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Patacara: Preserver of the Vinaya


Summary: url=index.html#thig.05.10.hekh “And taking a pin, I pulled out the wick…&quot.

Thig 5.10 PTS: Thig 112-116

Patacara: Preserver of the Vinaya

translated from the Pali by

Hellmuth Hecker & Sister Khema

Alternate translation: Thanissaro

With plows the fields are plowed; With seed the earth is sown; Thus wives and children feed; So young men win their wealth. Then why do I, of virtue pure, Doing the Master's Teaching, Not lazy nor proud, Nibbana not attain? Having washed my feet, Then I watched that water, Noticing the foot-water Flowing from high to low. With that the mind was calmed Just as a noble, thoroughbred horse. Having taken my lamp, I went into my hut, Inspected the sleeping-place, Then sat upon the couch. Having taken a pin, I pushed the wick right down, and Just as the lamp went out, So all delusion of the heart went too.

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