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A Theravada Library

A Theravada Library


A Theravada Library

jtb 050123: For years I called this the “Theravada Text Archives” . But one day recently I noticed how “dead” that sounds. It sounds pretentious. It reminds me of the dusty basement stacks in a research library where the boring old moldy historical texts that no one actually reads anymore are archived (“archived” = stored somewhere for some as-yet unknown future purpose). These books are alive! They're meant to be read! So let's just call it a library. jtb 050329: I discontinued the individual zip archives for several reasons: 1. They haven't been very popular, as evidenced by the Urchin website stats (only two ranked among the top 500 (top ~1/3) most popular downloads: (about #100) and (about #300). We're keeping Dhp will soon be available in PDF. 2. When a directory is zipped up independent of the rest of the site, the path to the CSS becomes meaningless. While it would be possible to include the CSS with each zip, and to edit the path to the CSS in each of the HTML files in the archive, this would be a pain. 3. It's time consuming to keep maintaining (and uploading) the zip archives. The time I devote to keeping them all in good working order as the website evolves could be invested elsewhere. 1+2+3 = reason enough to let them go. jtb 050321: Long-overdue reorganization of the library… What is the significance of the “Other Contemporary Western Writers and Teachers” category? “Other” than _what_? Why is Than Ian listed there, but not Nyanaponika Thera? That category is a throwback to the early days, when 90% of the books on ATI were from the BPS, and “Other” simply meant “published somewhere other than BPS”. But “by publisher” is a strange way to categorize things in a library. So let's drop the BPS as a category, and give each author equal footing, with a page of his or her own.

Access to Insight's text library includes hundreds of short essays, books on meditation practice and Buddhist doctrine, Study Guides, sutta commentaries, and much more. To find what you're looking for, use the indexes or the search engine, or browse through the list of contributing authors and translators. You may also want to try these quick links to some of ATI's featured offerings:

Selected texts from the Pali canon (English translations):

Digha Nikaya


Abhidhamma Pitaka

Featured authors:

Bhikkhu Bodhi (1944- )

Nyanaponika Thera (1901-1994)

Ayya Khema (1923-1997)

Masters from the Thai forest traditions:

Chah, Ajaan (1918-1992)

Fuang, Ajaan (1915-1986)

Kee Nanayon, Upasika (1901-1979)

Lee, Ajaan (1907-1961)

Maha Boowa, Ajaan (1913-2011)

Mun, Ajaan (1870-1949)

Suwat, Ajaan (1919-2002)

Thate, Ajaan (1902-1994)


Titles from the Buddhist Publication Society



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