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Posted by: Johann
« on: June 14, 2018, 04:59:11 AM »

While at large "modern" Buddhists are subject of their defilement, having been given certain finer tools, using them to defend their most groos defilement and stingy on the lowest level are not delight in any of the basics.

So it's a gift to get the share of someone rejoicing in generosity, actuall one having Saddha (mind toward sacrificing). May many rejoice with Upasaka maranadhammomhi (Dylans) generosity in giving Dhamma on the risk an in sacrifice of honor under stingy people.

Overcoming of stinginess, the abounding of the six kinds of Macchariya, is the quality only Noble mind, noble people have gained.

Quote from: Upasaka Dylan Re: Dana and debt
The kammic consequence of generosity & giving is wealth.

No one has ever nor will ever become poor from giving.

If you have debt you should give more. Even if you have just $100 you could give it all away & your debt will not be a bigger burden as a result, wealth will come to you. Through generosity your wealth will increase & you will be able to pay your debt while continuing to give & develop relinquishment.

Causality is not materialist, it is ethical. Many Buddhists fail to break out of materialism.

You should have faith that you could literally give away everything you have, all of your possessions, & the result will only be an increase of wealth, not a decrease.

anāthapiṇḍika gave away his entire fortune & sure enough he developed a whole new fortune all in one lifetime.

I have about $20,000 of debt. I give a couple hundred dollars in charity each month. Whenever anyone asks me for money I give it to them. I help support a poor Burmese friend of mine. I recently paid for the school fees of a man from Uganda who messaged me asking for money on facebook. I donated $50 to pariyatti yesterday. Overall my wealth & income is increasing. Still I could & should do more.

The thought "I do not have enough to give" is stinginess. It is not a rational conclusion based on how poverty & wealth actually manifest in the world. They are results of kamma. You will become rich if you're generous. You will become poor if you're miserly. The moment you hesitate to relinquish your wealth is the moment you should throw it all at those who deserve it. This is a radical mode of causality extremely different than what the world generally believes in but it's what the Buddha taught & you would do well to have faith in it.

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

'''Whatever there may be in our family that can be given away, all that we will share unreservedly with the virtuous ones who are of good character.' It is in such a way that you should train yourselves. "
Quote from: a dying virtuous faithful householder to his family, his last order/wish for their welfair

May many take part on his excellent gift of Dhamma, generosity, his merits and rejoice with it. May the Devas tell those not gotten in touch yet.