freedom of macchariya is a quality which all 8 kinds of Noble Ones (ariya) have gained. Althought those not have gained Arahatship might still long for things, they are how ever incapable to hold on it, or even defend ownership and control over gains.

ATI Glossary

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Buddhist Dictionary

by late Ven. Nyanalokita Thera:

macchariya: 'stinginess', avarice. “There are 5 kinds of stinginess, o monks; regarding the dwelling place, regarding families, regarding gain, regarding recognition, regarding mental things' (AN 9.49; Puggalapaññatti 56).


PTS Dictionary

by the Pali Text Society:


Glossary Thanissaro

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Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms

by Ven. Varado Maha Thera:

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Glossary various Teacher

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