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Index of Proper Names

Index of Proper Names


Index of Proper Names

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This is a partial index of the people and places that appear in the suttas available at Access to Insight. Significant life transitions (e.g., going for refuge, enlightenment, death) are shown in square brackets []. Sources for certain biographical details are indicated by braces {} and are found at the bottom of this page.

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<dl class='indexInline'>

Abhaya, Prince:
Abhaya, Ven.:
Abhibhuta, Ven.:
Accuta (private Buddha):
Accuta (devas):
Accutagamabyamaka (private Buddha):
Aciravata (novice):
Aciravati (river):
Adhikakka (river):
Adhimutta, Ven.:
Aggalava shrine:
Ajakalāpaka (shrine and spirit who lives there):
Ajatasattu (king of Magadha; son of Queen Videha; nephew of King Pasenadi; father of Prince Udayibhadda):
Ajita (brahman ascetic):
Ajita Kesakambalin:
Ajjheya (town):
Akasa (clan):
Akkosaka Bharadvaja, Ven.:
Alakamanda (deva city):
Alara Kalama (Buddha's first meditation teacher):
Alavaka (yakkha):
Alavi (city):
Allakappa (city):
Ambalatthika (city):
Ambapali, Ven. Sister (formerly the courtesan):
Ambara-ambaravati (deva city):
Ambāṭakavana (Plum-Mango Grove):
Ananda (private Buddha):
Ananda, Ven. (a.k.a. the “Guardian of the Dhamma”; Buddha's cousin; half-brother to Ven. Anuruddha; Buddha's chief personal attendant for the last 25 years of the Buddha's life {2}):

recalls the teachings that brought him to stream-entry; for a biography see Ananda: The Guardian of the Dhamma; for Sariputta's list of qualities with which Ananda is endowed, see AN 6.51.]

Anasava (private Buddha):
Anāthapiṇḍika, the wealthy householder (lit. “Almsgiver to those without protection”; his given name was Sudatta):
Anāthapiṇḍika's park/monastery (Jeta's Grove):
Andhakavinda (city):
Anejaka (devas):
Anga (private Buddha):
Anga (country):
Angirasa (brahman sage):
Angulimala (bandit; a.k.a. Gagga Mantaniputta):
Anguttarapan (people):
Anigha (private Buddha):
Anopama, the millionaire's daughter:
Anotatta (lake).:
Anupiya (city):
Anuradha, Ven.:
Anuruddha, Ven. (Buddha's cousin; half-brother to Ven. Ananda; a.k.a. “Master of the Divine Eye”):
Apana (town):
Aparajita (private Buddha):
Araka (brahman):
Arittaka (devas):
Arittha Formerly-of-the-Vulture-Killers:
Arittha, Ven.:
Arittha (private Buddha):
Arittho (yakkha):
Ariya (private Buddha):
Asama (deva):
Asayha (private Buddha):
Asibandhakaputta (headman and disciple of the Niganthas):

SN 42.6, SN 42.8; SN 42.9; [goes for refuge: a, b]

Asita (private Buddha):
Asita (the seer):
Assaji, Ven.:
Assaka (country):
Assalayana (brahman):
Assapura (town):
Assatara (city):
Asuras (demons):
Atanata (deva city):
Atthaka (private Buddha):
Atthaka (brahman sage):
Atthakanagara (town):
Atthama (private Buddha):
Avanti (country):
Avici (hell realm):
Ayojjhans (people):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Bahiya of the Bark-cloth (praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhus in terms of the speed of his understanding {1}):
Bahuka (river):
Bahumati (river):
Bahuna, Ven.:
Bahuputta (shrine):
Baka Brahma:
Bali (asura demon):
Bandhuma (private Buddha):
Banyan Park:

see Varanasi

Belatthasisa, Ven.:
Beluva (village):
Bhadda Kapilani, Ven. Sister (former wife of Maha Kassapa):
Bhadda Kundalakesa, Ven. Sister (praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhunis in terms of the speed of her understanding {2}:
Bhaddiya Kaligodha, Ven.:
Bhaddiya the Dwarf, Ven.:
Bhadravudha (brahman ascetic):
Bhagga (people):
Bhaggava (a potter):
Bhagu (brahman sage):
Bhalliya, Ven.:
Bhanda (village):
Bharadvaja (private Buddha):
Bharadvaja, Ven. Akkosaka:
Bharadvaja, Ven. Jata:
Bharadvaja, Kasi:
Bharadvaja, Navakammika:
Bharadvaja, Ven. Pindola:
Bharadvaja, Ven. Sundarika:
Bharadvaja (ancient brahman sage):
Bharadvaja (clan):
Bharadvaja (yakkha):
Bhavitatta (private Buddha):
Bhesakala (grove):
Bhoganagara (city):
Bhoja (sky-walking deva):
Bhumija, Ven.:
Bhuta, Ven.:
Bimbisara, King Seniya (of Magadha):
Bodhi (private Buddha):
Brahmadatta, Ven.:
Brahmadatta (king of Kasi):
Buli (clan):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Cakkhupala, Ven.:
Cala, Ven. Sister:
Calika (mountain):
Campa (city):
Canda, the beggar:
Candana (deva):
Canki (brahman):
Capala (shrine):
Ceti (people):
Chabyaputta (royal snake lineage):
Channa, Ven. (formerly, the Buddha's horseman):
Channa (wandering ascetic):
Ciravasi (son of Gandhabhaka):
Citra (garuda):
Citta the elephant trainer's son:
Citta the householder (praised by the Buddha both as a role-model for the lay disciples and as an expounder of Dhamma {2}):
Cittaka, Ven.:
Cittasena (deva):
Crocodile Haunt:
Cula Panthaka, Ven.:
Culaka, Ven.:
Cunda (the novice):
Cunda (the silversmith):
Cunda, Ven. Maha:
Cundaka, Ven.:


<dl class='indexInline'>

Dabba Mallaputta, Ven.:
Dabbila (private Buddha):
Dadamukkha (yakkha):
Dakkhinagiri (town):
Dantika, Ven. Sister:
Dasaka, Ven.:
Dasaraha (people):
Devadaha (town):
Devadatta (Buddha's cousin):
Devala the Dark (brahman seer):
Devasata (yakkha):
Dhamma, Ven. Sister:
Dhammadinna, Ven. Sister (praised by the Buddha as being the foremost Dhamma teacher among the bhikkhunis {2}):
Dhammika, Ven.:
Dhanañjani (brahman):
Dhanapalaka (elephant):
Dharani (lake):
Dhatarattha (deva):
Dhatarattha (naga):
Dhavajalika (town):
Dhotaka (brahman ascetic):
Dighajanu (Vyagghapajja; “TigerPaw”):
Dighavu (son of King Dighiti):
Dighanakha Aggivessana (“LongNails”; a brahman ascetic):
Dighiti (king of Kosala; father of Dighavu):
Dona (brahman):
Dummukha (the Licchavin):
Durannaya (private Buddha):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Ekanala (village):
Ekuddaniya, Ven.:
Eraka, Ven.:
Erapatha (royal snake lineage):
Eravanna (naga):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Frying Pan (the acrobat):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Gagga (clan):
Gaggara (lake):
Ganaka Moggallana (brahman):
Gandhabhaka (a.k.a. Bhadraka):
Gandhara (private Buddha):
Gandhara (country):
Ganges (Ganga) river:
Gavesin, Ven.:
Gaya (city):
Gaya (river):
Gaya Head (mountain):
Ghata (a Sakyan):
Ghosita's Park:
Gijjhakuta (mountain):
Giribajja (mountains):
Godatta, Ven.:
Godha (father of Bhaddiya):
Gopala (yakkha):
Gosala, Ven.:
Gotama, Ven.:
Gotamaka, Dark (royal snake lineage):
Gotamaka (shrine):
Gula (yakkha):
Gunda (forest):
Gutijjita (private Buddha):
Gutta, Ven. Sister:


<dl class='indexInline'>

Haliddavasana (town):
Haragaja (devas):
Harita, Ven.:
Hatthaka (wealthy prince):
Hatthigama (village):
Hemaka (brahman ascetic):
Hemavata (yakkha):
Himalaya (Himavanta) mountains:
Hinga (private Buddha):
Hiraññavati (river):
Hiri (yakkha):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Icchanangala (village):
Inda (yakhka):
Indra (deva):
Isana (deva king):
Isidatta, Ven.:
Isigili (mountain):
Isipatana (suburb of Varanasi):



<dl class='indexInline'>

Jains (practitioners of Jainism; Niganthas):
Jali (private Buddha):
Jalini (devata; former consort to Ven. Anuruddha):
Janesabha (yakkha):
Janogha (deva city):
Jantu (village):
Janussonin (brahman):

MN 4, MN 27, AN 4.184, AN 10.177; [goes for refuge: 1, 2]

Jata Bharadvaja, Ven.:
Jatila Bhagika, Ven. Sister:
Jatukannin (brahman ascetic):
Jayanta (private Buddha):
Jayasena, Prince (son of king Bimbisara):
Jenta, Ven. (the Royal Chaplain's Son):
Jeta (private Buddha):
Jeta's Grove (see Anāthapiṇḍika's park/monastery):
Jita (private Buddha):
Jiva (Ubbiri's daughter):
Jivaka Komarabhacca:
Jivaka, Ven.:
Jotinama (devas):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Kaccana, Ven. Maha (praised by the Buddha for his mastery in analyzing the Dhamma and explaining it to others {2}):
Kaccayana Gotta, Ven.:
Kajjangala (people):
Kakusanda (a previous Buddha; the fourth of the Buddhas mentioned in the Canon):
Kakuttha (river):
Kala (private Buddha):
Kala-khemaka (a Sakyan):
Kalakañjas (a race of asura demons):
Kalama (region):
Kali (slave):
Kallavalaputta (city):
Kāmabhū, Ven.:
Kamada (deva):
Kamasettha (yakkha):
Kambala (city):
Kamboja (country):
Kammasadhamma (town):
Kanha (private Buddha):
Kanhadinna, Ven.:
Kankharevata, Ven. (Revata the Doubter):
Kannakathala (city):
Kapadika (brahman student):
Kapilavata (deva city):
Kapilavatthu (city):
Kappa (brahman ascetic):
Kappa, Ven.:
Kappina, Ven. Maha:
Karamvi (forest):
Karatiya (yakkha):
Kasi (country):
Kasi Bharadvaja (brahman):
Kassapa (a previous Buddha; the sixth of the Buddhas mentioned in the Canon):
Kassapa (brahman sage):
Kassapa, Ven. Maha (a.k.a. “Father of the Sangha”; former husband to Bhadda Kapilani):
Kassapa (clothless ascetic):
Katthaka (devas):
Kesaputta (city):
Kesi (private Buddha):
Kesi the horsetrainer:
Ketuma (private Buddha):
Ketumbaraga (private Buddha):
Kevatta the householder:
Khema, Ven.:
Khema, Ven. Sister:
Khemabhirata (private Buddha):
Khemaka, Ven.:
Khemiya (devas):
Khitaka, Ven.:
Khujjuttara (servant to Queen Samavati; praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the female lay disciples in terms of her learning):
Kimbila, Ven.:

Kimbila (Thag 1.118)

Kimikala (river):
Kimila, Ven.:
Kinnughandu (deva):
Kisa Gotami, Ven. Sister:
Kitagiri (town):
Kokanuda (wandering ascetic):
Kolita (given name of Ven. Moggallana):
Koliyan (clan):
Komarabhacca, Jivaka:
Konagamana (previous Buddha; the fifth of the Buddhas mentioned in the Canon):
Kondañña, Ven.:
Koravya, King.:
Kosala (private Buddha):
Kosala (country):
Kotigama (village):
Kotthita, Ven. Maha:
Kukkata (monastery):
Kumbhira (deva):
Kuru (country):
Kusavati (city; later became Kusinara):
Kusinara (city; formerly Kusavati):
Kusinata (deva city):
Kutiviharin, Ven.:
Kuvera (deva king):



<dl class='indexInline'>

Lama (devas):
Lambitaka (devas):
Licchavi (clan):
Lohicca (brahman):
Lomahamsa (private Buddha):
Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Maccha (country):
Macchikāsanda (city):
Maddakucchi (deer reserve):
Magadha (country):
Madhura (town):
Magandiya (wandering ascetic):
Mahaka, Ven.:
Mahakala, Ven.:
Mahali the Licchavi:
Mahanama (private Buddha):
Mahanama, the Sakyan (a cousin to the Buddha; brother of Ven. Anuruddha):
Mahapajapati Gotami, Ven. Sister (Buddha's aunt and stepmother):
Mahasudassana, King:
Mahi (river):
Mahisavatthu [Water Buffalo Ground]:
Makkhali Gosala:
Makuta-bandhana (Buddha's cremation site):
Malla (clan):
Mallika, Queen:
Malunkyaputta, Ven.:
Manatthaddha (private Buddha):
Mandiya (yakkha):
Mangala (private Buddha):
Manomaya (private Buddha):
Mantani (clan):
Manusa (devas):
Māra (a.k.a. Namuci, “Kinsman of the heedless”):
Matali (yakkha):
Matanga (private Buddha):
Matanga (wilderness area):
Matangaputta, Ven.:
Maya (deva):
Medakathalika (acrobat; a.k.a. “Frying Pan”):
Megha (private Buddha):
Meghiya, Ven.:
Meru (mountain):
Methula (private Buddha):
Mettagu (brahman ascetic):
Migacira (garden):
Migajala, Ven.:
Migara's Mother's Palace (see also Visakha, a.k.a. "Migara's Mother"):
Migara Rohaneyya:
Mithila (city):
Mittakali, Ven. Sister:
Moggallana, Ven. Maha (Kolita; praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhus in terms of his mastery of psychic powers; he and Ven. Sariputta were the Buddha's two chief disciples):
Moggallana (the guardsman):
Mogharaja (brahman ascetic):
Moilya Phagguna:
Moliyasivaka (brahman ascetic):

SN 36.21; AN 6.47; [goes for refuge: SN 36.21, AN 6.47]

Mori (clan):
Muccalinda, the naga king:
Musila, Ven.:
Mutta, Ven. Sister:


<dl class='indexInline'>

Nabhasa (lake):
Nadika (city):
Nagaraka (town):
Nagasamala, Ven.:
Nagita, Ven.:
Nakula's parents (praised by the Buddha for their unwavering faithfulness to each other {2}):
Nakulapita (Nakula's father):
Nala (yakkha):
Nalaka (village):
Nalanda (city):
Nalijangha (brahman):
Namuci (a.k.a. Māra):
Namuci (asura demon):
Nanda (private Buddha):
Nanda, Ven. Sister (praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhunis in terms of her mastery of jhāna {1}):
Nanda, Ven. (half-brother of the Buddha):
Nanda (brahman ascetic):
Nanda (cowherd):
Nandaka, Ven.:
Nandaka (chief minister of the Licchavi clan):
Nandana (deva garden):
Nandiya, Ven.:
Nandiya (a Sakyan):
Narada, Ven.:
Natapuriya (deva city):
Navakammika Bharadvaja (brahman):
Ñatika (town):
Navanavati (deva city):
Nemi (yakkha):
Nemisa (private Buddha):
Nerañjara (river):
Netti (yakkha):
Nigahandu (yakkha):
Nigantha Nataputta (Jain teacher; see also Niganthas):
Niganthas (Jains; see also Nigantha Nataputta):
Nigrodha, Ven.:
Nigrodhakappa, Ven.:
Nigrodha Park:
Nimmanarati (devas):
Niraya (hell):
Nita, Ven.:
Nitha (private Buddha):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Ojasi (yakkha):
Okkala (city):
Opamanna (yakkha):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Pabbata (private Buddha):
Pacetana, King:
Paduma (private Buddha):
Padumuttara (private Buddha):
Paharada (asura demon):
Pajapati (deva king):
Pajjota, King:
Pajunna (yakkha):
Pakudha Kaccayana:
Panada (deva):
Panada (yakkha):
Pandava (mountain):
Panga (private Buddha):
Pañcakanga (carpenter to King Pasenadi):
Pañcala (country):
Pañcalacanda (deva's son):
Pañcalacanda (yakkha):
Pañcasikha (deva):
Paraga (devas):
Parakusinata (deva city):
Paramatta (brahma):
Paranimmita-vasavatti (devas):
Parasiri (Parasivi):
Parileyyaka (Palileyyaka) (city):
Pasenadi (king of Kosala; uncle of King Ajatasattu):
Passin (private Buddha):
Patacara, Ven. Sister (praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhunis in terms of her mastery of Vinaya {2}):
Pataligama (village):
Pataliputta (city):
Patibhana (“Inspiration” peak):
Pava (city):
Pavarika's mango grove:
Pavatta (private Buddha):
Pavatta (mountain):
Pavittha, Ven.:
Payaga (city):
Payaga (river):
Pigeon Cave:
Pilotika Vacchayana:
Pindola (private Buddha):
Pindola Bharadvaja, Ven.:
Piṅgalakoccha (brahman):
Pingiya (brahman ascetic):
Pipphali Cave:
Pipphalivana (city):
Piyadassi (private Buddha):
Posala (brahman ascetic):
Pukkusati, Ven.:
Punabbasu, Ven.:
Punna, Ven.:
Punna Mantaniputta, Ven.:
Punna, Ven. Sister:
Punna (ox-duty ascetic):
Punnaka (yakkha):
Punnaka (brahman ascetic):
Punnamasa, Ven.:
Punnika, Ven. Sister:
Purana Kassapa:



<dl class='indexInline'>

Radha, Ven.:
Rahu (asura king):
Rahula, Ven. (son of the Buddha):
Raja (yakkha):
Rajadatta, Ven.:
Rājagaha (city):
Rakkhita (private Buddha):
Ramagama (village):
Ramaneyyaka, Ven.:
Rammaka (brahman):
Ratthapala, Ven.:
Revata the Doubter:
Revata, Ven. Maha:
Rohana (Pekhuniya's grandson):
Rohini, Ven. Sister:
Rohitassa (son of a deva):
Roja (devas):
Roruva (hell realm):
Rosika (the barber):
Rucira (devas):


<dl class='indexInline'>

Sabhiya Kaccana, Ven.:
Saccaka Aggivessana (a Jain):
Saccanama (private Buddha):
Sadamatta (devas):
Sahabhu (devas):
Sahadhamma (devas):
Sahajati (city):
Sahali (deva):
Sahampati, Brahma:
Saketa (city):
Sakka (deva king; a.k.a. Vasava, “powerful”; born of the Kosiya clan):
Sakkara (town):
Sakula (sister of Soma):
Sakyan (clan):
Sala (village in Kosala):
Salavatika (town):
Salha (Migara's grandson):
Salha, Ven.:
Samana (devas):
Samandakani (wanderer):
Samavati, Queen (married to King Udena; praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the female lay disciples in terms of her embodiment of loving-kindness {2}):
Samiddhi, Ven.:
Sanankumara (brahma):
Sandha, Ven.:
Saṅgāmaji, Ven.:
Sangarava (brahman):
Sangha (private Buddha):
Sanjatiya (town):
Sankheyyaka (mountain):
Sankicca, Ven.:
Santacitta (private Buddha):
Santusita (deva):
Sañjaya (brahman of Akasa clan):
Sañjaya Belatthaputta:
Sappadasa, Ven.:
Sarabhanga (private Buddha):
Sarabhu (river):
Sarandada (shrine):
Sarassati (river):
Sariputta, Ven. (Upatissa; a.k.a. the “Marshal of the Dhamma”; praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhus in terms of his discernment {2}; he and Ven. Moggallana were the Buddha's two chief disciples):
Sata (mountain):
Satagira (yakkha):
Sati (the fisherman's son):
Sattambaka (shrine):
Sattapanni (cave):
Sattha (private Buddha):
Satullapa (deva):
Sāvatthī (city):

DN 9, DN 16, MN 2, MN 4, MN 7, MN 8, MN 9, MN 11, MN 13, MN 19, MN 20, MN 21, MN 22, MN 24, MN 26, MN 27, MN 28, MN 30, MN 33, MN 38, MN 43, MN 49, MN 59, MN 62, MN 63, MN 72, MN 78, MN 86, MN 87, MN 93, MN 107, MN 109, MN 110, MN 111, MN 113, MN 117, MN 118, MN 119, MN 121, MN 130, MN 135, MN 137, MN 138, MN 146, MN 149, SN 1.1, SN 1.41, SN 2.7, SN 3.1, SN 3.4, SN 3.5, SN 3.6, SN 3.7, SN 3.14, SN 3.15, SN 3.17, SN 3.19, SN 3.20, SN 3.23, SN 3.24, SN 3.25, SN 4.8, SN 4.19, SN 5.1, SN 5.2, SN 5.3, SN 5.4, SN 5.5, SN 5.6, SN 5.7, SN 5.8, SN 5.9, SN 5.10, SN 7.6, SN 7.14, SN 8.4, SN 11.3, SN 11.5, SN 12.11, SN 12.12, SN 12.46, SN 12.61, SN 13.1, SN 13.2, SN 13.8, SN 12.19, SN 12.25, SN 12.48, SN 12.31, SN 12.44, SN 12.52, SN 14.11, SN 15.3, SN 15.9, SN 15.11, SN 15.12, SN 15.14, SN 12.2, SN 12.15, SN 12.20, SN 12.23, SN 12.64, SN 12.65, SN 15.3, SN 16.13, SN 17.5, SN 17.8, SN 20.2, SN 20.4, SN 20.5, SN 20.6, SN 20.7, SN 21.1, SN 21.2, SN 21.6, SN 22.5, SN 22.22, SN 22.23, SN 22.36, SN 22.39, SN 22.40, SN 22.41, SN 22.42, SN 22.48, SN 22.53, SN 22.54, SN 22.57, SN 22.58, SN 22.79, SN 22.83, SN 22.84, SN 22.85, SN 22.93, SN 22.99, SN 22.100, SN 22.101, SN 22.121, SN 23.2, SN 35.63, SN 35.197, SN 44.1, SN 45.1, SN 45.8, SN 46.53, SN 47.13, SN 47.35, SN 47.37, SN 47.41, SN 47.42, SN 48.41, SN 48.44, SN 52.10, SN 54.6, SN 54.13, SN 55.1, AN 3.51, AN 3.52, AN 3.66, AN 3.70, AN 3.71, AN 4.45, AN 4.67, AN 5.28, AN 5.49, AN 6.49, AN 5.51, AN 8.43, AN 9.1, AN 10.70, AN 10.71, AN 10.93, AN 10.94, AN 11.1, AN 10.51, AN 10.60, Sn 2.4, Sn 2.14, Sn 3.3, Sn 3.12, Ud 1.5, Ud 1.10, Ud 2.2, Ud 2.3, Ud 2.4, Ud 2.5, Ud 2.6, Ud 2.7, Ud 2.9, Ud 3.1, Ud 3.2, Ud 3.3, Ud 3.4, Ud 3.5, Ud 3.8, Ud 4.6, Ud 4.7, Ud 4.10, Ud 5.1, Ud 5.2, Ud 5.4, Ud 5.5, Ud 5.6, Ud 5.7, Ud 5.10, Ud 6.2, Ud 6.3, Ud 6.4, Ud 6.5, Ud 6.6, Ud 6.7, Ud 6.9, Ud 7.1, Ud 7.2, Ud 7.3, Ud 7.4, Ud 7.5, Ud 7.6, Ud 8.1, Ud 8.2, Ud 8.3, Ud 8.4, Ud 8.8, Ud 8.9, Ud 8.10

Sayha (private Buddha):
Sedaka (town):
Sela, Ven. Sister:
Seniya (dog-duty ascetic):
Serisakka (yakkha):
Setabya (city):
Sidari (private Buddha):
Siha, General:
Sikhi (a previous Buddha; the second of the Buddhas mentioned in the Canon):
Sikhi (private Buddha):
Simsapa (forest):
Sindh (region):
Sineru (mountain):
Singalapita, Ven.:
Sirimanda, Ven.:
Sirivaddha, Ven.:
Sisupacala, Ven. Sister:
Sivaka, Ven.:
Sivaka (yakkha):
Sobhita (private Buddha):
Soma (sister of Sakula):
Soma, Ven. Sister:
Soma (yakkha):
Sona, Ven. Sister:

(mother of ten; praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhunis in terms of her energetic courage {1}): Thig 5.8

Sona Kolivisa, Ven.:
Sona Kotikanna:
Sona Potiriyaputta, Ven.:
Sona (householder's son):
Sorata (private Buddha):
Subahu (private Buddha):
Subha (private Buddha):
Subha, Ven. Sister:
Subha (brahman, son of Todeyya):
Subhadda (lay follower):
Subhadda, Ven. (“the Wanderer”; the last bhikkhu ordained by the Buddha):
Subhadda, Ven.:
Subhaga (forest):
Subhuti, Ven.:
Subrahma (brahma):
Sucitti (asura demon):
Sudassana (private Buddha):
Sudassana (brahman youth):
Sudatha (private Buddha):
Suddhodana (Buddha's father):
Sujata, Ven. Sister:
Sujata (laywoman):
Sujata (asura maiden):
Suleyya (devas):
Sumana, Ven.:
Sumana the Novice:
Sumana (yakkha):
Sumangala (private Buddha):
Sumangala, Ven.:
Sumangala's Mother:
Sumbha (private Buddha):
Sumbha (people):
Sumukha (yakkha):
Sunaga, Ven.:
Sunakkhatta (the Licchavin):
Sunaparanta (country):
Sundara (private Buddha):
Sundara Samudda, Ven.:
Sundarika (river):
Sundarika Bharadvaja, Ven.:
Sunidha (brahman):
Sunimmita (deva):
Sunita the Outcaste:
Supanna (garuda):
Suppabuddha (the leper):
Suppagedha (yakkha):
Supparaka (city):
Suppatitthita (private Buddha):
Suppiya, Ven.:
Surasena (country):
Suriyavacchasa (deva):
Suro (yakkha):
Susarada, Ven.:
Susima, Ven.:
Sutava (private Buddha):
Sutavan, Ven.:
Suyama (deva):


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Tacchaka (city):
Tadadhimutta (private Buddha):
Tagarasikhi (private Buddha):
Talaputa (the actor):
Tapoda (monastery and hot springs):
Tapussa the householder:
Tatha (private Buddha):
Tatojasi (yakkha):
Tatola (yakkha):
Tattala (yakkha):
Tejasi (yakkha):
Thera, Ven.:
Thullakotthita (city):
Thuna (village):
Timbaru (deva):
Tissa (private Buddha):
Tissa, Ven. (a paternal cousin of the Buddha):
Tissa (brahma):
Tissa-metteyya (brahman ascetic):
Todeyya (brahman ascetic):
Toranavatthu (village):
Tusita (devas):


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Ubbiri, Ven. Sister:
Uccangamaya (private Buddha):
Uccaya (private Buddha):
Udañña (town):
Udaya (brahman ascetic):
Udayibhadda, Prince (son of King Ajatasattu):
Udayin, Ven. (a.k.a. Kaludayin):
Uddaka Ramaputta (Buddha's second meditation teacher):
Udena, King (King of Kosambi; married to Queen Samavati):
Udena (shrine):
Ukkattha (city):
Unnabha the Brahman:
Upacala, Ven. Sister:
Upaka (Ajivaka):
Upakala (private Buddha):
Upali, Ven.:
Upananda (private Buddha):
Upanemisa (private Buddha):
Upanita (private Buddha):
Uparittha (private Buddha):
Upasabha (private Buddha):
Upasena, Ven.:
Upasena Vangantaputta, Ven.:
Upasidari (private Buddha):
Upasiva (brahman ascetic):
Upatissa (private Buddha):
Upatissa (given name of Ven. Sariputta):
Upavana, Ven.:
Uposatha (private Buddha):
Uppala (private Buddha):
Uppalavanna, Ven. Sister (praised by the Buddha as being foremost among the bhikkhunis in terms of her mastery of psychic powers {2}):
Uruvela (city):
Uruvelakappa (city):
Usabha (private Buddha):
Uttama, Ven.:
Uttama, Ven. Sister:
Uttara (private Buddha):
Uttara (the Deva's son):
Uttara (brahman; son of Parasiri):
Uttarakuru (northern continent):
Uttiya (wandering ascetic):


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Vacchagotta (wandering ascetic):
Vaggamuda (river):
Vajira, Ven. Sister:
Vajirapāṇin [yakkha spirit]:
Vajiri, Princess:
Vajji (country):
Vajjiya Mahita:
Vakkali, Ven.:
Valliya, Ven.:
Vamadeva (brahman sage):
Vamaka (brahman sage):
Vanavaccha, Ven.:
Vanavaccha's pupil:
Vangisa, Ven.:
Vansa (country):
Varanasi (Baranasi; city):
Varuna (devas):
Varuna (yakkha):
Vasabha, Queen:
Vasava (deva):

see Sakka

Vasavanesi (devas):
Vasavatti (deva):
Vasettha (brahman sage):
Vasitthi, the madwoman:
Vassakara, the brahman:
Vataraga (private Buddha):
Vebhara (mountain):
Vedehika, Lady:
Veghana (devas):
Velugvagamaka (town):
Vendu (deva):
Vepacitti (asura demon):
Vepulla (mountain):
Verahaccani (brahman woman):
Verambha (wind):
Veroca (asura demon):
Vesali (city):
Vessabhu (a previous Buddha; the third of the Buddhas mentioned in the Canon):
Vessamitta (brahman sage):
Vessamitta (yakkha):
Vessamitta (land):
Vessavana, King:
Vetendu (deva):
Vethadipa (island):
Vicakkhana (devas):
Videha, Queen (mother of King Ajatasattu):
Vidudabha, General (son of King Pasenadi):
Vijaya, Ven. Sister:
Vijita (private Buddha):
Vijitasena, Ven.:
Vimala (private Buddha):
Vimala, the former courtesan:
Vimila, Ven.:
Vipassi (a previous Buddha; the first of the Buddhas mentioned in the Canon):
Virulha (a peta king):
Virupakkha (naga king):
Visakha (laywoman; a.k.a. “Migara's Mother”; chief patroness to the Buddha; see also Migara's Mother's Palace):
Visakha (layman; former husband of Ven. Sister Dhammadinna):
Visana (deva kingdom):
Vitu (deva):
Vulture Peak:

see Dighajanu


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Yama (deva):

DN 11 (1, 2),

DN 20, MN 130, SN 56.11

Yamaka, Ven.:
Yamataggi (brahman sage):
Yamuna (river):
Yasadatta, Ven.:
Yasassi (private Buddha):
Yasoja, Ven.:
Yodhajiva (warrior):
Yugandhara (yakkha):


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Buddhist Women at the Time of The Buddha, by Hellmuth Hecker (Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 1982).


Great Disciples of the Buddha: Their Lives, Their Works, Their Legacy, by Nyanaponika Thera and Hellmuth Hecker (Boston: Wisdom Publications, 1997).

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