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Ghatva Sutta: Having Killed

Ghatva Sutta

Summary: The Buddha describes one thing that deserves to be killed.

SN 1.71 PTS: S i 41 CDB i 133

Ghatva Sutta: Having Killed

translated from the Pali by

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

As she was standing to one side, a devata recited this verse to the Blessed One:

Having killed what do you sleep in ease? Having killed what do you not grieve? Of the slaying of what one thing does Gotama approve? [The Buddha:]

Having killed anger

you sleep in ease.

Having killed anger

you do not grieve.

The noble ones praise the slaying of anger

— with its honeyed crest
& poison root —

for having killed it

you do not grieve.

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