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John T. Bullitt

John T. Bullitt


John T. Bullitt

Befriending the Suttas: Tips on Reading the Pali Discourses, by John T. Bullitt (2001; 10 S./45KB)

Why should I read the suttas? Which ones should I read? How should I read them?

Pali Language Study Aids, by John T. Bullitt (2012; 6 S./25KB)

A small collection of hints and references to reading material (online and books) concerning learning the Pali language.

Coping with Diacritics, by John T. Bullitt (2012; 9 S./39KB)

There are are many ways to generate Pali diacritics. Here is a review of seven of them.

Beyond the Tipitaka: A Field Guide to Post-canonical Pali Literature, by John T. Bullitt (2002; 12 S./56KB)

An overview of the Tipitaka commentaries, sub-commentaries, and other classical Theravadan paracanonical texts.

What is Theravada Buddhism?, by John T. Bullitt (1994; 9 S./43KB)

An outline of the origins and principal teachings of Theravada Buddhism.

Theravada Buddhism: A Chronology, von John T. Bullitt (2005; 6 S./31KB)

This timeline chronicles some of the significant events and personalities in the evolution of Theravada Buddhism that, in one way or another, figure prominently in the readings found elsewhere on this website. This is not meant to be a comprehensive chronology.

The Path to Freedom, by John T. Bullitt (2005; ~100+ S./1MB)

A self-guided tour of the Buddha's teachings

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