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Nidaana.m Sutta: Aananda's Mistake

Nidaana.m Sutta


SN 12.60 PTS: S ii 92 CDB i 593

Nidaana.m Sutta: Aananda's Mistake


translated from the Pali by

Maurice O'Connell Walshe

The Pali title of this sutta is based on the PTS (Feer) edition.

The Blessed One was once staying among the Kurus at their market-town of Kammaasadamma. [And the Venerable Aananda said:] “Wonderful, Lord, marvelous, Lord, is the profundity of this law of Dependent Origination, and how profound it appears! And yet to me it appears perfectly plain.”

“Do not say that, Aananda, do not say that! This law of Dependent Origination is indeed profound and appears profound. It is through not knowing, not understanding, not penetrating this truth(1) that this generation has become entangled like a knotted string, covered with blight, like grass and reeds, and cannot pass over the downfall, the woeful way, the sorrowful state, the cycle of birth-and-death.”(2)






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