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sutta {pi}

Pāḷi; √ sutta
alt. sp.: IPA: s̪ut̪t̪ə, Velthuis: sutta, readable: sutta, simple: sutta
translation ~:
khmer: សុត្ត
thai: สุตฺต
sinhal.: සුත්ත
burm.: သုတ္တ


[dic] sutta

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ATI Glossary

sutta [sutta; Skt. sutra]: Literally, “thread”; a discourse or sermon by the Buddha or his contemporary disciples. After the Buddha's death the suttas were passed down in the Pali language according to a well-established oral tradition, and were finally committed to written form in Sri Lanka around 100 BCE. More than 10,000 suttas are collected in the Sutta Piṭaka, one of the principal bodies of scriptural literature in Theravāda Buddhism. The Pali Suttas are widely regarded as the earliest record of the Buddha's teachings. [ more ]


Buddhist Dictionary

by late Ven. Nyanalokita Thera:

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PTS Dictionary

by the Pali Text Society:


Glossary Thanissaro

Sutta: Discourse. Sanskrit form: sūtra.


Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms

by Ven. Varado Maha Thera:

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Glossary various Teacher

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Suttas and Dhammadesanā

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