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Sumana the Novice

Sumana the Novice

Summary: url=index.html#thag.06.10.than A seven year-old discovers arahantship.

Thag 6.10 PTS: Thag 429-434

Sumana the Novice

translated from the Pali by

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

When I was seven & newly gone forth, having conquered with my power the great powerful serpent, I was fetching water for my preceptor from the great lake, Anotatta,(1) when the Teacher saw me & said: “Look, Sariputta, at that one, the young boy coming there, carrying a pot of water, well-centered within, his practices — inspiring; his bearing — admirable. He's Anuruddha's novice, mature in his powers, made thoroughbred by a thoroughbred, good by one who is good, tamed by Anuruddha, trained by one whose task is done. He, having reached the highest peace & realized the unshakable, Sumana the novice wants this: 'Don't let anyone know me.'”



Anotatta: A fabulous lake located in the Himalayas, famed for the purity of its cool waters. Sumana would have had to use his psychic powers to fetch water from there.

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