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Chapter 1: The Single Verses

Chapter 1

Summary: url=index.html#thig.01.00x.than.

Thig 1 PTS: Thig 1-18

Chapter 1: The Single Verses


translated from the Pali by

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

I.1 — An Anonymous Bhikkhuni

{v. 1}

Sleep, little theri, sleep comfortably, wrapped in the robe that you've made, for your passion is stilled — like a pot of pickled greens boiled dry.

I.3 — Punna

{v. 3}

Punna, grow full with good qualities like the moon on the fifteenth day. With discernment at total fullness, burst the mass of darkness.

I.11 — Mutta

{v. 11}

So freed! So thoroughly freed am I! — from three crooked things set free: from mortar, pestle, & crooked old husband. Having uprooted the craving that leads to becoming, I'm set free from aging & death.

I.17 — Dhamma

{v. 17}

Wandering for alms — weak, leaning on a staff, with trembling limbs — I fell down right there on the ground. Seeing the drawbacks of the body, my mind was then set free.

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