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Summary: How can you tell when you're seeing things as they really are.

SN 22.49 PTS: S iii 48 CDB i 887

Soṇo Sutta: Soṇa


translated from the Pali by

Maurice O'Connell Walshe

The Pali title of this sutta is based on the PTS (Feer) edition.

[At Veluvana the householder's son approached the Blessed One. The Buddha said:] “Whatever recluses and Brahmans,, hold views about the body, which is impermanent, unsatisfactory and subject to change, such as 'I am better [than you],' 'I am equal [to you],' or 'I am worse [than you]' [likewise 'feeling,' 'perception,' 'mental formations,' 'consciousness'], what else are they but folk who do not see things as they really are?

“But,, whatever recluses and Brahmans do not hold such views… What else are they but those who see things as they really are?”

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