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Sources of Dictionaries

The base for the is build on multiple sources and single dictionaries, dedicated for the Sublime Saṅgha and it's followers and interested seekers.

Here one does not only find an overview of this sources but also more info in regard of their content, authors and their origin.

Buddhist Dictionary

Buddhist Dictionary: Based on the book by late Ven. Nyanatiloka. This very “Theravada”-approach is a very useful enrichment to understand the context of use of words especially of Commentary and Abhidhamma-Traditions, classical Theravada and Mahavihara. The source-page is open to add words in the spirit of the author.

The source of this edition is originated from the book “Buddhist Dictionary”, by late Ven. Nyanatiloka Maha Thera, generously given by Upasika Binh Anson and based on the goodnesd of many. For more details see here.

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PTS Dictionary

PTS Dictionary: Based on the Dictionary of the Pali Text Sociaty:

The implementation is in progress. See work in progress in the user area.

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Thanissaro Glossary

Thanissaro Glossary: Based on Ven. Thanissaro's glossary, shared via The source-pages serves also as base to enrich the authors usage and translation of words.

This brief Glossary by Ven. Thanissaro Maha Thera contains often used word-use in his teachings and translations. It has been generously given via Dhammatalks and can and will be enriched by the uses of terms of the honored Dhamma teacher. One is of course given to add words and the Ven. Translators use of them.

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Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms

IGPT: Based on Ven. Varado's “Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms”:

“The Venerable author selected generously Pali therms and draw comparisons to the original source, the Pali-Canon as well as to approaches of well known translators. In edition he gave a share of his own conclusions. The books and it's single articles are integrated in the ATI-dictionary for each word separate.” Authors page in the library

The source of this edition is originated from the pdf-file “Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms”, edition 2019-09 (2.), by Ven. Varado Maha Thera, personally generously given as Sanghika-Dana. For more details see here.

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ATI Glossary

ATI Glossary: “A Glossary of Pali and Buddhist Terms”, based on Upāsaka John Bullitt's ATI-glossary. The source-page is open for adding words and explainings in the spirit of the author.

This glossary edition is based on Upāsaka John Bullits ATI-glossary:

This glossary covers many of the Pali words and technical terms that you may come across in the books and articles available on this website. The “[ more ]” link that follows some entries will take you to a more detailed article (in the ATI-pages) on the selected topic. Source: glossary

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Suttas and Dhammadesana

Suttas and Dhammadesanā: Listing of references, based on the Subject-Index of Upāsaka John Bullitt's ATI-page and used to serve as source for Sutta-References and Dhamma-talks useful to understand the word in the Sublime Buddha's used context.

Collection of References, Suttas and techings to Dhamma words.

This reference list is originated from the ATI Generall Index, by Upāsaka John Bullitt and enriched by additional additions for the dictionary use.

This index can help you locate sutta translations, articles, transcribed talks, books, and other things on this website. This is not an exhaustive index: not every text is indexed here, nor have I included references to each and every occurrence of a given topic in the texts. Nevertheless, I hope you find it helpful in steering you in the right direction. John Bullitt

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  • You can add an record of the Pali, and upload it. (The file should be without diacritics, lowcase and mp3. Change diacritics in link and remove this encouragement here.)
  • You are given to add additional sources/Dictionaries. Consider the use of page_templates if wishing to include a certain dictionary to many pages. Edits of Dictionary content can be made in the paticulary source file.

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