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Bhadda Kundalakesa: The Former Jain Ascetic

Bhadda Kundalakesa

Summary: url=index.html#thig.05.09.hekh Bhadda looks back and gives thanks to whomever it was who long ago gave her a robe when she set out in the homeless life.

Thig 5.9 PTS: Thig 107-111

Bhadda Kundalakesa: The Former Jain Ascetic

translated from the Pali by

Hellmuth Hecker & Sister Khema

I traveled before in a single cloth, With shaven head, covered in dust, Thinking of faults in the faultless, While in the faulty seeing no faults. When done was the day's abiding, I went to Mount Vulture Peak And saw the stainless Buddha By the Order of Bhikkhus revered. Then before Him my hands in añjali Humbly, I bowed down on my knees. “Come, Bhadda,” He said to me: And thus was I ordained. Debt-free, I traveled for fifty years In Anga, Magadha and Vajji, In Kasi and Kosala, too, Living on the alms of the land. That lay-supporter — wise man indeed — May many merits accrue to him! Who gave a robe to Bhadda for Free of all ties is she.

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