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"012" - Seeds of Goodness

by Ven. Indannano Maha Thero
an expect from a Dhammatalk given at Ashram Thmo Duk (Aural, Cambodia),
March the 22., 2019

Alternate format: vid_012_seeds_khmer.mp4 (vid in Khmer)

[“…” denote particularly the voices of the audience of lay follower or other monk]

Bhante Indannano: “…(Therefore again:) Effect comes from a cause. Do you see (that now)!

If we don't associate with the seeds (puta) of goodness? No. There are no seed of goodness here, and non in later existences.

(for example…) If not having seeds of 012 [a certain oldest, not so popular by poor and youths, mobil frequency supplier. It's very expensive to call into another ones net in Cambodia this days] before, would (one) have seeds of 012 in this existence? … there are no.

So, important here is the seed. Important is the seed. Important. Important.

If having seed already, then (one) needs to be careful that there is someone telling the way (of use). If not told, would (one) arrive or not? “No…” So again not (successful)… So is it important to have a person who tells one to seek for buying/using 012. The seed is there already, it's laid down here (for you), but important is, that there is someone who tells the way to/of it (stay by it, how to use it).

So, and who is the one who tells in this days? “The Sublime Sangha…” The person who tells the way is the Full Right Awakened (Sammāsambuddha). Yes. There is not anybody aside the Buddha who could tell the way most proper. So, and where is the Sammāsambuddha (now)? “In the Sublime Dhamma, the Suttas…” Where is the one who tells the way? ”…in the Tipitaka…“ Yes. In the Tipitaka… Yes. And it's telling the whole way in there… When looking inside, does it tell everything of the way? Yes. Does it tell one to buy 012, or not? It tells. So what if having 012, is it possible to communicate with each other, or not? “possible…” Possible. So when we do not associate with it? The way is there. So important is to associate (further with them telling the way). If there is nobody who can tell (the way to), would one see/find the street to Aural (as another example)? ”…no…“ So is it important to seek after someone (knowing to) telling the way… in that way seeking for Aural (leads) to find it.

So it's necessary to take care of the seeds from earlier times, since when there are no more seeds of goodness (coming) from the Full Right Awakened anymore, it's no more possible to find goodness, the Full Right Awakened. And if the Full Right Awakened is not found any more, the one who tells the way is no more found. And when there is no one telling the way, it's not found, it's not met.

So it's important to give in there. Sakayaditthi (identification-view), means to use it right. (interruption by other monk) “It's needed to hold on firm (having attachment, uppadana).” ”…Uppadana?“ “Yes, one needs to have strong uppadana toward liberation. Toward liberation, the Sublime Buddha, sublime Dhamma, sublime Sangha. Do not throw uppadana away. If realizing the Dhamma by your self, then (only it's time to) throw it away. You then don't need it anymore.”

A person who uses a boot to cross the river, from this offshore to this, needs to see that “they” are up to slayer and destruct us, coming from here. See? After slayer and destroy. Seeing, one runs and jumps into the boot. If (one) does not see that they come to slyer and destroy us, … “they would not run, yes” At the moment one jumps into the boot, one needs to grasp hold on it very firm. Grasp-holding fist 'That's my boot!'. 'That is now my boot!' Use it. One does not throw Atta (self) away. “That seems to be greedy, right?” Yes, Greed (lobha)! (interruption by other monk) “One does not throw away all greed. One needs greed, one needs to grasp-hold. One needs to have conceit. One uses conceit to overcome conceit.” …many verbal reflections…

So for example one has already a boot (being on the river), and focus on Anatta about it, throw it away…? When there is no grasp-holding and defend, …? So it requires grasp-holding first, to escape from the thieves there. One waits to have crossed the river, then the “landlords” can take it back, can have it, “So, here you can have it back”. So you have to look after, care of, the boot which is at least someone else's, not yours ('that of others', Anatta)…

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