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Agara Sutta: The Guest House

Agara Sutta

Summary: Feelings come and go, like house-guests.

SN 36.14 PTS: S iv 219 CDB ii 1273

Agara Sutta: The Guest House

translated from the Pali by

Nyanaponika Thera

“In a guest house, O monks, people from the east may take lodgings, or people from the west, north or south. People from the warrior caste may come and take lodgings there, and also Brahmans, middle class people and menials.

“Similarly, O monks, there arise in this body various kinds of feelings; there arise pleasant feelings, painful feelings and neutral feelings; worldly feelings that are pleasant, painful or neutral, and unworldly(1) feelings that are pleasant, painful and neutral.”



Or: spiritual.

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