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The Verses of Final Knowledge of Bhikkhuni Sujata

The Verses of Final Knowledge of Bhikkhuni Sujata

Summary: url=index.html#thig.06.04.hekh When, by chance, she passed by a monastery, her life changed forever.

Thig 6.4 PTS: Thig 133-138

The Verses of Final Knowledge of Bhikkhuni Sujata

translated from the Pali by

Hellmuth Hecker and Sister Khema

With subtle veils adorned, Garlands and sandal-wood bedecked, Covered all over with ornaments, Surrounded by my servants, Taking with us food and drink, Eatables of many kinds, Setting off from the house, To the forest grove we took it all. Having enjoyed and sported there, We turned our feet to home But on the way I saw and entered Near Saketa, a monastery. Seeing the Light of the World I drew near, bowed down to Him; Out of compassion the Seeing One Then taught me Dhamma there. Hearing the words of the Great Sage, I penetrated Truth: The Dhamma passionless, I touched the Dhamma of Deathlessness. When the True Dhamma had been known, I went forth to the homeless life; The three True Knowledges are attained, Not empty the Buddha's Teaching!

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