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Akasa Sutta: In the Sky (1)

Akasa Sutta

Summary: Feelings rise and fall, like winds blowing across the skies.

SN 36.12 PTS: S iv 218 CDB ii 1272

Akasa Sutta: In the Sky (1)

translated from the Pali by

Nyanaponika Thera

“In the sky, O monks, various kinds of winds are blowing: winds from the east, west, north and south, winds carrying dust and winds without dust, winds hot and cold, gentle and fierce. Similarly, monks, there arise in this body various kinds of feelings: pleasant feelings arise, painful feelings arise and neutral feelings arise.”

Just as in the sky above winds of various kinds are blowing: Coming from the east or west, blowing from the north or south, Some carry dust and others not, cold are some and others hot, Some are fierce and others mild — their blowing is so different. So also in this body here, feelings of different kind arise: The pleasant feelings and the painful and the neutral ones. But if a monk is ardent and does not neglect To practice mindfulness and comprehension clear, The nature of all feelings will he understand, And having penetrated them, he will be taint-free in this very life. Mature in knowledge, firm in Dhamma's ways, When once his life-span ends, his body breaks, All measure and concept he has transcended.

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